8-9-12 Im a size queen.. LOL

Okay… so yesterday I had a free moment ( well , I made one) to go to one of my fav stores.. TJ MAXX..

No I did’nt need anything  ( do we ever?), I was just curious (wink wink ) to see what was going on for fall.. and maybe, just maybe browse around and get out quickly after ‘just looking’

So in my just looking moments.. I noticed a really cute pair of  ” seamed  “pants.. a slim pant with a thick seam up front and back.. a very classic tailored look  …I  was thinking this might just  be my ‘it’ pant for fall.. and at $24.99 .. I LOVED them….

Now just as I was going thru the rack of many  sizes/colors of these pants to find my size in black.. a woman comes rushing up to the rack and says.. “OMG.. is there a size 10 in back.. ?.. I must have these pants”… well… I already had the 8 and 10 / black pants in my hand ( sorry to say for her) .. but told her that I was going to try them both on to see which I liked best ( fit wise) and if I didn’t take the 10, Id bring them out to her…  I mean.. I was there first, and I did have them in my hand?  I thought I was being nice.. with my offer?

Her response… “honey.. have you looked int he  mirror .. you are a size 4”   I get that she was being nice.. and I did appreciate it… but I had to let her know.. .. while I could probably fit a size 4.. I don’t wear a size 4.. I am a size 8  – 10 !   Then she says.. “well how much do you weigh?”  really.. is she asking me how much I weigh?    I am serious.. this was a real confrontation..   I told her what I weigh.. and then she said.. see .. an 8 -10 is going to be too big on you..

Long story short.. ( this is a theme for me.. lucky for you).. I walked out buying the 10.. yes,  HER pants. LOL

Point being…. wear what you are comfortable in.. and what looks right/good on you.. don’t let  the  size of a garment dictate your mood and definitely NOT  your choice to wear/buy  it..

I suppose.. for me.. Bigger really is better.. LOL   I bought the hottest pants of the season..( or in my case seasons.. )  in a size 10.. woohoo.

Nuff said..

Headed to the gym for upper body workout…

Create a great day..


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