7-27-12 My journey to the big five ohhhhhhhhh

So for no good reason.. yesterday I cleaned out the glove compartment in my car.. ?   In doing so, I came across a photo I had in there ( yes a real photo) .. apparently it was taken on the board walk of A/C  NJ and  I was 40 years old… just under 9 years ago.. NOT sure what it was doing in there?

After  I finished my  car ‘clean up’ .. I stopped for a moment  and  looked at the woman in the photo.. I tried to SEE  how I felt at that time in my life…. I recall walking on the board walk feeling VERY confident.. I felt great physically.. I had  muscle tone,  was at a healthy weight, and  I ate well too.. never really stressing over my diet perse..  all good… Im lucky I like GOOD FOR YOU food.     Emotionally I  was most likely lonely.. it wasnt until  about 7 mos after that photo that I met the love of my life.. but heck.. Rome wasnt built in a day.. and I DID find him.

Flash forward.. 8years and months later ( today) Im still a pretty happy camper, I really dont have many complaints…. I eat well (most of the time ..with a great lifestyle ‘diet’)  Im at a pretty good weight ( I try not to weigh.. but I will say Im only 6 lbs heavier then I was at 40.. some actually think I was too thin at 40?) Im still crazy in love.. and it gets better every day.. BUT.. and here it is.. there’s always a but.. I cant find my muscle tone?So heres what I think happened.. .. I stopped going to the gym regularly..  and by regularly.. I mean at least 4 days a week.. working out with weights.. strength training..consistently!

Sure I have done my 30 , 60 90 day yoga and Body for life challenges.. even did a stint with a pe

rsonal trainer for two days a week for 4  mos.. but not much in between.. and  then Id fall off the wagon..

I continue to eat well ( my savior) the food is never really my issue..  just not really working out as I did all along from  ages 20 – 40 …

Im not getting any younger.. and the muscle to fat ratio whether we  like it not .. will change if we  dont do something about it.. ( trust me..its happening)   and that is the reason for this challenge..

Its a crap shoot as to what will happen daily.. and over the next 482 days ( I counted ) Im going to figure it out as I go…. I may do misc. challenges with different workouts to change things up.. and mix in misc. cardio/yoga ..but Im going to ADD MUSCLE.. and maybe even get rid of that under the bra thingy ( flab) that I have going on..

BRING On the muscle and the consistency..

I will be posting misc. stats and photos along the way… and I welcome YOU to join me too.. we can communicate here below my daily posts.. or you can find me on my fb page too..   The Happy Health Counselor.. ( can get there from link on home page of this blog)

Todays workout FYI.. 30 mins bike, starter ubwo ( upper body workout)  bi’s, tri’s, shoulders and back…   Will post later.

So for now.. Im off…. thanks for listening… it really does help  !

Just 481 workouts left  till the big five ohhhhhhhhhh

Here is the photo I dug out of my glove compartment.. that spawned this change.. NO excuses.. 

Create a great day !

UPDATE !!!!   So its NOW November 15, 2013.. Yes that is right.. 475 AFTER I first wrote that post above.. and just 6 days away from my  50th birthday..    Alot has happened in that year and a half.. most importantly.. I kept my commitment.. to ME..   I worked out at least 4 days a week  for 425 days.. and just recently started working out 30 mins per day for the last 50 days.. just to ramp it up before my birthday.. just because ??   anyhow..   I know I did not really check in as I expected to.. but Im not sure I had anything to really post ..?  I ate clean most of the time ( real food/no packages) I enjoyed date nights with ‘spirits’ I celebrated holidays and birthdays and never sacrificed or felt deprived.. I just kept moving forward if I ate “crappy”.. some days I ate “crappy” just because LOL .. I had a few injuries and rested when I needed to …..   but I never let it be an excuse not to keep moving forward.. I accepted it and moved on..  TODAY.. I feel great.. btw.. Im now 6 lbs heavier than I was 475 days ago.. ?? yes its true… but I also dont feel  like I dont have muscle tone.. I have gained inches in my arms, toned my tummy , legs and tush.. and lost a few inches too..   Im proud  to say.. I feel pretty good.

So there you have it.. just an update.. if you care..   Consistency works.. eat clean and work  out .. you WILL reach your goals..  for your  Vanity, Sanity and Health..

and here is an update photo.. Below.. taken today 11-15-13  just after the gym.. excuse, hair and no makeup..  and Its a selfie in my closet.. LOL  broke my camera.. 😦    NOTE:  Photo above was me  10 years ago.. and 12 lbs lighter..  and thats OKAY..

Id like to add.. MOST importantly.. Im healthy as can be.. all my blood work is normal or even below .. I have low sodium, which some times makes me dizzy and low blood pressure too.. but I’ll take that any day.. I just eat more when I need to…     This journey and what keeps me going is ALWAYS about HEALTH.. looking good is just a bi-product of FEELING good..


Happy Day.


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  1. Love this!!! I’ve always worked out, maybe not consistently but tried my best to do so. Two years ago I started P90X. Broke my toe the very first week we started, not P90X related and I was so pumped I contined the workout, modified obviously ; )

    I lost 20 pounds and felt great!! Had muscles I didn’t even know I had. Of course abs are always a struggle for me. Regardless of my weight, I’ve always had a little pooch ; (. My goal as I move forward is to really work on sculpting my abs and obliques. Sure I’d love a six pack…I know it’s there somewhere lol

    So I’m with ya girl on the road to 50 Looking and Feeling Fabulous!!!!

    1. Good for YOU June.. great that you lost 20 lbs and converted fat to muscle. and OUCHIE.. the broken toe.. Sh-t does happen unfortunately.. and that is where modifications come in.. maybe just do the strength training workouts.. I know I have feet issues.. so p90x while great for many .. a big no no for me. too much jumping.. (BTW Im a Beach body coach.. so I love the workouts.and there are many to choose from ) but also its when we are injured that we really need to dig deep and keep the meals clean.. which brings me to the comment/quote .. “abs are made in the kitchen”.. Keep doing what you are doing.. burn the fat, build the muscle.. and all will come in to place for both of us.. Happy day..

      No more skinny fat girl here.

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