Clouds in my coffee? Nope, its just coconut oil !

photoCoconut Cream Coffee..  too good to be … GOOD for you?

Think again.. ?

So many are under the impression that coffee is bad for your health.. ?? Im not one of them.. YES.. I drink coffee.. a good quality coffee ( not all sugar’d and dairy’d up)  offers up a rich cup of antioxidants daily .. whats not to like !!     If thats not enough?  Many studies also  show that  a cup (or two ) a day can protect against Parkinsons, Diabetes, Gallstones, Alzeimers .. just to name a few disease?   I know there will be  many that disagree…. and thats okay.. but Im not one of  them…. and I have NO problem with a good cup of coffee!   If of course it bothers you.. and you have issues with caffeine.. then maybe you should NOT drink it.. just sayin,  its not for everyone.

Now that we have established that I drink and LOVE my coffee, I  thought Id let you in on a secret!

I add a little fat to my coffee ..  YES, fat in my coffee….   Coconut  oil !

Im sure you know, Coconut oil  seems to be all the rage now..  with  many benefits of  improved heart health,  thyroid performance, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system.. why wouldn’t it be?    Of course for a person  that wants to lead a healthy lifestyle those claims would be just enough .. BUT  not until Coconut Oil  claimed to be  known to decrease body fat and promote a healthy body composition did it really come in to MAIN stream..

So yes,  Coconut Oil is also known to decrease body fat.. 🙂

How does this work?   Well, one reason coconut oil helps decrease body fat is because of its high medium chain triglyceride (MCT) levels.    MCTs are digested very easily by the body, and are  used as a  source of quick energy.   The energy boost is not unlike  to  eating  healthy carbs..  only with MCTs there is no surge  of insulin  and no crash afterwards !!    MCTs also allow the body to burn its own fat… which will over time lead to less body FAT.   Oh, and if you are wondering how a saturated fat can be good for you? well, here is the key…

The fact is, all saturated fats are not created equal… some saturated fats actually occur naturally… NOT created  artificially  (hydrogenation) which is what we know as  BAD fat… so like the rest of your clean ‘diet’ go natural and you cant go wrong  !   (BTW I suggest, virgin, organic coconut oil ONLY)

So, if all of the above is not enough to get you to give coconut oil  a try ?   Coconut oil also promotes clear/smoother skin,  healthier hair and nails, stronger bones and teeth, may  help raise “GOOD” cholesterol , and has shown to  improve inflammatory disease..

So go ahead.. put a little (start with just a tsp and work up to to two tbsp) in your coffee too.. Its actually really yummo  !     I drink it with a little almond milk !   ..  AND when you are done drinking your coffee…. your lips will be soft and shiny too..  just another added benefit..  🙂

Like everything else I write about.. please do your homework… if you have issues with caffeine, its not a good idea to drink coffee..  and if you want to know more about coconut oil.. just google the benefits.. there are MANY great articles that will  inform you .. I just write a little… about a lot !    NOT looking to write the book on any one subject.. just give you some suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.

Create a great day !


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