A big bowl of yummmm…. natural sorbet.

Did you know that juicer you have can make natural  whole fruit sorbet.. in less then a minute..

Its as simple as this…

Freeze ( peeled)  fuit… see bowl of frozen mango chunks to left..

Take fruit as needed for serving.. and  run the  frozen fruit thru the juicer as you would for juice..

That’s it!

Depending on what kind of juicer you have  (I have an omega..)  the resulting sorbet may not come out the spout like juice does but will collect inside near the blade.

If this happens, simply scrape the sorbet off the blade as needed..

Enjoy immediately or freeze for later, since sorbet  will melt quickly!

NOTE:   In past… I’ve used  banana  mango chunks, pineapple, blueberry  and strawberry.. all work great..

Create a great day !

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