Mind Over Madness…. Yes you CAN !

Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone..and stepped in to the Worlds Largest Bikram Yoga Class..   in the Middle of Times Square !

This event has been on my “list” for some time now.. and for whatever reason.. I always had a distraction.. and could NOT go.

Well, this year I had a distraction too.. but I was determined to go… Because living for today.. in the NOW.. is my goal.. with a little preparation of course ( wink wink)

For the past 5 or so months Ive been battling a few more aches and pains then my normal.. “Im almost 50, (refusing to believe it) and often do too much ” pain…  with some not so fun tolls on my body… this was my main concern for the day of  Mind Over Madness.

My Dr’s  warned me against ANY  strenuous workouts and or overdoing it.. and YOGA postures were OUT.. temporarily… (did you hear something?)   Sorry.. I was going this YEAR… because I want NO regrets… I informed my friends who I trust of my ‘situation’ gave  them my emergency info  and contact names and numbers.. and   I made a promise to myself ..  I would sit down when needed, drink water when needed and even have a snack if needed.. NO ego for me .. I was going to participate as BEST as I could.

After making the decision to GO.. there was no holding back.. The night before I juiced my favorite Green Lemonade and immediately put it in the freezer .. I also put about 6 vita coco’s in there too.. I prepared my gear, yogi toes towel ( my fav one with my happy face applique that I add to all my towels) yoga mat, sun screen, and cotton pants that I convert to shorts and top..  . last thing I needed was lycra… after all the temp was estimated 96 degrees .. and that was NOT in Times Square doing Yoga with 2000 people.

The train ride in with my bikram yogi friend Lu was great.. we actually just made it to the train in time to hop on with no time to purchase a ticket.. we literally just made it..  we had to buy our ticket on board.. which usually costs $5 more making our one way $20 to NYC.. however.. this time around. .. our train attendee informed us we had a FREE ride.. since she was out of tickets.. LOL and she was not allowed to sell a seat without a paper ticket.. HELLOOOOOO  karma.. I had a good feeling about this day.

Once in the city we met up with my other friend Michele.. (btw.. both girls I met over the years at two diff yoga studios.. I love my yoga friends)

We walked 10 or so blocks to get to our designated check in.. arrived about 11am.. we didnt have to wait long .. to be sorted thru the event check in station where we were greeted with goodie bags (vitamins, luna bars, smart water and more) and a Free event  yoga mat.

We took our place in Times Square on the corner of 46 and broadway.. and waited.. I cant say it felt ANY different then the start of a normal class.. people preparing personal space, hydrating and well.. in this case .. chatting too.

We had a few yogis in front of us who instructed us that we didnt give them enough space .. LOL  really???    Some things never change.. even in times square.    We were told to have 6 inches between mats .. so we had 6 inches between mats.. sorry confused girls in front of us.. ??

 My friends and I hydrated as we could considering the bath rooms were across the street in the visitors center.. we were afraid of missing anything.. I made sure to go three times before class.. LOL  did I mention Im almost 50 and on a good day my bladder can hold about 3 oz of water.. for 10 minutes.. TMI?.. sorry.. necessary for this story.. at least I think?

3 mins before class.. I took a moment to be grateful.. I soaked up the sun and said a prayer.. at that moment of NOW.. I was the ONLY person in Times Square.

Class began on time and I immediately felt the intensity of it all.. the people , the event and the SUN .. on my feet.. yes I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet.  I was lathered up from head to .. ummm ankle.. ?   I was so afraid of my burning my feet.. at our first water break.. I quickly lathered my feet up.

During class.. I caught myself  with a few twinges of reality.. hmmmm yep..  I dont feel well… am I going to pass out , should I really try this posture, OMG its camel.. how the hell am I going to do this.. really.. NOT so different then a normal class.. LOL

Halfway thru there was a young woman one row behind us.. she was feeling sick.. you could see it in her face.. the yoga patrol came around to make sure she was okay.. and gave her water.. with no conversation.. I gave her my last two vita coco’s.. (that is what yogis do) they were even cold cause I brought a cooler and they were frozen from nite before.. the color in her face immediately came back.. and she had life ..once again.  I offered her ginger snaps and watermelon too.. LOL   cause Im a yoga dork .. but she refused and continued her class.. as BEST she could.
In no time .. its was final breathing.. really?   We made it !    There were a few fire trucks and a police siren at one point, tons of cameras, tv stations,  thousands of people and yes.. the SUN .. all of which Im not so sure I noticed at all.. while I had my little place on my mat.

I have to say.. this experience was  great.. I proved so much to myself .. most importantly..   I trusted myself.

Step out of your comfort zone today.


Create a great day !


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