Aisle or Window.. whats your choice?

So I was traveling last week.. Vegas Baby.. .. Home of the all night buffet, public (and I do mean in the streets) drinking, stripper heals at the pool and where smoking is the preference..

Can I tell you.. the moment I stepped foot in my hotel.. all I wanted to do was go home to wash the Vegas off of me. …

Flash forward.. Im boarding  the plane home.   Finally settling in to my aisle seat when  a woman  steps up and says.. “excuse me.. Im in window C” .. no worries.. I get up to let her in.. even gave her carry on a boost up in to the over head compartment for  her… she, like me, may have added a few pairs of shoes too many.. .and needed a boost.. all good.. or so I thought.

While seated… My new friend in Window C  immediately takes out a box of Kleenex  (yes  a big square box  ) and a JUMBO (think Halloween candy bag)  size vicks cough drops …  UHHH OH.. and then it  started… the sniffles, coughs and  need I mention some kind of gagging sound?

Okay.. so I was a bit nervous.. and yes.. grossed out that I was sitting in such close proximity.. cause in a  normal situation .. I would do my best to stay clear.. and definitely not share an arm rest.. No judgement.. the woman was SICK.. and I was way too close for comfort.. I was SKEEEERED.. or was I ?

At that very moment I was glad that  even though I was traveling,  I was diligent  in taking (and doubling up on ) my juice plus supplements and also, having my airborne tablets with me for the plane….of course all in conjunction withe my  “what you do most of the time  matters”  lifestyle..  Cause If ever I felt the need for an immune boost.. it was right now !!

Suddenly I hear it.. pop of a can….  Its window C popping the can of a  COCA COLA.. (my first thought.. umm maybe water would be best?.. think hydration?) minutes later the flight attendant comes over and asks us if we’d like a snack or drink before take off….  One option was Mrs. Fields cookies.. Window C opted for those.. I chose a glass of water .. for my airborne tablet.. and chose to wait for in flight service meal…. All good .. prepare for take off.

25 minutes in to flight.. lunch is served… two options.. chicken and cheese ravioli..  Window C chose   Cheese Ravioli.. again.. IMO poor choice (dairy and cold??) ….  Within a few seconds of eating the IMO wrong choice…. Window C.. hurled.. YES.. right next to me.. in her little bag  that was nicely placed in the seat pocket in front….

I jumped up.. (what would you do?). asked the flight attendant for assistance as my neighbor was ill..  within seconds.. she  gave her a warm towel and took care of disposing the baggy..

Window C  went to the  rest room to clean up…. And on return I asked her if she would prefer my seat ( aisle) in case she had an urge to get sick again.. I also gave her the bag from my magazines.. as it was plastic with a wider opening.. just saying.. those paper bags.. NOT so great .. but it id catch most of it  😦

She was more than grateful and accepted my seat.. I was, on the other hand, nervous  as all get out  and immediately went in to  disinfecting wipe down mode.. (yes I carry Purel wipes with me) before taking Window C..

Okay.. so  here I am …. Now what.. ?   I asked the woman now in Aisle A.. if I could offer her a ginger chew to ease her tummy?  Which opened up a discussion.. about ginger..   She was intrigued.. I went on.. LOL  asking her about her cold and such.. she mentioned she had it before she travelled but the travel made it full blown..  she also mentioned she was taking about a zillion OTC meds to try to help her symptoms ..  OKAY.. so if you were me..(health and nutrition coach)  what would be next thing out of your mouth.??

YEP..  I then asked her if she ever thought of food as a healer..  ??

She was confused… as many  are., so I offered her guidance to what I know.. for the next time she gets sick.. and also maintenance to boost her immunity to keep her from possibly getting sick in the first place..

Now I never once mentioned that I was a health coach , and never whipped out a card to solicit a potential client (she was in my area).. I just offered sound advice..

FOOD… It HEALS  or  STEALS  your health.

TRUTH is often a hard pill to swallow.. but I think it’s the pill  my new traveling friend will  be taking in the future..

So what’s your choice.?

ME..  Im feeling great today.. just finished a nice Green Lemonade..  doubled up on my Juice Plus Supplements  and looking forward to a sensible home cooked meal…

Create a great day !

NOTE:  in case you’re curious… this is Juice Plus..     check it out.. if  you are looking for a great supplement to help boost your immune system.. along with a mostly plant based and sensible ‘diet’ of course  🙂   IMO  !


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