It works… if you work it !

Woke up this morning with a Private Message question  on my Happy Health Counselor Facebook Page  ( find link on side bar just below archives.. go ahead… like it?)  which asked this…

“HHC ( love that they did the abbreviation) ..what exercise program, machine or otherwise  do you suggest to  tone up this fluffy body.. Im headed on vacation in less than 10 weeks.. and just looked in the mirror.. yikes”

LOL.. well, first of all,  I love the sense of humor.. thats a great start to keeping it real and getting results…..  and then,  I thought long and hard on my response ( okay so Im making that up for the story) and decided that the answer was too good  NOT to share.. because I KNOW .. there are many of you out there.. wondering the same thing.

Here you go…. are you sitting down?    Im not sure if this will be long winded or not .. lets hope I can do it quickly.

My magic potion (answer)…..   ANY machine or program/class  (otherwise) will work…. if you work it  !!

No surprise right?   Yep.. it works if you work it.. SO time to stop making excuses ( I have no time, I don’t feel well,  Im tired) and start sucking it up and get moving..  (it aint rocket science)

Do you need to wake up early  or go to bed later to  get it done..  ??   The real question here is how bad do you want it ??   Cause really..  YOU  are the only one   standing between you and your goals of a less fluffy body… and more confidence..

Many of you know Im a beach body coach.. yes, I do personally use  and recommend the   beach body workouts to many,  they are fantastic workouts and  you can find one for all levels and great for stay at home workouts  (BB Link below for those interested ) ,  but I also do yoga , ride my bike , take walks,  strength train etc..   I mix it up to keep it less monotonous ( for me) and honestly.. I go with my mood and schedule for the day.. its literally a day to day decision for me as to what my workout looks like …. but the moral here is .. I do SOMETHING for at least 30 minutes a day.. ( Im using 30 minutes as the least amount of time I would workout)

Okay..We know it works if you work it.. but …(yep theres always one right?)  the  one caveat…. YOU must challenge yourself …  So if you ride your bike 6 miles in 30 mins today .. ?  Push for 6.3 miles in 30 mins tomorrow?   or walk an extra time around the block and make it faster .. get the idea?   You dont have to make these challenge changes daily.. but you need to look at your workouts and challenge yourself with something new ( time, distance, weight etc) weekly..   and mix it up ..

Challenging your body and mixing things up will keep you body in surprise mode ( and probably a little pain 🙂 )  .. to keep muscles growing and fat leaning out.    OH and did I mention.. you should probably eat to fuel your body .. instead of eat because you feel like eating.. but because my  facebook ‘friend’ did not mention diet in the question.. Im ONLY addressing  what was asked.

Now… what are you waiting for????   get MOVING..

NOTE:  Id like to add.. Im not a fan of goals attached to events (ie: lose weight for wedding, get in shape for vacation).. Im all about sustaining a healthy lifestyle.. and if you know me.. you know I often say.. Its what you do most of the time that matters.. your goals will come in time.. with healthy lifestyle..

P.S. For those interested.. check out the BB link  below – click on  Shop  to  find a great at home workout for you or a healthy gift for a friend?

Create a great day !


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