8-5-12 One Martini…. Two.

When I think of healthy lifestyle.. I think sustainability!    What is good for me overall  and what can I do for the long haul.. comfortably.

For me.. eating healthy ‘overall’ has never been difficult.. I always say “it’s what you do most of the time” that matters.. and most of the time.. I’m on point. I make GOOD food choices, while knowing limits ( portion control) and  eat to LIVE.. not LIVE to eat…

Do I have an indiscretion every now and again.. (Pizza)  sure I do.. but its most likely  every once in a while.. and that could seriously be months (many) far and few between…and honestly.. every time I do eat something “bad” for me.. I always feel like pooooop.. so the decision not to eat it again.. gets easier.. hence the many months in between.

Now for my  not so healthy choice.. that doesn’t make me feel  bad in any way when I consume it…. alcohol.

I like to drink Martini’s…. It’s usual for me to  have two on a Saturday eve.. and while I generally don’t drink during the week..   there are weeks I might celebrate the end of a LOOOOONG week with a nice Martini at home on a Friday eve.. oh, and then if we go out on a Wednesday ( which we do some times for a mid-week date) I may have one too.. So that means my Saturday night two.. just became  four Martini’s..

I don’t drive when I drink, I don’t get ‘drunk’  or act differently when I drink , I don’t feel like I NEED to drink to cope ,  drinking does not affect my work, relationships or normal activity, and  I don’t even  find myself over eating when I drink. I really just enjoy a Martini !

So whats the problem..?  well, alcohol on the whole can kibosh my efforts in the gym, for fat loss, and basically for  long-term better metabolism…. not to mention the long list  of  negative effects alcohol has on the body…. but I’m sure you know.. It’s not a healthy choice in general !    NOW  if I  was really  my own client.. I would definitely tell myself to stop it.. or cut the intake in half to start, which makes perfect sense and is realistic too..   So…. I’m doing it….I am .. telling YOU all.. that I am making the decision that I will ONLY have two cocktails ( Martini’s or anything else I choose)  a week.. so that means if I go out mid-week and want a Martini.. I can have one.. if I had two.. IM DONE.. for the week.

Okay.. there it is..I was thinking about this since I woke up.. .. I guess because I woke up wondering why I had two martini’s last eve.. when I could have only had one.?   NO I’m not hung over, I don’t feel bad physically.. I just decided… that my efforts for overall health is  more important to me then a Martini.. and I  actually had three Martini’s this week.. Is three Martini’s moderation?   For me.. I decided.. NO.. ..  its  TWO.

For NOW.. Im headed out to the gym.. its upper body day .. woohooo!

Create a great day!

NOTE:   if you  need to take a look at your alcohol consumption..( be it two martini’s or 5 beers) I hope that  this post may help  you look at it differently..   Remember too.. if you feel you have a problem you cant handle on your own.. please ask for help.. heck, you can just message me even and I can point you in the right direction…. if you’d like..


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