8-7-12 Surround yourself with positive….

Today I got a late start to the gym…. I really do need to STOP looking at work emails when I wake up … just seeing them makes me  want to respond immediately and get them out of the “IN” box… part of my personal  OCD.. I hate having more than 30 emails in my “IN” box.. sans action.

So enough about work…. on my way to the gym ( the big 4 minute drive) I was thinking of all that I was going to do today.. not at the gym… point being.. I wanted to do everything.. BUT go to the gym.

Once in the gym.. after the first leg press…. I started to get the ‘feeling’.. YES.. Im surrounded by people that are here just like me… maybe they didn’t want to be here.. but they were here.. and sure enough .. making a great effort at it..   just by watching  the “others” go thru the motions of their routine…I was MOTIVATED.. thats all it took.

So I guess my thought for the day… it really is who we surround ourselves with daily that make a difference…. so if all you can muster up is to just drive yourself to the gym.. GO.. I think once you get in the door.. the positive actions of positive people .. may just help you change your attitude..

The hardest part is often just getting there.

Leg day was successful.. and now Im ready for the day !


Create a great day !




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