Mind Over Madness…. Yes you CAN !

Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone..and stepped in to the Worlds Largest Bikram Yoga Class..   in the Middle of Times Square ! This event has been on my “list” for some time now.. and for whatever reason.. I always had a distraction.. and could NOT go. Well, this year I had a …


i just took a hot yoga class…now what?

Feed your cells.. you deserve it !  Fuel your body  with something healthy and delicious. Try one of the smoothie or green lemonade recipes on this blog, sit back and enjoy… Your body will thank  you! Create a great day !


Often asked  “why”  in regards to my passion and  lasting connection with  Bikram Yoga,   I repeatedly  found  myself responding  with a quick and concise answer.   “I do it for my VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH.” After much thought and several decades of time,  I realize   VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH, these three words,  are truly significant …