i just took a hot yoga class…now what?

Feed your cells.. you deserve it !  Fuel your body  with something healthy and delicious. Try one of the smoothie or green lemonade recipes on this blog, sit back and enjoy… Your body will thank  you! Create a great day !

mango, spinach and almond milk smoothie

Whole food ingredients: 3 cups baby spinach – sweeter than regular spinach 1 cup frozen mango 1 cup almond milk Add all ingredients to a blender or vitamix and turn on high blend until smooth … serves 1. Enjoy ! Create a great day !

apple, pear, mango and spinach smoothie

Whole food ingredients: 1 large green apple 1 large pear 1 cup frozen mango 3 cups baby spinach         Juice apple and pear as you would normally juice add all ingredients in to blender or vitamix and turn on high. blend until smooth.   Serves 1 Enjoy! Create a great day !


watermelon, blueberry

Whole food ingredients: 1 half of a small round watermelon or 1/4 of a large ‘regular’ watermelon – cut from rind 1/4 cup of blueberries (or more if you prefer) Juice watermelon and blueberries as normal in juicer of choice… serves 1.  Enjoy ! Create a great day !  

frozen mango !

yep.. I eat my mango frozen !   Its a great snack when you want something sweet and cold. Whole food ingredients: Frozen Mango – as much as you want ! You can cut a whole fresh mango into chunks and freeze in baggies or glass containers  or as I do … buy my frozen …

portobello burger with guacamole

  Whole food ngredients: 1 tomato diced 1 slice of red onion diced ( or more if you LIKE onion) 1 avocado mashed 2 portobello mushrooms cleaned and scooped 3 cups baby spinach serves 2 sautee  portobello mushroom caps scoop side down in pan till brown on each side (  I use avocado oil) – …

wheat grass

Whole food ingredients: Fresh wheat grass -as much as you want. normal serving 2 oz Cut fresh grass with serrated edge knife and juice as you normally would a grass ( must use juicer fit to juice grasses) Enjoy! Create a great day ! NOTE:   If you want to know MORE about wheat grass …


Often asked  “why”  in regards to my passion and  lasting connection with  Bikram Yoga,   I repeatedly  found  myself responding  with a quick and concise answer.   “I do it for my VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH.” After much thought and several decades of time,  I realize   VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH, these three words,  are truly significant …