Homeo what?

After a conversation with a gym buddy the other day who asked for my advice about a weight loss plateau she came up against .. I thought Id share the important of balance with you all as I had shared with her..

So I bet you did’nt know that Homeostasis is  a REALLY important part of YOUR day.. yes YOURS..

Whats Homeostasis?   Ahhhhh.. well, in short answer blog post, easy chat  style terms.. its the science of balance that takes place withIN  our body.   So when we are cold.. its our body working to warm us, when we are stressed, its our  body trying to calm our nerves.. and most importantly.. when we are starving.. its our body regulating our hormones, insulin, glucogon etc. to work harder at keeping us alive .. . you get the idea.. its BALANCE with-in.. and our body is ready to adjust as needed.. or at least try  !

BUT.. (always the but).. and this is what is so important about a Balanced Diet.. when we starve ourselves or do not give our bodies proper nutrition .. after time our body will shut down.. causing MUCH harm.. to not just  our  basic function instincts –  homeostasis regulating all FUNCTIONS..   but to our  METABOLISM.. ( chemical reaction  and your energy ) Yes.. they go hand in hand.. your metabolism will slow down and even shut down .. if your balance (Homeostasis) is off..

And this in short.. is the reason we plateau… once we hit a goal or level lower then we are capable of balancing.. we need to change the measures of the scales (for balance ).. it may be eating more, or differently or even timing  of meals..or adding/changing exercise etc..  many factors .. but always with the attempt to keep balance.. make sense?   SO.. ..  next time you decide to deplete your calories (below a realistic range), over exercise,  try a fad diet  or even starve yourself,  because you think its how you will  lose weight, .. THINK again..YOU need Balance !

NOTE:  I will be starting an virtual nutrition/health  education and  support group (skype and conf. line)  –  two groups meeting twice a month  – for 60 minutes each meeting ( limit 6 people per group ) in November 2012…

If you think this is something you or a friend will benefit from.. I invite you to email me for more information   thehappyhealthcounselor@gmail.com     or like my fb page and private message me from there..

Create a great day !


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