8-3-12 Keep it positive to keep moving

I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind.. I couldn’t wait to write about it.. . then I re-thought…. too much info.. not necessary (really).. so , here it is…

Long story short (shorter at least) .. after 6 mos of living in pain and going from one fact finding Dr. appt to another.. it was confirmed yesterday that I have a Cyst on my SI joint which has  most likely been the cause of a  chronic  flank pain .. and I do mean chronic.. NOTHING helped…  It was an interesting journey to get to this ‘conclusion’ yesterday.. one of many MRI’s, Ultra Sounds and even a Cystascope..  all of which actually found other ‘symptoms’ I could have lived without knowing I had ,   but never the cause to the pain I am in.. or even offering any type of  solution.

and the solution … we hope…  will be an  injection next week to help bring down inflammation ..in turn taking away the pain !!!    My Dr. prefers the less is more approach which I am grateful..so we will start here…. The  Cyst is not interfering with anything other then causing pain/inflammation to the SI Joint.

Okay.. getting to my point !

This entire journey in pain .. I never stopped being positive… and actually I never really even stopped MOVING…. if only in my mind.

This chronic pain  kept me from doing a lot of the activity I normally do…and After sitting around feeling  sorry for myself  for a brief moment in time…..I dug deep to change my mind ( Yes this is another yoga mantra) to change my outcome.

I had no idea what this pain was or if I was ever going to find the solution to an end ( or when) .. but I knew I had to do something.. or LIFE as I knew it ( positively positive) would  crumble in more ways then one..

Changing my mind to change/modify  my  activity level  was not easy.. sort of like the aging process I presume.. figuring out my limits to my  normal activity…but  Im positive that this act of modifying my workouts over dropping them surely kept me from possibly further injury and I know for sure.. a depression.


With that said..  I cannot stress enough… how important exercise/movement is to healing chronic pain (know your limit and if needed get guidance) or in the basic aging process too.. if you cant do  what you use to do.. so be it..  .. do SOMETHING.. in the long run  you will be helping yourself .. not just physically.. but psychologically.

Learn to turn off the voices of ego in your  head !  It really  is necessary .. keep it positive to keep moving .. for your own good…do what you CAN.

For today.. Im headed to the gym to do legs.. knowing my limits.

Create a great day !


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