Saturday night … gluten

Truth is..   There’s nothing miraculous or (even thrilling) about a gluten-free diet that’s going to help you lose weight…

If you go on a Gluten-free diet.. the real diet here (for those that choose it just ‘because’.. they think its healthier) is that  Gluten-free  eating  will limit the number of foods (many alcohols too) you can eat/drink… With fewer choices available and you will  likely  eat/drink less too. ..mostly because you will be limited.

But here is what most Gluten free ‘dieters’  tend to forget.. gluten-free does NOT mean fat-free or calorie-free.

In food production, many manufacturers will use more fat and sugar to help bind the foods together  and make them tastier too..  which in general is the ‘job’  of gluten.. which if you did not know is the protein found in the grains, barley, wheat and rye.. it adds texture to foods, makes foods sticky/spongy and thicker too.. think dough and sauces/dressings.

So should you  go Gluten Free??

YES… If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease or even a  gluten sensitivity  YES by all means.. you SHOULD go GF.. knowing that this will help heal your gut.. why would’nt you? But beware.. you should be  armed with the knowledge too of better choices .. ie: watching caloric intake and eliminating sugar when you can too… so many good HEALTHY choice GF products and DIY recipes.. educate yourself.

NO…If you are just jumping on the Gluten Free band wagon to lose weight..or so you think…. Remember.. GF does NOT always equate to  healthy.  Seriously.. think about it.. why remove a vitamin rich  whole grain food  from your diet (think healthy choices) and then replace it with a  gluten free option..  research shows that many who abstain from gluten are most likely missing out on  important nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, and fiber.

Btw.. here’s a perfect example of a gluten free vs. gluten added product – One serving of regular pretzels has about 110 calories and just one gram of fat.  While one serving of  gluten-free pretzels would be  140 calories and six grams of fat…do your own comparison..

So NOW what?  Here’s my advice.. Change your mind..  if you want to skip gluten.. skip it.. but also skip the products that are usually made with gluten too ( the gluten free versions)..   You will be surprised at how you can really improve your ‘diet’ with this one little ( and not really so hard) choice… yes, it will be a change.. but a good one. and really NOT so hard.. for  instance.. you can replace pasta with asparagus..  at a  regular fav food spot,  I usually get a  seafood trio dish regularly served over  pasta .. I just  ask my server to have the chef   switch the  (over) pasta for asparagus …and if not on hand.. whatever mixed veggies they have..  and yes.. its delish and filling.. and I never feel crazy bloated or full and  best.. I dont miss the pasta.

I’m not saying go carb free… (not all carbs = gluten).. educate yourself.. so many great carbs to choose from.. (btw.. you need carbs) .. to include  healthy veggies and grains ie: quinoa, millet, buckwheat ( yes buckwheat )  and even corn  all of which you should choose to eat daily.. why not?

Just making this one choice changer in your MOST of the time lifestyle will help you not only cut calories ( trust me ) … but also  add a large quantity  of  vitamins/nutrients to your diet  that you may not be getting..  of course when you can… while skipping extra fat and sugars..

And heck.. if you want  a pc of bread or something with gluten.. and do NOT have a REAL reason not to eat.. EAT it.. but know its what you do MOST  of the time that matters..   So what’s a little gluten among friends on a Saturday night?

NOTE:  if you have been diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease or a severe sensitivity (many are and do not know it) then it is important to read ALL labels.. not just worry about what you ingest..  Gluten is also found in many  health and beauty products .. and if you need to avoid it.. You will need to do your homework.. READ LABELS.

Create a great day !


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