8-4-12 Whatever… works.

Yesterday was a wash.. yep, no legs.. no nothing.. NOT going to pretend like I worked out.. I didnt.. my intentions were legs.. but after I posted on the blog… I was emailed  to work.. ( why did I even look?)   and had to join a conf. call.

NO worries… I had a free ( rest ) day this week.. which I didnt take.. been going since last Saturday without a break from a workout ( be it cardio or strength training).. so I rested.

I ate well.. which to me is key to keeping it (meaning my head on straight sans guilt) together…

Since its been about a week since I started this ‘routine’ of mine.. or just basic lifestyle changes.. as I hope they are.. I must say.. I feel fab..  Im still not 100% on target with timing of my 5 small meals.. and not sure Im getting enough protein .. heck, Im not even sure how much protein I want/need right now..  so its still just a bit of  an experiment.. but I do FEEL good.. and thats what Im going for.

Im NOW headed to the gym for the leg day I didn’t do yesterday… and Im actually excited.

NOT much more on my mind today.. heck its Saturday.. Im freeing my mind.. or at least attempting. I THINK way too much all week long .. usually on over drive.   So today.. Im empty !

I think Im going to hit the gym, listen to some decent  pandora, hit a thrift store ( love my  good will shopping) and maybe a nap and a nice meal out with my honey..   Its what Saturdays ( mine anyway) were made for..  ‘whatever’

I do know that what ever I decide to do today.. I will have my workout behind me.. and  that just puts a big smile on my face..

Till later.. Happy day to YOU..


Create your great day !



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