8-2-12 Switch….

At the witching hour of 10:30 last eve ( okay so Im an early bird ).. I realized I had a Dr’s appt Thursday ( today).. in the morning… sure I had it on my calendar.. but that method of notification (remembering ) only works when you remember to look at it.  (btw.. Im still not really sure I have an appt.. since the Dr. never called for a confirm yesterday.. which is my usual method of notification)

Okay, no worries.. I got this…

I decided not to wake up earlier to get to the gym..cause well,  that would have been 5am and Im not sure morning person me is really a 5am morning person.. more like 6am and decided to make today a ‘switch’ day… yes Im dubbing it.. Switch day.

A Switch day for me.. will be a day that I have to ‘go with the flow’ .. no stress over not doing as I expected.. but a day where I will just do what I can…  either choose a day off ( Im giving myself one rest day a week) or switch the workout .. be it stray from time or stray from the workout.. ( ie: switch strength training to cardio or vice versa .. as long as its not same body part two days in a row).

So here it is.. I have to leave the house in 40 minutes.. not just leave.. I have to leave prepared.. showered, dressed, juiced, and ready for the LONG work day.. which for me.. means the morning workout .. will not work today.

Choosing to drink coffee and do what I have to do to get out of the house in 38 mins. .( I just wasted 2 mins blogging)

My choice for a switch today.. will be to do my HIIT again today.. this eve.. I promise I will ….

All is well otherwise.. feeling great with 5 continuous workout days behind me…

Tomorrow.. back to the gym with my LEGS…. ouch.

For now.. Create a great day !


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