7-31-12 Im up … Im up

While I AM  a morning person, yes I LOVE the morning,  I joke and say I get more done before 10am then most people do all day.. I must say THIS morning Im having an issue with…. I feel a little lost.

Its my first day of the week  routine to GO  to the gym.. in the morning… ( I did HIIT at  home yesterday ) and I have to admit, I did’nt plan  a thing..?

So today, Im winging it.

I will have some caffeine,  do my basic grooming ( for the gym that means brushing my teeth longer then my hair) and throw on yesterdays workout gear…

My legs feel like jello from Sunday’s workout and Im a bit nervous for my Upper Body workout with machines and weights.. can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow.. but Im good and Im actually excited.

Yesterday I did go food shopping btw… stocked up on salmon , tilapia , quinoa and asparagus…. it was also my first day in a while without a green juice ( not a smoothie) .. and I missed it terribly… I see no reason not to drink my juice ( I drink veggies over fruit)… so that will be on the agenda today.. with salmon and quinoa of course.. still trying to figure out how to eat again.. for muscle building.. ?

My MIND is deff set in the right direction… and Im sure after caffeine and starting the car to get to the gym.. I will wake up a little and figure it all out.. or at least thats the plan.. oh good, now I feel better.. I have a plan.

I just figured it out ( I think) .. why I feel lost… I usually wake up and WORK.. yes I usually do at least 2 hours of email catch up,   my business home base is in CA so Im usually up early EST cleaning up yesterdays late PST  emails.. and Im NOT going tot do that this morning..  NO.. Im not.   OKAY.. I got this.. Im good.   Its just different.

Im going to the GYM

Create a great day


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  1. You are a woman on the move…love it! Yesterday I started getting up at 5:30 to get my son prepared for school that starts Friday : ( My plan was to start P90X this week but so far that hasn’t happened. I’m not going to beat myself up, I know once Matt starts school, I too will start a routine and be back on track!

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