7-30-12 Ego at the door…

One of the greatest lessons learned from my long standing bikram yoga practice is that when you enter the hot room.. you must leave your EGO at the door..

Over the years this ‘phrase’ has transformed , just as I have.. and now I don’t just leave my ego at the door.. I TRY to leave my ego ALONE…. lost in a shadow.

Well, yesterday was my first day back in the gym  and that phrase was in my mind from the moment I stepped foot in the door (thankfully) .. Im proud to say..  I listened to my body ( I am playing ‘hurt’ … sh-t happens but it doesnt have to stop you ) and I worked on getting my  form in control while going thru my workout safely  on day one.. ..NO  comparing myself to others or  trying to hot dog it,  as if I was the  20 year old ME .. who would have surely thought I had something to prove ..  afterall.. I have  a life time to go heavy.. :)..   ( note pic above.. ME  on the leg press  – pushing a whopping 5 lbs.. LOL its a start)

Mixed in with the serious ( I know what to do and I get it done)  folk, I  saw the usual suspects… the young roid boys, the talk to much gym  rats,  the old school over 60 crew in their coffee huddle,   the 30 something… I workout to make my new tattoos look better,  the “heavier” ladies that  I  just  want  to run over and save  from themselves… and of course…  the glam girls that just go to the gym to “pick up” anything  other then a weight.    Over all .. it was  a great first workout day !   I  LOVED it.. LOVED everything about it..

I left the GYM feeling re-fueled and energized  with a really strong sense of SELF..  I felt like I got my groove back. … and all it took was stepping foot in the gym and shaking things up for myself a little bit.

Sure,  for now my groove  is spurred by endorphins…. and while it  was not easy to get there… Im glad I did push myself… I suppose I just needed the change of scenery to find/feel those endorphins  again… I mean really feel them.. not just ” Im going to do it because”  feel them..    and NOW I can get back to all the other stuff I love to do… with passion…. (including a bikram class or two) …because while I wanted to do all this before with real passion.. I was only going thru the motions… I had lost that loving feeling !!  Am I making any  sense?   oh and this time.. Im going to take this journey with balance..’she repeats over again! ‘ (Think mantra)

Oh…and again. I feel compelled to remind  you .. as you may have noticed, this blog is written  in my crazy ‘writing style’, if I can call it that .. its written  as if I was talking to you .. as a friend. . I wont continue to apologize for that.. just informing.. I cant write fast and think about grammar too.. Im not wired that way… and because Im a morning blogger.. the faster the better.

So for NOW.. 6:19am Im UP  drinking a nice cup of coffee and I cannot wait to get my HIIT in.. 30 minutes (6 rotations 3high 2 moderate mins.. ) on the bike with some ab work thrown in … and  of course a  good clean day of food 5 times over.. (small meals)

Hope you feel inspired to be the best YOU today.

Thanks for the read.

Create a great day. !


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  1. I totally get it Lisa! This summer has thrown my workout in a tailspin. Sure I’ve worked out but it wasn’t with the same passion that I had when I started P90X two years ago. But I’m determined to get back into a routine with passion!

    Hoping to find a bootcamp, not only for the exercise but to form new friendships.

    Thanks for always inspiring me : )

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