Health Truth – Scales are for FISH.

Just because the scale reads a fabulously low  number.. ( whatever that means to you) , it does not mean you are healthy.

A healthy body weight depends on a combination of many things..   age, diet, lean muscle, metabolism,  daily activity and even genetics

Rather then weighing yourself on a body weight scale …. take your measurements.. (hip, waist, thigh.. are good starts)

When you choose a  healthy lifestyle  ( healthy diet and moderate to plenty of exercise..) its inevitable that you will lose fat.. you may GAIN muscle ( good for you) which will in turn add to the number on the scale which makes that number not what you really think it is…   but its ALL good..

So there you have it. Stay off the scale…. Besides.. do you know how crazy stepping on the scale every day will make you?   Seriously…. crazy.

Scales are for fish.

Create a great day !


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