Sanity Truth…. even steven.

So when I am exercising on my bike or walking with my pedometer,  using the microwave ( yes I know its not good for me )  or doing  anything  that involves stopping on a number.. Like pumping gas.. (ie: miles, minutes, seconds or $$)   I feel like I HAVE to stop on an even number?

Oh ..and if Im going to buy something and need  only three of them for a recipe or just need three  or 5 or any odd number.. . I  feel compelled to buy one more.. so that I have an even number of them.!

Yep.. Im  nutty like that.

I will say that this has been going on forever.. and in the last few years… when I think about it.. I stop on an uneven number or buy an odd number.. just to shake it up.. but I feel a little crazy (er) when  I do .. LOL

Have a Sanity Truth?   Dare to Share!

Create a great day !


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