Often asked  “why”  in regards to my passion and  lasting connection with  Bikram Yoga,   I repeatedly  found  myself responding  with a quick and concise answer.   “I do it for my VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH.”

After much thought and several decades of time,  I realize   VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH, these three words,  are truly significant in my life and define so much of who I have become!

VANITY, not meant to be offensive, but a natural  compliment of confidence, merely improving on the  other two virtues of sanity and health.

SANITY, for finding  balance of life.  Peace within to contribute to a positive attitude.

HEALTH, reward for choosing a lifestyle of proper nutrition, appropriate exercise,   adequate rest/relaxation and positive relationships.

With that said.. I hope this blog will provide information, motivation and inspiration to live your life of  VANITY, SANITY and HEALTH .

Create a great day

Lisa T.


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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your story about your surgeries. I have sesamoiditis and may also need surgery. No one related to the issue of my toe hurting so badly that I couldn’t have the blanket touch it!! Would you feel comfortable sharing which doctor you used?

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