A big bowl of yummmm…. natural sorbet.

Did you know that juicer you have can make natural  whole fruit sorbet.. in less then a minute.. Its as simple as this… Freeze ( peeled)  fuit… see bowl of frozen mango chunks to left.. Take fruit as needed for serving.. and  run the  frozen fruit thru the juicer as you would for juice.. That’s it! …

i just took a hot yoga class…now what?

Feed your cells.. you deserve it !  Fuel your body  with something healthy and delicious. Try one of the smoothie or green lemonade recipes on this blog, sit back and enjoy… Your body will thank  you! Create a great day !

mango, spinach and almond milk smoothie

Whole food ingredients: 3 cups baby spinach – sweeter than regular spinach 1 cup frozen mango 1 cup almond milk Add all ingredients to a blender or vitamix and turn on high blend until smooth … serves 1. Enjoy ! Create a great day !

apple, pear, mango and spinach smoothie

Whole food ingredients: 1 large green apple 1 large pear 1 cup frozen mango 3 cups baby spinach         Juice apple and pear as you would normally juice add all ingredients in to blender or vitamix and turn on high. blend until smooth.   Serves 1 Enjoy! Create a great day !