8-9-12 not HOT

Okay, so Im approaching my 49th bday ( November)  and while I may not have learned everything in my years.. I must say the ONE thing I do KNOW.. is this..

Weight loss as a goal without the proper action steps and motivation  is  NOT  sustainable … LONG term.

Which brings me to my ‘rant’ of sorts…. I see so many people that put an emphasis on the outside (physical appearance) over the inside (psychological, emotional and health) with their approach to weight loss..

Yes.. the little black dress, a big event, or heck, just the season of summer…. all great motivation to LOOK better.. but how long will that motivation last…beyond that ?

While I wont  sit here and write out each step to my personal / sustainable weight loss ‘diet’  .. (every one is different.. so honestly.. its impossible).. I will tell you this to hopefully help you with your efforts..

Think Healthy.. NOT HOT… when you start your weight loss journey.. I promise the HOT will come with it.. but the HEALTHY in my opinion will be what sustains the goals.. of lifestyle…

Many people fail at weight loss because they try to eat perfectly in order to lose weight.  Not only are they trying to give up their favorite foods, they are trying to get used to eating all the healthy foods that they have heard about.  This is not a wise thing to do.  There will be plenty of time to concentrate on super healthy foods later.  For now, you need to reset your satisfaction level.

So really.. make better choices.. think healthy NOT HOT and you may be HOTTER than you think sooner.. .. it thats what your going for.. 🙂


Create a great day !


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