8-1-12 Funk NO more !

I woke up feeling  a lot less than the “morning person” I profess to be.. LOL

Cant really put my finger on it.. had 8 hours of sleep and no disturbing dreams… may be that yesterdays hectic day just caught up to me.. it happens.

Anyhow.. I did my best to talk myself out of my 30 mins of HIIT this morning.. I really tried…then I reminded myself..  when in DOUBT .. WORK out..  I use this for alot of things but mostly when I question whether or not to work out.. its really never a question.. right?   JUST DO IT.  ( do I need to put a tm next to that? hmmm)

Well, 15 mins in to my intervals ( I do 3 mins moderate, 2 mins high intensity) I was already feeling much much better..

Now if I didnt have to think so much on the bike .. (cause of my intervals I watch the clock, and time myself.. already lots of thinking during exercise.. LOL )  I probably could have really figured out the reason for the ‘funk’ .. but I didnt go that deep..

I did however put my day in to perspective.. gave a little gratitude for the mere fact that I was ABLE to work out and was lucky enough to have a busy day..  amazing what a little gratitude can do for you.  FUNK be gone.

So with that said…. as soon as I finish my JP+ post workout shake and hit the showers.. Im OUT.. thankful for a busy  day..

With smiles..

Create a great day !

NOTE.. next time you get that funky feeling.. WORK out.


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  1. Reading your blog is as if we’re talking in person…so casual, love it!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you.. I admit.. I THINK and TALK way too much.. a blog is JUST RIGHT for me. LOL Thanks for reading.. good to know Im not talking to myself.. which would not be out of the question.

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