Pull my…!!! Whats with Oil Pulling ?

So you’re going to take a spoonful of oil and swish it all around….. your mouth?    UH  HUH !

Okay, so for a while now I have been doing what is called OIL PULLING  (or swishing)..

I actually took a break from it recently… due to a horrific oil pulling incident (I sneezed  while oil pulling .. with oil in my mouth, while sitting on the couch (fabric) and using my laptop…Picture it?  .. NOT a pretty picture.. LOL )      Well.. the reason I am going back to OIL PULLING (safely in the kitchen) is because I notice a difference when I DONT do it…

My mouth (gums and teeth) do not feel as clean to the touch (tongue) and my teeth seem dull and yellowish.. and I know this will sound crazy.. but my feet are dryer.. and my skin needs to be moisturized more often.. ?   YEP.. all things I contribute to NOT oil pulling regularly.. or so I believe  (and isn’t believing  just part of the process)..

So whats  OIL PULLING you ask..?   Ha, and I thought you’d never ask !

Oilpulling is an age old Ayurveda process.  Ayurveda being a traditional Hindu system of medicine,  using  diet, herbs, and yogic breathing to cure.

The act of Oil pulling works by  aiding in the cleansing flow of fluids thru the teeth and gums.  Drawing out toxin build up .. but not just from the teeth and gums.. it also works with the tongue which is connected to all  of our  internal organs.. because the tongue is connected to the organs,   the oil also stimulates these organs (thru the tongue) to naturally detoxify them..

yes.. that is the short answer and perhaps not so exciting .. I could get complicated in my answer and discuss the cellular response etc…. but why bother.. the reality is.. it pulls toxins from the body  thru the oil in the mouth which benefits the entire body..  its that simple !

Hard to believe?   I know it often sounds ‘hokey’, holistic medicine.. but with a little faith in this and a good 30 day trial.. you may just become a believer.. with a whiter brighter smile and smooth silky skin.. among many other things..

So now what?

If you’d like to start  oil pulling.. heres how its done!

  • All you need is a good cold pressed (organic if you can) oil.. sesame  or sunflower are most used..   –  NOTE:   I have been using  just coconut oil (its cheaper and I like the taste.. but its not to be swallowed FYI).. however.. I think I will do the cold pressed Sesame Oil this round about.. to see if I notice more results?
  • First thing in the am’  BEFORE  drinking anything  or brushing teeth..  Take a tbsp of oil of choice  and put it in your mouth.
  • Swish the oil around your teeth, gums and mouth as if you were swishing mouth wash.. do this for 15 – 20 mins..  DO NOT swallow ( it wont hurt you..but dont do it)  NOTE:  A good use of  time while ‘swishing’ … take a shower, prepare  lunches, bfasts, green smoothies etc.. I dont recommend doing it while on the computer or sitting on a fabric couch ( see above first paragraph)
  • After 15 – 20 mins ( 20 mins pref) .. spit out the oil (I spit in the toilet?) .. the oil will look a little white (it should) and most likely feel thiner as you swish.. this is because it is pulling toxins.
  • Immediately after spit.. rinse with warm water ( salt water is good too to reduce inflammation) and walla.. you are now an oil puller.. LOL

So this process.. while it may seem tedious.. ( 20 mins no talking?) it is actually a nice form of morning meditation if you think about it.

Doing this for 30 days may not show vast improvement.. so I really do suggest MORE .. but 30 days is a great start to the habit.. which is why I suggest 30 days.

In all honesty.. I did not do the process or benefits of OIL PULLING justice.. I do suggest you ‘google’ oil pulling too.. and check out all that I missed in this short blog post  that was really meant to spark an interest.

So who is with me.. ?   Hands up  !!!!

Happy swishing..

Create a great day !


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    1. ahhh.. well, thanks for that compliment 😉 all in good company.. I feel the energy. And thanks too for the article.. love having MORE info/proof.. so maybe I wont get so many sideways looks.. happy day.

  1. I started oil pulling two weeks ago. I plan to continue until I notice a difference. I am certainly doing it for my smile…but truly for my achy joints! Even though I recently started, I am already noticing a difference in the pain level when I wake up and first sit up to walk from the bed. It used to be unbearable until I warmed up. How it works, I don’t know…but it does!
    Also, I buy my coconut oil(100 %) from an asian market. It is tastier and costs half as much as the products at the whole foods or health food markets. Thanks for the articles, it seems to be enjoying a revival! Word is getting around… 🙂

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