Sesamoidectomy Surgery.. My Journey (updated)

If you were following this post  before.. I have NOW consolidated my  experience in ONE post.. ( suggested by a reader).. so if you are just looking for the latest info.. scroll down to the bottom.. if you are NEW to this post… read on.. Happy day.

LATEST UPDATE…..  October 31, 2015

34 months post op from my second ( yes I had both feet done)  Sesamoidectomy ….( first one ,  I just finished a Half Marathon..  NO pain .. at least not in my feet.. LOL    There is HOPE….

Of course not everyone is the same.. but for me.. and my “story” .. the ending was very happy.    Create a great day ! Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.07.20 AM

WHY did I have / need a sesamoidectomy..   In the beginning

January 2013

17 years ago I had a fibular sesamoidectomy of the left foot (with a bunionectomy) …. I had been suffering from sesamoiditis (the bunion  was not bad) in this foot for about a year or more before the Dr. suggested removal..   the  pain  was unbearable,  burning and constant..   I had tried all other conservative attempts with  no help ( immobilization,  orthotics, taping etc.. ) at healing.. surgery seemed to be my only option to live pain free….. after all .. I lived in Miami at the time.. and ran, walked, rode my bike miles at a time EVERY day..   I could not imagine, not being able to do any of this again?

A year or so after said sesamoidectomy.. I was still healing.. apparently I had some severe scar tissue and other ‘healing’ issues..  NOT the 2 – 3 mos healing process I had discussed with my Dr..   and if  I had not lived in Miami at the time.. Im not even sure how I would have put a shoe on.. I lived in teva sandals for at least a year..     The ONLY good thing that came out of that sesamoidectomy was my bikram yoga practice.. as part of my physical therapy from surgery I was told yoga would be good to help me get my balance and mobility back.. if you did’nt know. the sesamoid bones are major contributors to your stability and balance.. so removing one no doubt throws everything off..

OKAY.. 17 years later..  Im having a sesamoidectomy of my right tibial  sesamoid bone..   you see.. apparently the same trauma that caused the issue on my left foot.. took its toll on my right as well.. but this time.. I’ve known it for years.. about 15 years now.. and have just dealt with it.. again trying conservative efforts to heal including many cortisone shots .. because knowing what I went thru for the first surgery.. I was NOT even considering surgery again.. NO way , NO how… BUT.. and this is a big but… .. the pain began to get so painful, so much that it hurt to sleep with the sheets hitting my toe.. 😦 ,  oh .. and I was told blood supply was severly limited now to the area.. I had to have it removed… which brings us to yesterday.. and the reason for this blog post..   seems many people are as curious about he healing process.. from a sesamoidectomy as I am ..  I mean it is 17 years later.. and I have a NEW Dr. and there are many new technologies in surgery and such.

Week ONE post op

Friday – Jan 11, 2013 – Day of Surgery

sesframeI fasted after midnight.. woke up early,  showered and primped .. put on my yoga pants and an easy to wear outfit.. and off we went to the surgi center.  BF drove me.. surgery was to last an hour or so with an hour in recovery..  NOT too bad.. if all went well we’d be out by noon.. to make light of it all .. we had an over under on the 12 noon as a bet..  I won 🙂   we were out by 11:56am     .. So Im given iv med to sleep ..which yesterday was the worst part of the whole day.. you see I have bad veins ..and I walk around in a state of dehydration.. so finding even a bad vein.. is impossible.. and yep, we blew one.. but found it on second try.     Dr. said surgery went well, bone was in bad shape and almost ‘dead’ from no blood.. he said he changed the area of incision ( I still dont know where it is) and that he expects a great recovery..  I left surgi center with a taped foot and a surgi boot with tread .. for walking???     Honestly.. I felt NOTHING in my foot at all.. it was 100% numb.. I was even ‘walking’ kind of on the heal of my boot.. heck yeah.. I can handle this..   took my toridol  and antibiotic.. had some dinner and went to sleep.. sleep was .. with a pillow under my foot .

Saturday – January 12th.. – Day 1  Post Op

Around 3am I felt my foot.. YEP.. I felt it .. as in it was no longer numb..  uh oh.. but I talked myself back to sleep and just repositioned the foot a little..    5am. .I had to tinkle.. so I put on the walking boot.. and thought Id just hobble over to the bathroom as I kind of did last nite.. (when I was numb).. OMG.. the pain I felt as soon as my foot went down was so incredible that I began to sweat, felt faint and yes.. had to throw up.. by that time my BF woke up and helped me in to the bath room where I just about collapsed.. NOT FUN..  my BF gave me more toridol and helped me back to bed.. brought me ice for my foot and water to drink.. I slept another two hours..  by the time I woke up the toridol had started to work ( toridol is a VERY strong anti inflammatory) and my BF also brought me crutches ( thank goodness I borrowed them from my nephew) so I didn’t have to even attempt to put the foot down…. . seriously.. not sure what they think about that.. as if I can walk?  LOL ..   Fast forward.. Im relaxing today.. granted in a bit of pain (think constant throbbing blood flow in your foot) and not so comfortable .. but I had a visitor for lunch and Im feeling clear headed (NO pain meds allows for that).. which is good.  yesterday I felt loopy for most of the day.  Icing 4 times a day.. taking antibiotic twice a day.. and toridol three times.. I have oxi’s just in case.. but.. because I always have reactions from pain meds.. I dont want to take any if I can help it.. Id rather drink wine.. which I plan on doing shortly.  🙂    Day two of healing almost in the books.. Oh.. and the swelling has gone down significantly from yesterday.. second toe is no longer touching the big toe… looks almost normal.   More to come..

Sunday – Jan 13, 2013 – Day 2  Post Op

IMG_7947YEAH.. I had a great nights rest.. aside from having a bit of claustrophobia right before bed ( I just had to see what was under my bandages.. but couldnt 😦  )   I slept for almost 9 hours.. and I think a good sleep too.. I woke up with a few twinges of what felt like bone movement?  but Im sure it was just a  kind of mending /healing thing going on.   On waking around 7am.. I put my” boot” on ( even though Im not walking.. my Dr. does not want me up and about without it on) , grabbed my crutches and made my way to the rest room on my own.. pain is still significant.. feels ‘heavy’ today.. IMG_7954but as crazy as it seems.. I think Im getting use to it.. ?   At first glance too , color of my toes looks great.. more pink then purple today.  Im NOW in position  on my side of the couch in the living area.. where I presume I will stay until I take a bath ( my BF will be helping me ) and then just another day of ‘nothing’.   Im staying positive.. and visualizing all the  new  fun pain free activities I will be doing come April.. Im not going to be hard on myself.. its ONLY day two after surgery.. and in my book.. things ‘look’ promising.   (Note : photos – me just doing nothing.. its what I do most of the day and then me in my bath attire/platstic bag)   Happy day.  and check out my blog post from 1-13-13  regarding my shower experience..

Monday – January 14 , 2013  – Day 3 Post Op

Well  the evening  prior 13th, was not so much fun..  I had major pain..  intermittent, not constant.. if that makes sense, but enough to make me very uncomfortable!   flash forward to waking up and today was a pretty good day.  It was my first day home alone.. so I had no choice but to fend for myself.   Other then a small mishap with my keurig coffee maker ( forgot to put the mug under spout) all went well.   I literally do NOTHING.. foot is up with ice every 3 hours.. so whats to go wrong.  I worked from home which kept me occupied (mentally) and of course there is the Dr. Phil channel.. LOL .. well, I dont think thats what its called.. but it was a never ending stream of Dr. Phil shows.. OMG !   I just had it on as background noise and within 3 hours ,  I needed Dr. Phil.. hmmmm  I think Im on to something???   Anyhow.. all in all ,  I had a good day.   Im not sure I like  getting in to bed and not feeling tired like I would after a ‘normal’ work day… I sort of have to force myself to ‘sleep’ .. oh , and Im NOT taking any pain meds.. havent had even one.. just continuing to take the toridol and antibiotic.. btw.. tomorrow (15th) is last day for both… and also.. I have my Post op Dr.’s visit and xray.. I CANNOT wait to take a look see at what is under my bandages.. Happy day !

Tuesday – January 15th , 2013 – Day 4 Post OP

Xray and Dr. Visit

IMG_7960Woohoo  a day out of the house.. albeit , I went to the Dr’s.. but its a day out.. I showered, dressed and prepared like I was going to the ball (JK)  ..   So I had my follow up xray at 11:40am .. and  was given film to take with me to the Dr.  for my 1:15pm visit.    In between xray and Dr. visit.. my honey took me out for a little treat…starbucks… I must say I felt a little vulnerable out and about.. as you can imagine.. regardless of having this boot to cover up .. I felt like at any moment someone may walk right over my foot.. while texting no doubt.. seems the world doesnt “just walk” or “just drive” anymore..  you know?    So at the Dr’s.. he first looked at the films.. “looks great” he said..”all gone” he commented.. as if I hadnt already checked it out myself before I even made it to the office…   then he took out his scissors and started to cut off my bandages.. I was nervous as can be.. what to expect..?  he asked if I wanted to lay back and not look.. ?   ARE YOU KIDDING me?  I have been dying to look..   the bandage came off no issues.. no sticking or pain at all.. honestly .. I think the wound is still without no biggy?  At first glance (before he cleaned it up) I felt a little sick to my stomach.. but then detached myself from the fact that is was my foot I was looking at .. ad realizd.. heck, its not so bad looking.. Dr. even mentioned that it hardly bled evidence from the direct gauze covering ( just a little blood spot ) no bleeding through.  He washed me up and said a few very good things.. he mentioned that my swelling looked great ( minimal now)and bruising too… he said we got lucky.. LOL   okay.. I guess , I ‘ll take that.. seriously.. this surgery is night and day from the  sesamoidectomy on my left foot.. Im a happy camper..   He re-dressed my foot.. in a smaller, less bulky dressing.. and said that I can come in a day earlier to get the stitches out if I wanted.. it looked so good..   and when I asked if I could start driving after stitches out.. he said.. as long as I can put a support shoe on (NOT a surgi boot).. Im good to go.. and if I wanted .. I can even play soccer.. LOL  he said using it is going to be the best therapy there is for me..   and that was that.. ( NOTE:  Photo at Dr’s after he cleaned it up)

Wednesday – January 16th, 2013  Day 5 Post Op

NO more antibiotics.. thats all I have to say for this day.. woohoo.. Im done with them.. My stomach is happy 🙂   Now if only I can get comfortable enough to sleep through the night.. oh .. and maybe get rid of some of the pain?   NOT complaining.. its only day 5 post op why does it feel like day 50?     Glad I had lots to do to keep my mind busy today..

Thursday – January 17th, 2013 Day 6 Post Op

No real change.. not sleeping great because I cant get comfortable at night.. and pain is about a 5  out of 10.. .but spurts of  real pain come and go. .when my foot for one reason or another spasms..?   Im getting around  just fine.. thought about going out gives me a little anxiety though.. cant imagine having anyone near my foot.. LOL

Friday – January 18th, 2013 Day 7 Post Op

Wow.. a week already .. time flies.   NO real change..   I did NOT sleep well at all last nite.. and just feeling a little sorry for myself today?   Giving myself  pep talk.. this is only temporary..  I took a shower/bath  and feel better already.   Mom and Dad came by for a visit. it was nice to see them.. and we had some wine.   A rough day turned in to a good night.

Week TWO  post op

Saturday – Jan 19, 2013 – Day 8 Post Op

Swelling is down even more, and color looks good.. less red/purplish.. yeah for that !  Pain is a little less too.. but I get these weird spasm like twitches every now and again.. and BAM.. ouch.. its weird.   Im also trying to move the big toe.. ( I see no reason why I cant try) and while my brain is telling it to move.. its not so easy.. its funny actually, and keeping me amused a bit.. you see,  Im bored out of my mind.. My honey and I thought about going out for a bite.. but just the thought of the entire ‘process’  seemed too exhausting, so we stayed in…  I get my stitches out on Monday 21 cant wait..

Sunday – January 20th, 2013 – Day 9 Post Op

So I’ve been up since 1:30am .. yep, another sleepless night.. I just cant seem to get comfortable.. I wonder if I had been taking pain meds would I be able to sleep.. its not so much the pain that keeps me up at night…. but where /how to position my foot that its NOT leaning on the incision… which is on the side of my foot.. OH, I should add, Im NOT a person that sleeps or can sleep on my back.. Im a stomach or side sleeper.     More to come .. Im going to take a nap?

photoOkay, Im back..  after having breakfast (or what felt like lunch cause I was now up for 8 hours) I  layed down for about an hour at 9am.. just closed my eyes.. no real sleep.   I decided to take a peek under my bandage.. yep, Im going to look again.. its what I do.. but I do it right, I wash my hands , and redress my foot properly.. .. and I dont touch it.. I just look. I cant help myself.. LOL   I think it looks better.. still swollen (okay, it will be for months most likely) but I think over all.. it looks good.  (see photos).. after a bath (uuuugh I hate baths.. still feel dirty) I am now relaxing .. doing nothing again.. Till tomorrow..   did I mention I get my stitches out tomorrow.. WOOHOO..

Monday January 21st, 2013 – Day 10 Post Op.

Hellooooooo   day I get my stitches out..  Nothing new today.. just a little anxious about feeling any pain when I get my stitches out.. Sat on my butt all day, worked from home, iced my foot.. and then .. around 6pm my honey came home from work and said ” Im ready of you are “..  ummmm ??  really.. ?   WELL heck yeah.. Im ready.     6:45 in the Dr’f office.. it IS a good day.. waiting room had only one other person in there.. Im the last appt. and I was sure he would be backed up.. NOPE.. he is on time.   In the ‘room’ he undressed the foot ( I admitted to changing the dressing.. as if he didnt know?)  and said he was amazed at how great it looked..  he then laid  the chair back and then I heard it.. snip, snip, snip..  my stomach flip flopped a bit.. and then a tug.. these babies needed a bit more then a tug and the Dr. knew I was feeling it.. (not horrible.. but not fun either.. I kept saying. no pain, no gain in my head) so he decided to ask me about my recent travels to Mexico.. I looked at my honey and said.. ‘you tell him’ .. .. I had to concentrate of not freaking out.   About 5 mins later.. I said.. “all done” ?  and he was.. FINALLY.. FREE from bandage, free from stitches.. I am ready to heal.  He put a few steri strips on the incision , gave me instruction NOT to peel them off ( he knows me well) and then told me that he wants me to do heel / toe walking.. NO more baby steps on my heel.. which could cause another injury.. I am to put full weight on my foot.. We left the office and all I could think about was taking a shower.. tomorrow.   At home, I iced my foot (still need to continue till swelling is gone) and went to sleep without my bandage.. slept okay, not great.. Im still more than aware of my foot.

Tuesday January 22nd, 2013  – Day 11 post Op

Hello sneaker.. yes, I was able to put on a sneaker.. granted I could not tie it for support..but its on.. and I wore it all day.. and started to ‘practice’ heel – toe walking .. I can do this.. I do feel TIGHT and pain when I attempt.. but its only going to get better..   I iced my foot again in the eve.. and overall .. had a good day.. even though Im still stuck in the house… I have a sneaker on.. and I am making myself MOVE more.. so it “feels” good on an emotional level.. moving forward. 🙂

Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 – Day 12 Post Op

Slept better last night…. so things are really getting better.   Took a really LONG shower today.. but still cant stand flat foot /weight bearing .. so I sat down to shave my legs.. just in case..   but WOWY.. it felt sooooo good !   Heel – Toe Walking was easier today.. and I forced myself to to more than yesterday.. kind of training of sorts.  I am surprising myself at how well I m doing .. and how good I feel.. really its not even a full two weeks since surgery.. and Im in a sneaker.. with weight on my foot?  all good.

Thursday January 24th, 2013 – Day 13 Post Op

Every day seems a bit better.. I decided it was time to walk.. I mean really walk.   And since I had the blessing from my Dr. to put full weight on my foot.. I was going to do just that.   LOL     Walking with all my weight.. NOT happening.  Im just not sure my brain wants the same thing my body wants.. or maybe its just protecting me?   I just cant seem to get all of my weight on the foot..?   Regardless.. it was a BIG day for me.. I did a lot of walking in the house.. and I even took myself out of the house.. by myself.   I drove to Target.   First time Driving since the surgery..  I was good when I got to Target.. but wasnt sure I wanted to drive home.. LOL   and I was all alone.. so I sucked it up.. hurried home and immediately put ice on my foot and took an IBprofin.. I did a bit too much .

Friday January 25th, 2013 – Day 14 Post Op

Honestly.. I cannot believe I am doing as well as I am.. I drove a little yesterday,  walking a little bit more.. and today I was able to but on my UGG boot.. granted… it took a bit of wrangling to get in there.. but once in , it felt good… almost protected ?    Since today was the two week mark of my surgery and I was doing so well, we decided to head out for a bite.. YES, my first time going out .. We went to our neighborhood spot.. and all was fine, I sat at the bar, but kept my foot up on my honey’s leg.. after about 2 hours of eating and chatting it up with friends.. I was just about exhausted.. afterall, it was my first time out and about..  once home, I was asleep in about 15 minutes.. @ 8:45 pm.. LOL   overall.. a good day.

Week THREE  post op

Saturday, Sunday  January 26, 27 , 2013 –  15 /16 days Post Op

So Im walking more daily.. and I mean really putting weight on it.. granted… only a few steps at a time.. but Im doing it… kind of like walking on fire and nails..if you like that sort of thing..LOL    I am getting around well when Im not trying to walk on it.. as I have just altered my steps and kind of walking on the side of my foot.. a little exhausting actually.. but makes it easier to MOVE without using crutches.    and little by little , I am doing more.   Sunday was the first day I stopped taking IB profen.. seriously.. my stomach needs a break.. and Im icing a good deal of the day so that seems to be working.  Sleep is still not great.. but also getting better.  I also drove a bit more on Sunday.. 🙂

Monday January 28th, 2013  17 Days Post Op

Im going to work.. first day back in the real world.. for me that means a 40 minute drive to the office one way.. which for me today proved to be a bit much.. my foot swelled a bit .. but I iced it. and while I didnt want to, had to take an ibprofen too.   overall.. I had a good day.   still swelling, still walking on side of my foot to really move.. but Im doing okay.. toe started to tingle a bit today and  has some sharp pains but nothing horrible.. seriously, could not be happier with progress.. I DO see a light at the end of this tunnel.. my next Dr. visit is Feb 11th.. and I think by then alot will change.  Happy day.

Tuesday – Friday January 29th – February 1st, 2013  18 – 21 days Post Op

So I have not posted in a bit.. maybe because really, nothing new to post.  Im feeling great, foot gets better daily, walking more , trying as best to put full weight on it and swelling is going down.  I had a pedicure 🙂 granted we didnt do much to that foot..but its nice that its now pretty  🙂    I also went to the gym.. just doing upper body sitting exercise.. so I dont have to worry about pressure or balance.. I honestly… cannot complain.. I am thrilled with my healing process.

Week FOUR  post op

February 2, 2103

WOOHOO… Happy to report that  I am doing great.. really for all  of you out there that are nervous ( I cant believe the response Im getting via email and even a phone call 🙂  )  please don’ t be nervous ..   had I known that I would heal as quickly as I am .. I would  never have  waited as long.. as you know I had a sesamoid-ectomy on my other foot (left) years before this one on the right foot.. however, that one was also in conjunction with a bunion-ectomy.. a practice my Dr. at the time liked to do.. because they say that often you will get a bunion after a sesamoid-ectomy.. ??  so I guess he was being proactive..? uuugh.. makes me cringe thinking about that Dr and the recovery.. My Dr. now said NO way does he believe in that practice.. and its rare that I would now get a bunion….  fast forward.. I had my tibial sesamoid-ectomy (ONLY) on my right foot January 11th, 2012.. yep, not even 4 weeks ago..  and Im doing great.. healing is faster than I imagined.. .. sure I had some pain (never took any pain killers.. but thats just me) , and swelling and I could’nt shower ( I bathed) or drive for 12 days.. but Im now past that..and I even put on a real shoe today ( see red loafers below.. ONLY shoes that fit.. but I’ll take it).. Im doing great..   So realize.. if you are in the position to NEED a sesamoid-ectomy.. there is nothing as debilitating and painful as what you are dealing with now.. it will ONLY get better.  So keep a positive attitude and do as you should with any re-hab and exercise.. and you will be just fine.. running , yoga, basketball,  walking.. whatever you desire.. its going to be OK..     thought Id post a  series of photos from first few days to present.. the last two  photo  is actually from TODAY 2-4-13      .. btw.. I go back to Dr. for my release appt. on Feb 11th…. and he may just tell me I can do whatever I want.. as I can..   Im not yet putting full weight on it.. but I bet by next week I will be  🙂      IMG_7923IMG_7990IMG_7991IMG_8032IMG_8034IMG_8039IMG_8040IMG_8063IMG_8067IMG_8089IMG_8159

Week FIVE post op

February 11th, 2013

So here we are.. If I haven’t posted in a while, since about a week .. its a good thing, means Im getting an active life back.. YES.   Things are going well, Im driving with NO issues now and able to wear two different pair of shoes, a pair of sneakers and two  pair of cute boots ( not bad, at least I have some choices)   still have a little swelling.. but now its just at the end of the day really, after I’ve been using (driving  and walking a bit ) my foot.. so to be expected.   I started  scar tissue massage..(deep massage on top of scar tissue) because I have developed a little internal (painful) adhesion where the incision was , Im told this is common ( it happened on my other foot too)  because of the internal stitches that are just now starting to dissolve (at the 3 – 4 week post op stage) … I wont lie.. the scar tissue massage is painful. .but I know necessary.. so Im able to deal .. its temporary.. will continue to do this for 3 times a week..or as much as I can handle it.. I have also  been getting twinges or spasms as I call it.. in my foot too which are also as Im told.. part of the healing process.. and yes,  a little painful.. but they  last only a few minutes at a time.. and not all that often.. so .. I can deal.        TODAY I had my 3rd   post op surgery  Dr. visit.. and my Dr. is thrilled… so am I 🙂  seriously.. you cant even find an incision point .. or at least I don’t think you can.. ?    He flexed and pulled my toe.. did a strength test and all are on target .. the only time I felt pain (real pain) was when he made me push my toe down into his hand..he said that will go away in a few more weeks.. but movement is great..   He released me for MORE activity.. Im now able to walk as long as I want to  or can tolerate, even for exercise on a treadmill ( no incline though ) as fast as I can..?   and I am allowed to start riding the exercise bike and also do a lower body work out .. ie : leg press, squats etc.. all things that take foot control..   I am still NOT able to stand flat foot with balance without a shoe .. so yoga and any exercise where I would be bare foot is still out of the question..  over all .. Im a happy camper.. !!    FYI.. photo below.. is from my visit today.. notice still red  –  just part of internal circulation / inflammation  but external  swelling is going down.. and hardly NO scar at all?    Will check in in a few more weeks.. when I have more GREAT news to report..


Week  13  Post  Op

April 14th, 2013

Hi all.. thought Id give an update… Im doing great.. I have NO pain at all.. NONE  no more twinges from the  nerves healing, no pain from swelling and def. no sesamoid issues.. I can almost say I forgot about it.. 🙂   Im wearing any shoe I want to.. even cute moderate heels.. open toe  and mules ( backless) that I have to grip with the toe to stay on ..  I honestly feel great.. I have been back to doing yoga and can do postures that I could not do without pain (mostly on toe)… still taking slow with heavy walking .. but I bet I could easily walk a couple miles right now..?    It was definitely worth it..   here are two photos from today   4-14-13  to show you how good everything looks. .    Stay positive and do what you can to keep moving, be sure to eat well and nourish your  body and take care of yourself..    Happy day.

January 11, 2014   (see photo from today below)   ONE YEAR POST Surgery…. Im doing amazing.. just back form a workout.. legs ( lunges and squats)  and yoga.. I also started training for a 5 k in March.. hence the photo with my NEW kicks.. I could NOT be better.. well, if the rest of my body felt as great as my feet..  maybe I could .. yep, I have aches and pains.. hips, knees and low back.. but I am NOT complaining.. Im up and moving and working out.. anyhow.. I have full range of motion.. my big toe sticks up a tad.. but hoping it will go down in time. if not .. thats ok.. the ONLY thing I cannot do is down dog into Chaturanga  – for you yogis.. you will know its a move where you go on bended toe to transition with your body weight.. . its not a big deal. I wear my sneaks in my vinyasaa yoga class.. and my teacher is okay with it.. 🙂    I tried doing it without a sneaker .. and had swelling for a few days.. so I asked to wear sneaks.. all good 🙂   I refuse to do anything that compromises my feet..   I hope you are all doing well.. in your healing process..and if you have questions.. as always.. ask away.. I know this blog post has been helpful for many..    Happy day..

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  1. the foot looks great!! I’m so glad to hear and see everything is going well! I look forward to your next update. A

    1. I just had a sesemoidectomy r foot July 1 along with two other procedures I can’t pronounce. Anyway it is July 18 I have been back at work since the 15th of July. I was not able to put pressure on it for 2 weeks. I started using dōTERRA deep blue, lavender and On Guard and I still have tenderness on ball and very careful walking in a crock. Over all my incision is mostly invisible. I’m happy. Haven’t even been for my 4 week fu yet. Doc said we would start therapy then. Doc did tell me to stretch big toe towards me as much as I can tolerate!! I iced anytime I was home and elevated. Now it’s not swollen so I’m alternating moist heat and ice.. Need to get the muscle/tendon/ ligament to stretch:))) I posted pics on twitter @jennifergurr if any one wants to look at progress!! I’m in Colorado Springs and I had a shattered sesemoid for about 3 years before knowing what the problem was and by that time it was in 2 pieces and the top in pieces. Don’t wait take care of now..

      1. Great things are working out for you Jenn.. we all know that everyone and every surgery is different.. but YOU are doing amazing.. I agree.. DONT wait.. this is one pain that does not get better.. SUPER excited for you.. healing. 🙂

      2. Thank you!! I’m really happy!! I was not worried at all. I had a great surgeon!!

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      3. I am now about 7 weeks out! My toe does not stick up. I still have to wear crocks because reg shoes rub my scar area that is very sore at times. Otherwise I’m doing good!!

      4. Good news Jennifer… sounds like all is well post surgery… scars have lots of sensitivity.. inside and out. The pain will subside in time.. and glad your toe is not sticking up.. LOL every foot/surgery and experience is of course different.. I had both feet done .. and the two surgeries experiences could not be MORE different.. so happy to hear all is well. 🙂

      5. HI! I’m having both sesamoid bones in my left foot removed…surgery is this Wednesday August 22nd. Just curious…what kind of anesthesia will they give me for this surgery? I’m a bit nervous about feeling pain during procedure! Thanks!!

  2. I just scheduled this surgery for next Friday and your blog has helped me IMMENSELY emotionally. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re healing well, it gives me hope 🙂

    1. Im glad you will be out of pain soon.. remember.. there is a pain free foot on the other side.. Be patient with yourself.. and think only positive.. Its not always easy, but its the ONLY way.. If you need to, feel free to email me or post here. Im happy to talk you through recovery.

      BTW.. its not even a full 7 weeks out of surgery.. and yesterday I ran to get my phone .. LOL yes a big deal, I am wearing real shoes and ran without even thinking to get my phone.. that is HUGE in my book ! Im sure you will relate.. and NO pain ! OH and today.. I was feeling brave.. stood up on my toes.. YUP, tippies..LOL Still not able to walk comfortably or stand bare foot.. but thats to be expected. I will say, scar tissue massage is helping TONS.. Good luck.. Keep me posted.. I CARE.. happy day

  3. I cannot thank you enough for your posting. There seems to be a lot of information on the internet of people who have really struggled with surgery and healing. Seeing photos and reading your day to day account helped me understand what to anticipate. I hope you are well and thanks again.

    1. Great I’m glad that you got something positive out of my blog post because that’s exactly why I Wrote this! I can’t stress enough how much a positive attitude and eating right and taking care of yourself have to do with a speedy recovery! It will be seven weeks for me on Friday post surgery and I’m now walking on a treadmill and doing almost everything that I used to do without the pain now the only thing I’m not doing is standing on my feet flat barefoot! Good luck to you

  4. Hi! I might be having the medial sesamoid removed with a medial incision like yours. This foot doctor said I could walk out weight bearing with a cane. Is this possible? It seems like the foot swells immensely and I don’t see how a cane is good enough. I have bad neck and back problems (herniated discs) and cannot use crutches. The whole recovery period seems very daunting to me. Thank you!!

    1. In my opinion.. yes.. you will have discomfort /pain no doubt.. but honestly.. I only used my crutches because I wanted them.. MY Dr. did not think I was going to need them.. granted.. you will NOT want to walk regardless of whether you have assistance (crutch or cane) for a few days maybe even a week ..? I know I stayed PUT pretty much for 14 days post op. .Im fortunate, I can work from home.. and besides.. I was NOT allowed to drive (its my right foot) until stitches were out.. but YES.. I was walking on the side / heel of my foot in emergency to get food in the kitchen, go to the bathroom, and misc. .. but NOT walking / walking if that makes sense.. ? My dr. said I would be in a shoe after two weeks post op.. and I pretty much was.. once stitches were out, he told me I could push myself .. and I did.. which I think too helped with the healing process.. Im 7 weeks out (this Friday) and aside from a little pain on the scar tissue (Im working it out with massage and stretching) I have no problems.. just started walking even on a treadmill for exercise (just half a mile) .. but i have NO pain where I use to have pain all the time.. 🙂 Keep your thoughts positive Jeff.. you are going to do great.. I promise.. there is light at the other end.. heck, even with my first sesamoidectomy/bunionectomy.. 17 years ago.. while the recovery was different .. Im glad I did it.. MY feet do not hurt like they use to.. and I know you know the pain.. so look forward to walking pain free..I told my BF the other day.. “what took me so long”.. Happy day..

    2. I also want to stress.. YES I had swelling.. lots of it.. so when ever you are NOT standing.. keep it up and ice it every couple of hours.. that made a huge difference.. never keep it down.. even when sitting.. btw.. my BF just came in and I read him your post.. he said NO worries.. you will be fine without crutches.. he said “I was just a baby”.. LOL

  5. I am scheduling a sesamoidectomy & bunionectomy for the end of the month. Being a runner & triathlete, I am beyond terrified! To even walk without pain is unimaginable right now, being able to not run & bike is even worse. Thanks for a positive outcome!

    1. Hi Lanell.. Oh, how I relate.. I was YOU 18 years ago.. I get it. I can tell you.. it is not easy (mentally mostly). but it is worth it.. overall. I cant imagine being in the pain like I was all the time.. and I know you can relate.. . YOU will be fine.. but realize it will take time.. the one I had with a bunionectomy was a harder recovery… honestly.. but again .. its worth it.. Im now just post surgery 8 weeks with my other foot now (without a bunionectomy) and while I have NO sesamoid pain .. I am having a tad bit of scar / nerve pain.. all part of the process.. and hardly anything to be concerned about for me.. I can wear sneakers with ease and walk no problem. is other shoes and being barefoot that is hard..but just temporary.. I will be fine.. I can not stress enough.. REST.. and listen to your dr.. again.. REST for you will be the challenge.. eat well and do push ups and upper body stuff.. LOL Wishing you well.. keep in touch.. Lisa T.

  6. I have my partial sesamoidectomy 5 weeks ago. The Dr only took the smaller piece of the fractured sesamoid which has already had avascular necrosis. I am wearing a very ingesting ortho wedge sandal right now. Hopefully I will start to wear sneakers in 2 weeks. Are you using special orthotic insoles in your sneakers? And after your first sesamoidectomy when did you start to wear heels and did you have any difficulty in these 17 years with any kind of shoe?
    Thank you very much for the blog ….

    1. Oh wow.. hi J.. I had the same issue starting which is why I could NOT wait any longer.. had to have it out.. Heels.. LOL Im going to say about a year for the first one. . but this one I just had 9 weeks ago this week. Im now wearing a little heel with a comfy cute pair of boots.. its about 1.5 inches.. and a very wide toe box and cushion sole.. but not sure I will be wearing a 2. 5 inch sandal heel for at least another 2 or 3 months. Im experiencing a bit of pain from scar tissue right now.. but not from sesamoid.. so while its different / healing pain.. its still ouchie.. if you know what I mean.. but overall.. Im walking just fine.. and sneakers.. NO problem.. I still wake up with swelling from overnite sleep but once I walk, It goes away.. and walking barefoot and standing balanced without a sneaker.. still challenging.. its a process.. and NO .. in the last 17 years. after my surgery.. Ive been able to wear whatever I like.. fun shoes too.. however, I know better.. I do try to find my shoes with a wider toe box.. especially if I plan on dancing.. 🙂 create a great day !

    2. Hi Jda from Turkey!
      I read your replies and not sure if you are still posting anymore but in hopes that you might I wanted to respond to you. I actually had the same surgery as you. I has a partial sesamoidectomy. I think you are the only other person that I have found that has had this surgery and not the whole bone removed. My doctor suggested this route because most of my sesamoid bone was healthy and no arthritis. I had an injury many years ago that possible broke my bone in half but where it broke was nearer the bottom so it was to tiny to put a screw in. I had pain in my foot off and on for years but it was like flair ups and then the pain would reside and no big deal go on my way, however I had a cortisone shot done for my hip (which is another injury that I am facing and a couple of months after the shot that pain in my foot was back, it felt like a stabbing knife pain and this time it was not going away it was debilitating and extremely painful. I am not sure if the cortisone weakened the bone break even more but I can’t really figure out what the culprit was all I know is I could not bear the pain any longer and this thing was not going way like in the past. So I went to see a foot and ankle specialist with xray he was able to see my injury to my sesamoid bone closes to the end of my foot. He could tell that it was an old break that happened a along time ago that did not heal properly. There was scar tissue between the bones where it tried to heal its self. So and every time I took a step the two bones were bending, your sesamoid bone is not suppose to bend right!! Ouch! So of course I did the conservative route just like everyone else with no relief it finally came to a point that I had to make the decision to just have surgery done. I am 7 weeks out post op. My scar is healing great I do deep tissue massages on it every other day. Toe strengthening and stretching. I am walking in a pair of comfortable boots, a tennis shoe with insoles, and some dearfoam thick comfy sleepers. I walk when I need to but I do a lot resting still and elevate my foot often. I still sleep with my foot elevated most nights. I took pain meds half dose for the first 3 days. I really didn’t want to but I couldn’t sleep and sleep is when we do our best healing so I took them to sleep. I have pain still where the cutting took place. I think from reading this blog and the research that I have found this pain is normal and probably due to nerves being healed. My doctor said I could have this tenderness for up to 6 months possible a year. I see my doctor again in 5 weeks which will be my 3 month appointment. My doctor did say however if the pain persist we may need to go in and take the other part out, but he mentioned that this is probably unlikely since the rest was healthy. If it wasn’t he would have taken the whole bone in the surgery. He is under the impression the more original anatomy you have the better. I felt good with my decision to have a partial done. Now for me it just having patients and still not over doing it. I just wanted to ask you where you are at with your partial sesamoidoctomy and how are things going. Did you go back to your doctor?


  7. It is wonderful to find your blog… My “foot injury journey” began with a mid-foot sprain back in August, and turned into something…well, far worse and more confusing! I am finally seeing a very respected ortho doc in 2 weeks (after waiting for months, and after seeing an ortho who said, “Some pain just doesn’t have a name”, shot me up with another cortisone shot, and sent me packing…), and have a CT scan that does not bode well for my tibial sesamoid… Seems that it could be in pieces due to previous trauma (would explain why I was CONVINCED months ago that I had fractured something!), or just be multi-partite. In any case, both sesamoids are sclerotic, and could either be showing signs of AVN or “healing”. I guess that’s sort of a big difference, eh? But at this point, I have been in pain for months. I can’t even tell which is worse anymore, the pain from the sesamoids, the pain from the tissues that were severely bruised form multiple cortisone shots, or the weird swollen area beneath my second toe. I also have a mild bunion, and I’m sure that’s not doing the situation any favors, either. 😉 I am SO ready to have the sesamoid removed, and possibly my bunion repaired, as I do not want that to worsen as a result of the sesamoidectomy. However, after reading your first experience, I’m a bit terrified about doing both at once! I have really exhausted all “conservative” measures, though, from the CAM boot to AirCast boot (which I actually believe CAUSED my poor sesamoids to become damaged, due to lack of cushioning for my ridiculously high arch!) to crutches to PT to cortisone to orthoses! Nothing has worked. I tend to have an all-day arthritic-like ache in “the hoof”, and it drives me a bit batty. I continue to exercise in the ways I can–upper body weights, mat Pilates, using my rower without pushing at all on the forefoot, etc. I miss just WALKING without pain, and I’m so dang tired of having to “analyze” my shoe/orthotic situation on a daily basis. At any rate, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting your honest experience, and for giving us all some hope. 🙂

    1. I am almost certain my CAM boot increased the pain or re-fractured the bone. It did alleviate my pain and swelling in the 3rd Metarsal tho!

  8. Thank you for posting this!! I myself fought with a fractured sesamoid for too many years (inserts, injections, etc) and finally took the surgery route. I had NO interest in surgery but now that I’ve done it (3 weeks ago today) I am truly already noticing how fantastic and necessary this surgery was for me! Today is my first day out of the boot and I have a pair of tennis shoes on! I do think I may be one of the “lucky” ones who has a bit of a bunion going on but I’ve been a comfy shoe person my whole life so hopefully it won’t worsen enough to need further surgery down the road. I play slowpitch softball and the season starts again in a month so I’m hoping to be on course to play right away! And I’m honestly looking foward to getting back to more cardio at the gym again! Thanks for sharing your experience!! Best wishes!

    1. Yeah for you ! I was discharged yesterday ( week 10 post op ) with hardly any swelling or pain .. I’m able to play soccer if I want to lol ! I will say weeks 6-9 post op were no fun as nerves were mending together .. It’s a bit painful, at least it was for me .. No good reason I felt like a knife was in my foot .. But it’s also gone now and my dr did nerve test .. I have no damage ! Happy healing to you !

  9. Hello – this post has been very helpful! I had the surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and am concerned about the amount of swelling and how sore my incision is. My Dr. wanted me to start wearing sneakers yesterday for a couple of hours at a time. My problem is that the ball of my foot is so swollen that I can’t fit into any sneakers! The incision is also rubbing against the side of the sneaker and becoming irritated and sore. What kind of shoes is everyone wearing during their recovery?

    1. HI Jean..YEAH for recovery ! yes, I still had significant swelling at 3.5 weeks.. I wore a BIG sneaker or a BIG as in wide ugg boot.. but they were still tight.. just left the sneaker un tied some for the rubbing of incision . I actually bought some mole skin to put on inside of my shoe.. it still rubbed but made it better? are you keeping foot up still.. every second you have.. keep it up.. I still keep mine up .. LOL btw.. you will be happy to hear ALL ladies.. last eve.. I wore HEALS.. open toe cute sandals.. with a 3.5 inch heel.. hellooooo.. this is about at the 11 week post op mark.. I lost count.. I had NO pain and no swelling after.. it was fabulous.. I still get twinges of pain on the scar area.. but Im told its just nerves mending.. I can live with that.. told it may last a while.. ?? but its not all the time.. just intermittent..usually at night during rest.. and my scar area still itches at night.. also just mending.. other than that.. Im good.. WISHIN you Jean and others.. happy healing.. Go ahead.. put on the sneakers.. and if you cant.. purchase a size larger of cheaper ones but I think you will find once you start having the support of a shoe like a sneaker.. it gets easier to walk every day.. and if your dr said walk. then walk..dont be afraid.. my dr. told me.. that no dammage can be done so go for it.. and I did.. Im positive my personal care to my scar and foot were what gave me the best results.. I forced myself to exercise it.. bend it etc.. and had massage to it once a week too to get the blood moving.. happy day.

    2. Incision is finally starting to heal and only because I didn’t follow doctors orders ;-)! He insisted I keep a bandaid on it at all times but advice from a nurse friend was to get some butterfly bandages to close it (it kept opening and oozing) get breathable bandages and cover ONLY when going out and wear only cotton socks…thought the sport socks I had were cotton but ends up they were polyester. After 2 days it is finally starting to scab up. Looking forward to being able walk again!

  10. Thanks for your support! I am a bit concerned my incision may be infected and/or not healing properly especially after seeing your photos…mine does not look anything like yours. My friends think I should call the Dr. but I hate being “one of those” patients especially because it is a Saturday.

      1. I ended up going to see the Dr. on Monday and I was correct…my incision is not healing properly. After 4 weeks, the incision is still separating and oozing. He wants me to keep any pressure off of it so I will be on crutches for 2 weeks or more. I should have been moving into a shoe by now so I am majorly bummed! It does not appear to infected so that is good news.

      2. Hello again…I am know 12 weeks post op and all was going well these last couple of weeks besides some swelling and occasional pain. My incision took 10 weeks to heal and the Dr. was not really sure why but I am glad I can finally wear shoes! I started taking short walks again until I stepped on uneven ground and twisted my foot…I can honestly say I saw stars! It is 4 days later and my foot is swollen and I have constant pain. Is this normal or should I be concerned and calling the Dr.? Every time I called in the past about my incision that took 10 weeks to finally heal, his response would be..”it needs time and you need to be patient”. He is a man of few words!

      3. Well, as you know Im not a Dr.. LOL only someone that has had two very different experiences from two sesamoidectomy’s.. so .. with that said, yes, call the dr.. tell him about twisting your foot/ankle ( sorry bout that) I would hope you continue to ice , elevate and rest when you can.. that was SOOOOOO very important to healing.. even when I thought I didnt need it . I did it.. there are many factors as to why your incision took so long.. but I honestly could not point to just one .. not really knowing you. but Im glad it has finally healed and you are able to get a shoe on.. and the pain.. not sure if its increased due to the twising? but yes, pain is common.. you are healing.. so think of it as a healing pain.. Im sure it is VERY different pain then it was initially.. I would hope.. I had pain up until about 4mos out.. changing daily.. anyhow..Im sure that was not helpful at all.. lol but yes, call the dr.. why not. ?? and if he is fine with where you are .. then trust his/her judgement.. you trusted him in the first place.. and rest.. BTW.. about 3.5 mos out .. I also twisted my foot. losing footing (balance issues are common at first) and I know the stars you saw.. it was horrible.. but a few days after.. I felt like the twisting was a good thing ( may sound strange) I felt it forced my foot to do something I would never have made it do.. if that makes sense.. and I think it helped my mobility.. after the initial shock and pain of it all.. ? Keep us posted.. and ICE/ELEVATE/REST .. btw… Im wearing heels and run/walking too.. no pain at all.. I promise.. you will get there.. Create a great day !

      4. I get more information from you than I do from my own Dr. so thank you! When I call his office, I leave a message with his secretary who types my questions into the computer. Within 8 hours, the Dr. will respond to her and she calls me back. If I have questions about his answers, the process starts over again..she is not a nurse so she can’t answer any questions so you can imagine how aggravating this is! I have had many procedures over the years, have a high tolerance for pain and am usually a very good patient…dealing with your feet is an entirely different ball game!

        Think I will give it a few more days and elevate and ice when I can. Wish me luck!

      5. Awwwwe.. well, Im happy to share my experience.. again.. NOT to replace the Dr.. but I do understand..sometimes, all we really need to know is that what we are experiencing is “normal”.. and as I always say.. better safe than sorry.. so , even if you dont get much from the Dr .. call and ask questions. always best procedure to discuss post surgery issues with him/her.. just in case! How is your foot today? swelling down? pain a bit better? and like you , I have had many other procedures too.. sadly..which while uncomfortable and inconvenient.. not as disabling as the foot surgeries.. 😦 even prior to my last foot surgery.. .I always say.. when your feet hurt , everything hurts.. its so true ! anyhow.. YOU are on the upswing.. so no need to look back.. its time to heal.. and all the pain that you may be feeling.. look at it as just that.. Healing pain.. you are so close to the other side of pain.. PLEASE keep us posted..

        Happy Day..

      6. It is not so much the pain that is my problem, it is more the inconvenience of not being able to do what I want, when I want and how I want to do it ^_^ The swelling and discomfort are about the same today. As a professional gardener, it is difficult to get much done when I can’t step on uneven ground…you would think I twisted my foot while doing chores but it was when I was walking on my paved driveway to get the mail!

        I am off to do a 3 mile walk with my dog and will rest, elevate and ice once I get back!

      7. 3 mile walk .. then rest , elevate and ice.. ?? OYE.. one common denominator I have noticed between all sesamoidectomy patients.. we are ALL NUTTY.. lol seriously.. I asked my Dr too.. the % of over achieving athletic types to NON active people.. yep..99.9% over achieving types WON.. go figure..

        I do wish you a better day tomorrow.. and yes.. it is a “pain” in the butt to not be able to do what we do.. but think of it this way.. it is ONLY temporary.

        Happy day.

  11. Did he put screw in big toe bone to keep toe from shifting in towards your small toe.?I had this done and was told if I didn’t I would have problems in the future because the sesamoid bone keeps your big toe from drifting in.

  12. Thank you for your blog as it has answered so many questions for me. I broke one of my sesamoid bones in two pieces 4 1/2 months ago and have tried all measures to aid the healing. Unfortunately I have now been told that I will have to undergo surgery as I am still not able to walk properly. After reading some of the horror stories about this surgery I was becoming quite anxious as my big toes already turn inwards, but the last blog mentioned having a screw fitted to prevent this. Did you have to do anything different with the healing process after your first surgery because of the screw? I drive a manual car too and it is my left foot, so I’m also keen to know roughly how long it would be before I could drive my car? :O)

    1. Hi there Maxi.. sorry for your pain.. the left foot with pin was a bit MORE to handle.. healing was not as easy for me. I believe that when they put the pin in they also break the straighten in out.. ?? Im not sure .. but I think so..? and they are also just not taking out the broken bone they are screwing something in .. which of course is another step to the healing on top of just the sesamoidectomy.. again.. I cant really speak to what the procedure is as they do it.. I only know that I had a longer harder recovery on that one.. and Id say you are not going to be able to drive that manual car for a good 5 – 7 weeks out.. ? maybe you can do a car share with a friend? and swap with an automatic.? good luck.. keep us posted.

  13. This blog has been awesome–thank you so much for sharing your experiences! After 8 months trying to recover from what started out as a mid-foot sprain, then spiraled out of control, I am finally having surgery in 10 days to remove my fragmented sesamoid, fix my bunion, repair my second hammertoe, and hopefully mend a tear in my plantar plate. Whew! Lots to contend with, but I am SO ready to do this!! My life has been quite limited in ways for a long while, though I have gotten very creative with exercise still! I am just curious to know what to expect from my pre-op appointment on Tuesday. I don’t believe I need bloodwork done, but not sure if others had it?? Do they simply take blood pressure, temperature, and then review everything, answer questions, then send you on your merry way? Or is it more involved? I am quite nervous about the surgery, but I’m more excited at this point, as I have been struggling for too long now. I hope everyone is healing nicely!!

    1. WOWY cazowy.. thats a whole lot of foot stuff going on there.. but YOU can do this.. once its over you have nothing but good healing to come your way… and a pain free life.. seriously.. Im writing this response.. just after taking a barre fusion class mind you .. in my bare feet .. yes.. I had no protection on and even got up on my toes ( modified a bit) and i had NO pain or swelling.. so yes, with patience and positive attitude.. there is hope.. 🙂 Pre op visit was just clearing for surgery.. and unless over 50.. I just made it this year.. you are good to go as I understand with basics.. listening to heart , lungs , blood pressure test.. YOU are going to do great.. just keep in mind.. its ONLY temporary.. you have been in pain a long time.. and the healing while it will be painful and play tricks on your mind and body.. it is ONLY temporary… WISH you well.. PLEASE keep me posted.. Will say a prayer for you.. Happy day..

      1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I am SO ready to get out of this dang hot CAM boot, and into a lighter post-op “sandal”! HA! I’m pushing myself a lot right now to be as active as possible (it’s amazing what one can accomplish whilst “booted”!), but I’m definitely more aware of the pain right now–perhaps because I’m also having more anxiety about surgery. But clearly, everyone here is in that boat! I wish this wasn’t going to be such an involved surgery, but such is life, and I DO hope to be feeling FAR better within a year-ish. I really am trying to think of this as only temporary, but some days it’s definitely a struggle! Congrats on the barre fusion class–that is SUPER exciting!!! It’s wonderful to hear such stories!! Tomorrow is the pre-op appointment! I’m glad it’s not very involved–I’m 37, so I guess no bloodwork, etc. will be needed. Phew! Did they also have to weigh you, take temp, etc.? Here’s hoping I am not feverish before surgery! 😉

      2. Ahhhh.. 37 you will heal in no time.. Im 50 in 7 mos.. and today Im feeling it.. 😦 after that barre fusion class.. LOL just kidding.. all good.. I actually ran up my stairs today without shoes on.. and didnt even think about it till I was up the stairs.. then I almost cried.. so happy to be me again. I cant remember the last time I had NO pain.. in my feet at least.. 🙂 yes, they will weigh and take temp.. you will be fine.. Im sure of it.. I had anxiety because I had a bad experience before.. on the other foot… but honestly .. looking back.. I think it had more to do with my dr. than the actual procedure.. So fear not.. and keep us posted Tiffany.. I noticed too you are now active on my ‘happy health counselor’ fb page.. happy to have you there.. happy day.. 🙂

  14. If anyone reading this has yet to get the surgery, I would highly suggest seeing if you could use a NuLife Med NuPulse system (or something like it) during the first 3 weeks after the surgery. It made a HUGE difference in the amount of swelling and pain. I only took pain pills for the first 2 days and then anytime I would feel a twinge, I would use this system.

    It is a boot that you velcro around your foot and is hooked up to a system that keeps it at about 42 degrees and you do it numerous times throughout the day for a 1/2hr at a time. My Dr. had an arrangement with this company because many of the insurance companies would not pay for it. My Dr. actually paid them and it didn’t cost me anything…not sure of the details on it.

    I had the surgery about 5 weeks ago and wish I still had the machine!

    1. Wow, wishing I could acquire something like this, but as it is, my insurance won’t even cover more than 65% of my surgery! Ugh. So glad you had such an awesome device to aid in healing!

  15. I was told today that a sesamoidectomy is my last option. I am 29 years old and have had pain for 2 years, trying every conservative treatment possible. Last Sept I had surgery to repair a torn tendon that occured due to my altered walking, because of the pain, in combination with a misposition cortisone injection. I am very nervous about scheduling the surgery, but hate to live with pain for the rest of my life. The thing I most want to do is RUN without pain and I’m sure that won’t happen unless I have the medial sesamoid removed. Reading your blog gives me a little more hope that it might actually work. If anyone has tips on how to ensure a speedy/successful recovery, I’d love to hear them!

    1. Hi Blaire.. believe it or not today I ran/walked 2 miles in a little over 25 mins.. NO pain.. just about 15 weeks post op.. so there is freedom without pain.. it isnt easy to go thru the surgery psychologically and physically .. I find most people that need a sesamoidectomy are people that cant sit still.. LOL so its not easy. my advice.. find a GREAT Dr. and go for it.. take care of your body before during and after surgery… eat well, hydrate and rest.. you will be back running better than ever .. the worst part is the letting go of control. keep us posted.

      1. I am 10 day post op and got my stictches out today! There is more pain than I expected, and I have had to take pain pills, at least one a day since the surgery, but the doctor said I’m healing very well and I’m excited that he was also able to remove the bone spur on the top of my foot at the same time. I am now able to shower and the doctor said I could begin moving my toe and TRY wearing a shoe, if one was comfortable enough, but I don’t think I’ll risk that. I still am not able to drive until at least another 10 days when I have my next appointment, but I’m hopeful. Next Wed is national running day, perhaps I’ll try and walk a mile at the local track :). Hope everyone else who has also had the surgery is recovering as well as I am.

      2. Yeah for YOU..10 days post op.. woohoo.. and dont beat yourself up for needing to take the pain meds.. You had sugary.. a bone removed.. HELLO.. everyone is different.. so taking care of YOU as you need is crucial to healing. Sounds like you are doing well.. and now that stitches are out.. you will most likely see/feel changes daily. some good, some not so fun…. there may be twinges of healing from the inside out that you feel nerves mending etc.. all good stuff.. but doesnt feel all that fun .. if you know what I mean.. If Dr. said try to start moving and walking.. DO it.. Im not sure he meant a mile on a track.. right out of the bat.. that is a lot.. be careful.. but walk in spurts daily.. as you can.. and YES. TRY to move that toe… Glad you checked back in with us.. Im happy to hear you are doing so well.. in no time you will be back in action.. with NO pain at all.. I have NO pain and can do absolutely everything just 5 months out.. and my foot looks like nothing was done to it.. seriously.. amazing. If my left foot was so easy I would never have hesitated to have my right foot done.. ENJOY your summer.. 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing. My husband just had this surgery on his left foot on Monday, April 22. He has had injury and pain in both feet. Don’t know if he will end up with surgery on right foot yet. I will have him read your posts as I think it will help him in his recovery. Thanks again and happy you are feeling good again. People who don’t have or dont live with someone who has this type of injury have no idea how physically, mentally and emotionally debilitating it is!

    1. HI Amanda.. I hope hubby is resting and healing well.. YES.. it is incredibly debilitating.. Many of us get use to the pain.. however the emotional aspect is what really got me.. Years of not doing the activities I enjoyed.. and well, yes, the complaining.. we went out to dinner just this past weekend and my bf said he thinks this is the first time in years I have not complained about the pain in my foot 🙂 yeah.. I am now working out daily .. walking on high incline and even running.. I do have a little pain from just use .. but NOTHING like I had .. and Im sure this will pass as I get use to the my level of activity.. happy day.. keep us posted on your guy.. best advice post op.. ICE, elevate and rest..

  17. I am now 11 weeks post-op and i still hava swelling and also when i stand a lot all of my foot goes red.. I dont understand why. I think nobody has a partial sesamoidectomy like mine now i wonder why my doctor choosed this.. I can only wear tennis shoes with orthotics. Also ı have a lot of pain around the bunion area and incision area when smt touches that part. Anyone facing those same symptoms??

    1. Sounds like your nerves are mending.. hence the pain around incision.. and touching.. I had that for weeks around week 9 – 13 post op if I recall.. maybe longer even..? and my foot is still red in that area perse.. but not the WHOLE foot? .. and if I recall from the other foot I had done years ago.. the redness in the bunion / sesamoid area will most likely be that way for some time.. but I think the redness and incision area is normal.. ? even a little swelling .. but I suggest going back to the dr. if you have REAL concerns.. not sure I have heard of the partial removal? you mean they only removed half of a whole sesamoid..?

      1. oh yes, they only removed the half of the broken sesamoid.. ı have an appointment this weekend and i am not if he can answer me:). The problem is the doctors in my country are not very aware of sesamoidectomy, it is this doctors second time that he did this operation and I couldnt’t find anyone more experienced:) were you icing your foot? ı am not doing anything.. I just wear compresiion socks which helps about going red and swelling..

      2. YES.. ICE ICE ICE.. I never wore compression socks.. only ICE and elevation .. 20 minutes on and 20 off.. all day long.. for first 8 weeks or so.. good luck.. keep us posted.. curious.. what country are you in? and yes, even though I am in the US.. this surgery is still not so common.. dr’s really do it only for last resort.. 😦

      3. I was just thinking.. are you sure your Dr. didnt take out one of the two sesamoid bones in your foot.. and not just only 1/2 of one? there are actually two sep. sesamoids in each foot.. maybe you thought because he left one.. you thought it was half of a whole?

  18. nope.. just the half of one of the sesamoid:) but i still feel something on ball of my foot, i hope it is not the remaining part.. I am living in Turkey. I am a bit worried about the ice because i am not sure if it affects the circulation in a bad way. i also wonder if Birkenstock is a good option for us after the surgery..

    1. Oh wow.. my brother just returned from Turkey a few weeks ago 🙂 Im not sure how the ice would affect poorly.. it helped a great deal for me with inflammation.. and yes, I wear Birks. before and after 🙂 love them.. Good luck.. keep us posted.

  19. So how do you know that ‘conservative’ treatment is exhausted? It seems like there’s so many versions of what conservative treatment should be. It could take years to try all the opinions.
    1st doc is now recommending surgery after 1 year of worsening pain and corisone, insoles, boot treatments. It’s scheduled for next week. He has a good reputation and works with athletes.

    We (college female, 19) were just told that the insoles one doctor prescribed aren’t the right ones for successful conservative treatment. The 2nd doc is suggesting ones that have a cut out for the sesamoid to eliminate pressure there & a bone stim. 2nd doc is against surgery and suggests these insoles that require extra deep shoes will solve it 90% of time. Not even sure how you find shoes for that much less basketball shoes, although he says some of his patients play sports. He also says that removing one puts extra pressure on the other which will cause issues down the line.

    The pain is unbearable for physical activity and there is pain even without activity.

    So we’re trying to figure out do we go with the new thinking on conservative and hope to play basketball this winter or go the surgery route and hope to play basketball this winter.


    1. UUUgh.. Im so sorry.. you are having issues.. I am not sure what you should do..I tried conservative route for years. for BOTH feet.. before surgery.. ultimately I wish I had a dr. that would have done the surgery sooner.. cause I feel like I lost good time .. but its a complex surgery.. and dr’s only do it as a last resort.. ?? and not sure Id be comfortable with a dr. that was so fast to choose surgery.. if that makes any sense.. so .. not sure how to respond? I hope you find relief.. ? has anything helped?

  20. Thank you so much for your blog! 10+ years ago a Dr said I broke my sesamoid bone in my right foot, crutches and boot for 8 weeks. Reinjured it a few years ago now reinjured again (running a trail in Arizona) a new dr who seems to know much more said based on x-ray bone did not heal correctly, is calcified and looks bad. In the boot again, my big toe and area near is numb and I have pain at night that wakes me up. We are going on a cruise to Europe on July 9th and I will be walking tons so he suggested a cortisone shot to get me through that then possibly remove the bone when I return. (based on MRI results). Did cortisone help you or I saw someone had a problem with a misplaced shot so I wonder it is worth it? Again, thanks a million for this blog it has been very helpful to me!

    1. oh boy.. yes cortisone helped temporarily.. for a few weeks at a time.. but dr’s wont keep doing cortisone and they shouldn’t.. get the cortisone the week before your trip.. that would be my advice.. and consider the surgery as he said on return.. its been a long time for you..and sounds like its time.. 😦 I hope you enjoy your trip.. keep us posted..

  21. I had bunion/hammertoe/sesamoid surgery on April 24th. I am 37 years old, injured my foot last August (what I thought was a “simple” midfoot sprain), and went through all “conservative” channels imaginable before surgery. This consisted of wearing a CAM boot for months, 3 cortisone shots, PT, orthotics, acupuncture, anti-inflamms, etc. It came to a point where I found a fantastic surgeon (after several horrible docs), and he was very upset that I was suffering to the extent that I was. He said I had done EVERYTHING he would have recommended had I seen him from day 1, and he did not want to continue to offer me conservative options when I was not making any progress. I was in pain pretty much 24/7 and ended up confined to a CAM boot yet again leading up to surgery, as it was the only form of footwear I could tolerate. I had the arthritic/fragmented sesamoid removed, my bunion repaired, and hammertoe pinned (pin removal in 2 weeks–hooray!). I am not looking back. This journey has been incredibly difficult, but the surgery has been a turning point for me, as I finally found a doctor who recognized my issues, is VERY well-respected in my community, and listens to his patients–everyone sings his praises. Every situation is different, but I feel like you will just know when you have exhausted all conservative options, as should your doctor/surgeon. Surgery can be the BEST answer sometimes, and I never thought I would say that regarding foot surgery. I am only 4 weeks out, but I am hopeful, healing, and moving forward. I wish others so much luck with this process!

    1. Thank you so much for your response 🙂 I really appreciate it!
      If I have trouble getting second opinions, I may reach out for information on your doctor.
      As far as shows.. I have done some tours… Fosse, Evita, Sweet Charity and Wicked (also here in ny 🙂 and rock of ages off broadway. It’s been a wonderful and tumultuous ride.. It’s catching up with me for sure!

      Thanks again!

      1. How exciting and fun .. What a fun career ! I’m in awe. ! You get a standing ovation from me :). Yes certainly feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to make an appointment with my doctor he is about an hour and a half outside of New York City. By train but a really fantastic doctor! He has reconstructed my mother’s foot as well! I wish you much luck and I’m here if you need anything That I can help you with’. I’d say break a leg but I know that’s not really that funny in this conversation! Hoping you have a sense of humor:) … Curious do you know any patients that I’ve had a says myectomy from the doctor that you are currently seeing!? You may want to ask for a referral!? See how they’re doing ! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking or finding out if they would give you the name of a patient ! Happy day !

    2. I have been reading this blog and all the responses from fellow foot pain sufferers and I am in a situation with a fractured medial sesamoid in my right foot and a bone spur on my right first metatarsal and struggling with pain for almost 6mos. The foot drama started when I tripped down my stairs a year ago and sprained my right big toe. (I bent it backwards) I was very active, excercising several times a week and working on my feet all day long, plus being a mom of an active 4 yr old boy! Before the injuries. I have always been a very active person. So now it is so frustrating to not be able to do the things I so enjoy. This blog is very encouraging and informative. Thank you. I live in southern California and have seen 3 podiatrists already and still not sure if I have found the right one for me. I am starting to consider surgery. I have been getting myofascial release treatments which has been very effective…but still get pain and have limitations and definitely shoe issues…can only wear tennis shoes or one type of flat sandal. I am hoping someone in this blog could recommend a good foot doctor or foot surgeon for me. That is my biggest concern now — finding the best doctor to help me through this if I decide to have surgery.

      1. WOWY.. I presume you are the same person that posted above..? again.. I hope you are able to find relief. curious as to why you dont feel any one of your three Dr’s you have seen are your fit? is it because they have not discussed surgery? many will not.. until it is a last resort.. just an FYI.. keep your head up.. good luck

  22. I had the surgery mid March.. My foot is not much better.. I can not bend my big toe downward at all.. When I walk my foot is very very sore. I used the word painful when I saw my Doctor 3 weeks ago, and he preferred the word sore ?? Anyway, running is out of the question. I walk daily as prescribed by my doctor. After my walk my foot is very sore,and the joint turns a purplish blue.. Another part of my surgery was to remove some cartilage in my big toe( due to the pallet falling on my foot) the cartilage was dead or dying.. When I try to walk with out shoes it feel like by big toe joint is right on the ground with no skin or tissue between . It hurts so I just dont do it. Running is out of the question as is getting on my tip toes.. I was trying to do some normal activities , picking up broken branches in my yards, and my left foot slipped onto some uneven ground and oh my gosh, the pain was so so bad and my foot was swollen. so I iced it again.. MY question is will I ever be able to return to my physical job ? I drive a tractor and have to press a clutch over 100 times a day, climb in and out of the tractor, and yeah stack pallets. The pallet fell from the stack from about 5′ and landed on my left foot and that is when the nightmare began. If anybody has has similar problems I would appreciate your reply.. I have been out since last year and since it is a workers comp injury, I had to wait six months before the surgery was approved.. Now my concern is I may not be able to do my job..

    1. Hi There.. thanks for reading the blog and writing in.. what type of surgeries did you have.. did you have both sesamoids removed.. ? and ligaments mended.. ? Im not sure I understand.. but also know I am NOT a Dr.. just a person who unfortunately had this surgery twice.. once on both feet with two very different outcomes.. Iam so very sorry you are having issues.. I would say though at just 12 weeks out .. I think you are doing great… the coloring issues can last for a while.. remember you are still mending/healing.. and will be for a few more months.. there are nerves and tendons and such that take longer.. and if they did something with ligaments. wow, Im sure that will take more time too.. I would hope you can return to normal activity in time.. but again..Im not a Dr.. did you ask? keep doing as you are .. unless you feel otherwise.. it will just take time .. maybe others have has some experience with what you speak.. I have not.. I will say that my left foot.. took a VERY long time to heal up to a year.. as I had a bunionectomy with the sesamoidectomy.. and right foot which was a straight forward sesamoidectomy.. is now full recovery after just 5 months.. ? so give yourself some more time.

  23. First, thank you so much, what a great blog. I had my surgery in March 2013. The pain was worse that the kidney stones that I get all the time. I had problems from the get go. No pain medication was working. I was miserable.. I did have an ice machine with a cuff to wrap around my foot and the doctor said keep it on 4 hours at a time, and take a 30 minute break. That helped me a little. My first four days after surgery, I got a total of 5 hours sleep. I called the doctor to request a different pain med, and that did not help either.. The hydrocodone made me itch very badly, so I called the pharmacist and she said take benedryl (sp) 30 minutes prior to taking my medication. OK, that helped..I am now 3 months from having my surgery.

    My surgery was a little different due to my injury. I was at work stacking pallets in the back of the trailer ( I drive tractor trailer) I had a stack about 5′ high. I has two more to go, and I went to get one. I lifted it up so the pallet was vertical and had placed it on the stack. Well instead of it going backwards. some how it came off the stack and slammed onto my left foot.

    I had to go to the company doctor, he did Xrays and said there may be a small fracture, but the foot was very swollen.. I was put in a boot and crutches. Well, since it happened at work, they wanted me in Physical Therapy ASAP. The doctor held off on that for about one month.
    Then the PT started. I could not move my big toe at all, and complained of pain in the joint, and under my foot for the three weeks they tortured me. During that time they did a CT scan and a bone scan and both test came out inconclusive. I kept telling the doctor something is not right. He finally sent me to an Orotho specialist.

    The first words out of his mouth to my case worker were ” why no MRI” she did not have an answer. He ordered the MRI, and received the results. He said there may be a fractured sesamoid and the big to joint has some issues.

    He tried a cortizone shot, and that gave me 5 days of relief.. He then said I needed the surgery.During the surgery he discovered some of my cartilage was damaged, and needed to be removed, and the sesamoid bone was in pieces. All went well other than the pain as incident stated above. I went back week 8 of the surgery wearing crocks because my foot was still very swollen. I tried regular shoes and could not get them on. The surgeon said I needed to get my foot into my running shoes ASAP. So I ordered a pair a half size larger and some padded thor lo socks. I started walking, it hurt, but I kept going. I have been walking daily as prescribed. To this day it still hurts, my foot swells and turns a purple/blue color on the top by the big toe joint. It swells up on the bottom of my foot and on the top of my foot, so I ice it daily. I have tried doing my normal activities, such as some yard work, and after being on my foot for three or four hours, I can barely walk. It is swollen and discolored. I ice it and have had to take those darn pain pills. My question (after my long ramble) is has anybody had similar ? My job requires me to climb into a tractor all day, change those 9 gears (double clutch a clutch with about 40 lbs of pressure) over 100 times a day. I am very concerned I may not be able to do my job with out being in pain and eating ibuprofen. Does it just take time, it has been three months on Monday June 17th. Thanks for any help with this , sorry for the length, I just wanted to try to get in all the variables.

    1. Thanks for this post.. I do not want to ignore.. but I am crammed on time now.. headed out.. I will certainly respond after I read it .. sometime over the weekend.. if not sooner.. I would like to add.. its important to keep dialogue with your Dr. and such AFTER your surgery.. post op care is just as important as the surgery.. you trusted your doc for a reason. so go ahead and ask questions.. I will replay soon.. after I read your post in detail.. remember.. not all are alike.. you may need TIME and patience.. to heal .

      Enjoy today.. you are healing.

    2. Okay.. I just read .. my question.. was it both sesamoids in the foot.. or just the one.. ? so the initial surgery was for your sesamoidectomy correct? not for anything else? MIne too was in pieces. this time.. shattered.. dr. said it just crumbled when he touched it.. no surprise.. I ran on it for years after fracture.. and many cortisone shots.. anyhow.. the color change is normal.. mine was like that for many months on the first foot.. and on the second ( better foot) it just now is normal color after 5 months.. I do think that is normal .. I also think swelling is normal .. you are still healing.. some pain will happen inadvertently too.. my incision ached for a long time on both feet.. and twinges of nerves repairing happened too up until month 4 in good foot and about 6 months or more in bad..? EVERYONE is different.. but I DO think what you are going through is normal.. for healing of this type of surgery.. . again..IM NOT a dr.. dont want to give you advice on such.. I suggest open dialogue with concerns to your dr.. curious.. how was post op X-ray? I know you are anxious to get back to work and full movement.. I know .. but some things are out of our control.. try to be patient and positive.. the accident sounds scary.. Id say you are lucky it was just your foot that was injured.. I hope this helped in any way? I wish you well.. rest and heal. XO

  24. The surgery was initially to remove one sesamoid bone, and do some slight repair of the great toe joint. When the surgeon got in there, he said the cartilage was worse than he expected and the sesamoid was in pieces. He had to do more work on the joint then he thought he would. He had to remove some dead, or dying cartilage and it was more than he anticipated.

    I do go walking every day and the ball of my foot is very sore.. The main pain is in the joint. When I try to bend my toe with my hands the toe is very very stiff and sore when I bend it downward, and very sore when I bend it back towards me. I have tried to get on my tip toes and that is horribly painful, so I don’t do it anymore. When I walk and I am bending my toes after my heel strike, it hurts badly as well. Like I said, when I am walking the ball of my foot feels very tender, and actually feels like I am walking bare footed.

    I have read online (so I am cautious) that sometimes all the cartilage is removed and the bones are fused together. The article said a draw back for that procedure is the toe bends outward or inward. Well, my toe (left foot) it already bending towards my other toes and is leaning back while in a resting position. I am not sure what that is about..

    Hope this gives you a little more info on my case.. I will go to the doctor on Monday and see what he has to say. In my opinion, I don’t see how he could send me back to work since I am not 100% or even close.. Between climbing in and out of a tractor, and depressing the clutch, and getting on my toes when I am hooking up my air and light cords ( I am short), I think it is a bit too soon. But he is the expert, and all I can do is give it a try.. Thanks for all the input, sorry if I have been too vague in my previous posts..

    1. Wow that’s a whole a lot of stuff going on and if you ask me … At 12 weeks out you’re doing way too much but that’s just me! I think you need to dial back a bit ! Get a few good rest days in between all of your activity days ! And yes speak to your dr ! Did you speak to your doctor before the surgery about a bunionectomy with your surgery!? I know that this often keeps that tell from Drifting !? I’m not sure how old you are but my doctor told me on this previous surgery that he didn’t feel the bunionectomy was necessary because I am 50 years old and it’s highly unlikely that at this point in my life I would get the bunion.. And he did not think my toe would drift with my foot structure !? I did have a buinionectomy however with the other surgery ! I’m just praying my dr is right !?

  25. Hello! Thank you so much for your blog. I am a performer here in New York City and have been dancing for 30 years. I am 34 years old and have been coping with osteonecrosis of the left tibial sesamoid bone for about 5 years. It became too painful to even walk a few months ago, so I have been out of the show since April 7, 2013 and will be on a medical leave until December. I am in a CAM walker and was given crutches 2 weeks ago to see if the pain subsides. There has been no real progress with the pain while weight bearing.
    My doctor and I are seriously considering the sesamoidectomy and my doctor also recommended a possible bunion surgery so that my toe remains aligned. Because I am a dancer, I am weary of messing with my toe too much. I want to make the right choice. The sesamoidectomy feels right at this point. But I am still questioning the bunion surgery. I am hoping to get a couple of different opinions with dance doctors around the city, but wanted to know what you (or anyone reading this who has been through something similar) thought about it.

    Many thanks!!

    1. Hi there.. WOWY.. how fun. Have you danced in any shows I may be familiar with..? Im sorry that you are in pain and dealing with this issue.. I know that feet issues are chronic with dancers.. and I understand how you would be cautious too.. even more than normal. So I would say I agree with your Dr.. ALL the Dr’s I have talked to really do recommend the bunionectomy with a sesamoidectomy for that exact reason.. toes shift and or developing a bunion.. I had the duo/surgery 17 years ago on my left foot.. however, this time around my Dr. did not feel it was necessary ONLY because I do not do any impact running/dancing etc.. and or wear inappropriate shoes ( not long anyhow .. LOL ) and he felt knowing my feet that it was highly unlikely that my toe would shift or develop a bunion.. but YES .. MOST GOOD Dr’s will not do the sesamoidectomy without the bunionectomy.. Im in NJ.. heck.. you can come over the bridge and see my dr.. Id even pick you up at the train.. LOL I love my dr.. in my opinion.. a master.. 🙂 Im headed to NYC tomorrow … summer solstice yoga in times square on Friday.. I hope I answered you question? Hope you find some answers/relief and Feel better soon.. Happy day.

    2. nova, I am curious what you decided to do. my daughter is also a dancer and broke one of the sesamoids. dr also said she has turf toe. he would like to tighten the stretched soft tissue, and possibly remove the sesamoid. everything I have read is against removing the sesamoid because of balance and push off. would love to hear more about your story.

      1. Hello! Last week my doctor gave me an exogen ultrasound bone stimulator to use for 2 months before deciding on surgery. I am trying to stay off my foot as much as possible, using crutches and a cam walker when I have to go out. If it’s possible, I would try to get some second opinions to gather more information. Has your doctor recommended any non surgical options for healing?
        Thank you for reaching out!

      2. yes, I did everything I could to NOT get surgery.. I also tried the bone stim on the last one.( rt foot) while wearing a boot.. . I was modifying everything I did.. but after years in pain.. nothing worked.. I suppose it depends on your break.. ? I dont know. ? In my experience now with both feet.. NOTHING helped the pain other then the removal.. personally.. in my opinion.. you are only putting off the inevitable.. so if your Dr. will do the surgery and you have a good Dr. you can count on.. I would do it.. your quality of life will improve greatly .. AFTER your recovery.. and I have had this experience now twice.. I am 100% out of pain. and I lived in pain for years.. trying everything I could.. to get out of it.. NOTHING worked. 😦

  26. hi tasil,
    thank you for your blog (just read the whole thing!).

    non-union fibular sesamoind .
    i have been in a boot for 14 weeks, have been doing the bone stim for 54 days and still not healing.
    have seen 7 doctors (4 of which do not even do the surgury because of low ”happy” results).
    have chosen a podiatry surgeon to continue seeing, but he is very conservative and wants to avoid surgury if at all possible.
    i see him again this week to determine if there is any improvment. i am very tired of the boot and yes, it is a emotional downer. i have to keep reminding myself that in the scheme of things , this is not the worse thing that could happen.
    i know you said you can wear low 1” heels have you moved up 3”? do you have pain still? do you walk with a limp? looking for happy healers since i have read soooo many horror stories!

    1. Hey hey JC… Im sorry to hear about your no do happy foot.. 😦 as you know I have had both feet done now.. and two different surgical experiences.. however the first one was almost 18 or so years ago.. so while it took a while to heal about a year and then some for scar tissue issues.. its now just fine.. and the other foot that I just had done in January.. is PERFECT.. to answer your questions.. yes.. I walk just fine.. unless its the day after leg workout day.. LOL I run, I jump, and I can do ANYTHING I want to .. physically.. I say that because there are some things I just dont want to do… out of my own fear of hurting the good bone.. make sense? BUT that is not much..mostly just down dogs.. LOL I even do lots of planks now.. up on my toes. lucky me.. right. ? anyhow.. yes, I wear heals ..and yes, some even 3 or so inches.. but comfy shoes.. wider toe boxes.. and I have NO pain what so ever.. in either foot.. as I typed that I was almost fearful of saying it out loud.. but I want to scream it to the world.. I HAVE NO PAIN.. or swelling either anymore.. 🙂 its all good.. I know many Dr’s will NOT do the surgery.. honestly.. I went 17 years on the right foot.. before finding a dr. that would do it and that I felt comfortable with .. but he was also treating me for about 10 years before he said its time.. and it was the dr. that said that.. we exhausted all other options.. .. so .. not sure if I have advice .. other then knowing with the right surgeon there is hope.. I promise.. recovery times vary of course.. but ovrerall. I would tell my best friend ( if you were ) that why put off the inevitable.. it will only get worse.. ( experience) and quality of life will deteriorate.. unless you are okay with all that.. find a GOOD dr.. and ask to call references if it makes you feel better?

      Keep me posted..

  27. Thank so much for this blog. It’s been great to hear your experience and to be able to compare my own progress. I’m 14 days post op for a partial sesamoidectomy. I’m still in my surgical shoe but able to walk on the side of the foot and use one crutch to help with balance and stairs. Still taking it slow and easy keeping the foot elevated as much as possible. Happy to hear you’ve made a great recovery and happy you’re back to heels and yoga. There’s hope for me yet 🙂 Many thanks from New Zealand.

    1. WOOHOO Kiwi.. you are healing.. Happy to hear. Yes.. Take it slow.. and remember.. everyone is different. Listen to your body.. and keep ice on it as you can too.. Wishing you the best. Keep us posted.. Happy Day ! IN NEW ZEALND… WOWY !!

  28. I’m so glad I found your blog! My Podiatrist says he can remove my fractured sesamoid in his office with a local anesthetic and a blood pressure cuff around my ankle to stop the blood flow. is this how your surgery was done?

    1. GULP.. Im choking over here.. sorry.. WHAT .. ?? Where do you live? NO this is NOT how my Dr. or any others that I know would choose to remove a BONE from your body? Im sorry. it sounds crazy to me.. BOTH of my surgeries were done in an outpatient hospital facility under intravenous anesthetic (through my veins) which puts me OUT and NOT just twilight.. I was OUT.. ..AND with a nerve block .. It is a really complex surgery because of the tendons involved which is why MANY Dr’s wont do it in the first place Im told.. … to be honest Id get another opinion.. How long have you been suffering? How long have you been treating with this Dr.? Good luck.. but please.. be careful.. Heck. maybe Im over reacting.. ?? but I have never heard of such a thing.. and I have talked to a LOT of people with this surgery.. Good luck

      1. hi tasil, your answer is correct. i have seen 7 doctors and 4 of them will not even do the surgery because of low success rates. any ”doctor” that would suggest this surgery be done in his office with a local is a not a ”doctor” that can be trusted. he should lose his license for telling a patient that he can remove this bone in his office.
        I am on week 18 in a walking boot and 65 days using a bone stimulator. Finally, this weeks xray’s show some bone growth and with 4 more weeks in boot and bone stim my doctor is hoping i can start PT.

      2. HI JC… thanks for your comment.. GREAT news for YOU.. bone growth woohoo. I wish you continued success with your journey to healing.. KEEP us all posted.. I will add a personal update here.. MY FEET are doing great.. 🙂 NO complaints.. so for those that are candidates for the surgery and have a GOOD Dr.. go for it.. again.. not all are candidates for surgery. and as we all know.. Not ALL Dr’s are good.. some are scary.. Happy day.

  29. I will be 40 next week and had a sesamoidectomy July 1,2013. I have partially healed in 28 days. After July 12 doc took boot and bandage off. For 2 weeks I couldn’t bare any weight on it.. I started walking in a crock at 3 weeks PO and yes it is sensitive on the bottom but nothing I can’t handle!

    I started using dōTERRA essential oils a friend brought me. Deep blue rub, lavender, lemon, and peppermint. Used ON guard a few times.

    If if we’re not for the deep blue rub I wouldn’t be walking this soon!
    I went back to work on July 15. Iced when not at work and any free time I had with elevation. I see my doc again August 13 for a 4 week follow up..

    Excited to here what he will say.

    If I can help with healing for anyone email me.. This has been a great experience considering the last 3 years I have had a hurting foot and a fractured sesamoid I didn’t even know about!!

    1. And BTW I forgot to say no pain meds since day 2 of surgery and I posted pics on twitter @jennifergurr. I can send more if anyone would like to see scar. No numbness or tingling now. Scar almost be invisible when all the skin recovers:)

  30. So happy to find your blog. I’ve had both sesamoids removed from my right foot along with bunion removal, and 4 bone spurs shaved. I m currently in physical therapy which is very painful. My questions for you are when were you able to “run” again after surgery and does your big toe “stick up”? Crazy, cause my big toe does not rest on ground!!! A funny site. I am 7 weeks out from surgery. Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Lynn.. wowy…. glad you are now on the healing side of the journey.. so to answer your question.. yes, Iam able to run.. ? yes… I can run… but I know better.. LOL if that makes any sense.. I really dont think I will be doing any real mileage any time soon.. to be honest.. I have given up running.. its just not the smart thing for me to do anymore.. so I modified my activity.. I am not doing eliptical trainer and other fun stuff for my cardio workout.. but yes, I can run.. just decided against it.. NOW for you second question.. NO neither big toe sits flat on the floor.. both stick up a bit.. the one I just had done in January is worse then the left foot which I had 17 years ago.. they do calm down.. in time. it is interesting.. for years the left big toe..I would have to physically move it down.. it would not go down on its own.. lol so I know what you speak of.. but it will calm down .. if that makes sense.. in time. 7 weeks out is so very new.. and you have had a lot of trauma.. before surgery and of course during surgery.. YOUR job now is healing.. and patience. Has your Dr. suggested any physical therapy? you may want to start working with marbles as soon as your dr. gives you the go.. that helped me a lot when I would try to pick up marbles with my toes.. helps with settling the toe ‘down’.. ask your Dr. if okay.. good luck to you.. keep us posted..

  31. Reading your blog has given me a glimmer of hope. In 2005 I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis of the sesamoid on the right foot. It was discovered that I had broken my foot at some point, it did not heal properly, and ultimately, the bones of the sesamoid died and crumbled. For over 10 years, every step I take feels like I am walking on hard pebbles and the pain is unbearable now. No shoe, inserts or any other mechanism will relieve the pain.
    I see the best orthapedic foot doctor here in Little Rock, Arkansas and I have seen a specialist in Detroit, Michigan. In 2005, 2007 and this year, 2013, both doctors were against surgery and refuse to do surgery on my foot. They told me that tendons have to be cut and re-pursposed to act as the sesamoid and that eventually, my big toe will pull to the right, overlapping my other toes because it would not have support to stay straight and that recovery time was at least six months.
    Based on your account, the surgery is a piece of cake compared to what I have been living with for over 10 years. What was the medical specialty of the doctor that performed your surgery? I would like to find a doctor willing to give me some relief.

    1. WOW.. Im sorry you are in pain.. and have been dealing with it for so long.. I DO understand.. I had also been living in pain for YEARS.. and the entire time I have known my BF he does not remember a day when I did NOT say.. “my foot hurts” until after my surgery.. 😦 anyhow.. the Dr. that performed both of my surgeries.. I had left and right done (diff times/drs) were podiatrists.. I cannot speak to a double removal.. because I still have one sesamoid in each foot.. I understand that the tendon issues are always the case for causing problems post surgery.. it seems as though in order to remove BOTH they need to re purpose as they say and that can cause issue.. makes sense to me .. knowing it was always a concern with just the removal of one and NOT repurposing.. I always wondered how they would do a surgery had BOTH sesamoids in one foot been broken.? or if they would do it at all? Im sorry you are dealing with this.. I cant say Iam any help here.. I have only had one removed in each foot.. and it was hard enough to find a Dr. to do that.. as for the staying straight part thought.. It was my understanding that a bunionectomy at time of the sesamoidectomy will avoid the toe from moving over or overlaping.. because they put a pin in to keep it straight.. ? I had that on my left foot .. not on the right.. as I was told Im not a candidate at my age anymore to get this issue? (lets hope !) it was always though concern of tendon issues.. which cause the most problems with this surgery.. you may want to ask about the bunionectomy procedure.. if they never spoke to that? and see what they think.. do we really need a replacement for the sesamoid..? I guess so.. when its both huh? again. sorry no help.. but curious .. I will ask my dr. when I see him for follow up next week.. its been over 6 mos of my surgery.. he wants to do an xray to make sure all is well. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your blog! Like you, I had my right medial sesamoid removed 6 weeks ago. I have read your blog about 10 times trying to figure out if my experience is “normal”. I was very discouraged through week 5 (because my dr originally quoted a 6 week recovery) but I started physical therapy and have really turned a corner. I can finally get supportive shoes on and can almost walk without a limp. I still have swelling, pain, numbness, and stiffness, but I am feeling encouraged.

        I do have two questions, did you have pain only under your toe or did the entire joint hurt? How long until your toe didn’t feel “asleep”?

      2. HI Marcia.. glad things are working out for you.. again.. every experience is different.. but sounds like you are now on the healing side of pain.. which is great. I cant say how long I had that numb feeling.. it really took months for it all to come together.. one day at a really are just the beginning stages.. i bet one day you wake up and forgot all about it.. 🙂 happy day.

  32. I just found your blog. Believe it or not I am not having much luck on finding many people who have (or willing to share) experiences with a sesamoidectomy.

    I’ve reached the ‘end of the line’ in terms of non surgical treatments go. So this is the next step. I’ll likely have to wait til January to do it…so I’m just hoping this last batch of cortisone shots hold me off til then.

  33. I had a broken sesamoid bone and a pretty good sized bunion on right foot and after YEARS of pain i finally broke down and went in. This has been quite easily the MOST painful thing i’ve ever gone through easily, after I got home I ended up scooting everywhere because my balance was so thrown off crutches made me fall. I had two incisions one on top and the side one very clean looking they were able to remove some of the seasmoid bone and push the other part back into place, I had a pin in my big toe. I hurt every second of the day where my seasmoid bone is though. it is so incredibly painful that the bunion has ceased to even be remembered by me lol. It is nice to not have my toes moved over and that painful lump on side of foot but god almightly i would never EVER do this again. I was walking WAY before they said I could or should like day 2 and driving at like week 2 but i tell you unless you are prepared for a exceedingly LONG healing time and you HAVE to have a good support system. Be prepared with GOOD soft shoes like crocs and HELLA wide so they don’t rub. make sure you get a toe spacer also! Being a woman with HUGE feet i ended up borrowing husbands shoes because women i guess have small feet lol… mine just didn’t get the memo on that one i guess. If your an active person beware! I’m no longer able to move my toe on my own and it spasms and moves the wrong way when i walk and is very painful… i have a physical therapist for family so ive tried all their techniques and they haven’t worked so far.

    1. WOWY..thanks for the comment.. it is always important to understand that every experience is different. YOUR experience is not unlike my first sesamoidectomy ( a nightmare) on my left foot .. which is exactly why I was in pain for almost 16 years before doing the right foot.. but my experience with the right foot was completely different.. thank goodness. Iam sorry for this uncomfortable pain and issues.. and hope in time you heal a bit more.. fyi.. my left toe I need to manually move up and down too..but it does not cause an issue in daily life or activity..

  34. Great blog. Happy to have found it. I am having the surgery next week…sesamoidectomy with tendon lengthening and a Swanson implant. Not relishing the down time. I wonder how similar my recovery will be to yours. Most importantly, how soon I can get back on a horse?? 🙂

    1. YOU know we will all be thinking of you… GOOD LUCK.. please keep us posted. My only REAL advice.. be patient with yourself. Be prepared to let others help you for a few weeks .. at least till stitches are out and you get the ok from the Dr. to start “pushing’ it… I think a bond that all of us have .. seems to me at least, is that we are all someone A-plus type personalities.. LOL forgive me if I am wrong here.. but I am an over thinker.. anyhow… REST , ICE , ELEVATE.. even when you think its overkill.. do it.. Wishing you an uneventful surgery… will be thinking of you.. XO

      1. I had a (partial due to AVN) sesamoidectomy, bunionectomy and tendon transfer (I think) done on September 27th. I get my stitches out this Friday so I am nervously looking forward to that. I haven’t been able to put any weight on it since the surgery. They told me I would be able to bear weight on the heel but the way it was bandaged post surgery, it makes my foot point down and almost impossible to rest on my heel. Probably not a bad thin though since under feel the pain when attempting to do so or on the side. I tried to speak w the surgeon pre operation and was told 3 times he would talk to me before they put me out but next thing I knew I was waking up. They told me he talked to my mom post op and she said no one but a nurse talked to her only giving 48hr instruction. Luckily I trust the guy but have never had such lack of communication for a surgery! Just ha to get that off my chest 🙂 I’m told after the stitches are out ill still have to have it bandaged for a month to prevent the toe from wandering but I’m at least hoping to be able to ditch the crutches! My hands are beginning to resent me! Fingers crossed!

      2. ahhhh.. you have just started to heal… Im sorry you were frustrated with the lack of communication ..hopefully all of the appointments leading up to the surgery gave you enough confidence.. which it sounds like it did..? after stitches are out.. ask your DR.. or PA if its okay to start to ‘go for it’.. and if green light .. then every day do a little more ( walking and weight bearing)..before you know it.. you are ditching the crutches.. remember to be patient with yourself.. everyone is different.. and all surgeries/healing experience are different.. but with a positive outlook and lots of hard work.. you will be on your way to the new you.. crossing my fingers with you.. keep us posted.. xo

  35. I’m having siesmoid surgery October 22, I’m 15 years old and this is the first surgery I’ve ever had. I’m honestly terrified! Any advice ?

    1. Im sorry I was not able to reply earlier.. but super happy I am before your surgery.. TOMORROW is the day.. first and foremost.. relax.. you trust your Dr. you are in good hands. Today, hydrate well, (helps flush out toxins ) and be good to yourself… think good thoughts about your recovery.. Tomorrow.. go with the flow.. let people help you and have patience. Once you are home.. the only real advice I can give.. is elevate and ICE as often as you can.. if you are sitting.. elevate and ICE (at least 20 minutes every 60 mins) this will help immensely.. and if you can have your mom or dad get you some vitamin C if you are not already taking it.. double up on it.. it will aid in cell renewal.. to aid with healing of wound. YOU have youth on your side.. thats a really good thing 🙂 and trust the process. Be thankful every day and find something positive in all.. helps with recovery.. trust me. I wish you the best.. and speedy recovery. remember.. we are all different.. so do not compare to my surgery or others that may have posted.. you will heal in your time.. but you will do great.

      Have patience for your caregiver ( mom or dad?) but let them help you.. no need to be a hero. GOOD luck.. I will be thinking of you Marlee.. XO XO

  36. Thank you for your blog. I would love to ask you or anyone reading a couple of questions. Three years ago I had a pain in my foot that progressively got worse. It got to a point where I could not walk normal so I finally went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. The x-ray showed a break in on interior sesmoid, one piece looked OK but the other piece he said did not look so good. Honestly it could be a new break or it could be an old break, he did not know. He put me on crutches for 2 weeks and then in a boot for 4 weeks. When I had my follow up 6 week visit he was not please with the progress as I still had pain to the touch so it was another 6 – 8 weeks in the boot for me. After that time was up I was cleared to play beach volleyball again. I was warming up, everything was fine and then I bent down to get a ball and felt like I heard a crack and broke a bone in my foot…just from bending down. I could not put my foot down at all! The x-ray confirmed and additional fracture in one of the pieces so he send me in for an MRI thinking the the bone was AVN. When the results came back he said it looks like the one piece is on it’s way to dying and the other piece was not great but OK. His conclusion was surgery. I was shocked because when I first went to see him he said we need to avoid it as best we can and only do it as a last resort, but then I wasn’t shocked because my foot was killing me. Three days before my surgery date I found out I was pregnant! My OBGYN said that it would be fine to have the surgery but my husband made me tell my doctor and let him decide if he wanted to proceed or wait. Well he wanted to wait and would not proceed. So after doing NOTHING for a year (except having a baby) I returned to normal activity with almost NO pain. I played for 2 years pain free with NO problems at all. Occasionally I would have a bit of an ache but that was it. In May, I bent down to say goodnight to my son and felt almost the same pain I felt when I bent down to get that ball years ago. I was devastated! I went to a different Orthopedic Surgeon and the x-ray just showed the same fracture but some swelling in both my sesamoids…the fractured one was twice the size of the other one but he does not believe it is AVN. I spent 1 week in a cast but due to my claustrophobia I had to move on to a boot. I spent 6 weeks in a boot, and then another 6 weeks. My foot was still not great (bone was still swollen) so he decided to put me in sneakers with orthotics to help with my high arches. I did this for 6 weeks and then he decided to give me a Cynvisc injection which is typically done in the knee but he wanted to experiment to see if it brought relief. I continue to only be allowed to wear sneakers with my orthotics so that the only variable was the injection. Well after the shot I could not walk properly for a week so I emailed my doctor and he said unfortunately he thinks I am going to end up needing the surgery to remove this one sesmoid. I was so upset because I haven’t even given it a chance…I have not exercised (played volleyball) in sooo long. I was not ready to give in. Well now it is feeling better but for work I had to wear flat boots and after being in them for 3 hours it hurt pretty bad to walk the next day in my sneakers. This brings me to my questions….when you say you were in pain did it hurt even when you were in the boot? On a scale of 1-10 how bad was the pain if at all. There are days I can sit here and have NO pain at all when I am in my sneakers but then there are days when it burns and aches. I have not really tried it out in so long and my next appointment is Nov. 21st to see how the shot is doing and to possibly let me start activity. So my next question is what am I not asking that I should? I am so tired of waiting and wasting time but I am petrified to have the surgery. This surgeon also said surgery is his bread and butter but if it were his wife he would do whatever it took to avoid it. I am dying to put all this rest to the test but honestly I am so afraid that it’s going to hurt and put me right back where I was 6 months ago. My friend that is a doctor suggested that I either get in a cast or stay on crutches or a shooter for 6-10 weeks to ensure that I have done everything I could to avoid surgery and to see if it can heal. I kinda wish I did this from the start knowing what I know now. Honestly what good does the boot do me when I am still putting to much pressure on the bone and the sneakers allow me to bend my toes so that seems like a waste but he thinks my high arches are a problem. If I were in pain I would just give in and do the surgery so I really want to know if you were in pain when you were trying the conservative options or only when you got back to being very active? OK, sorry for the novel…I am new to replying to a blog but was so happy to read all the stories I decided to try it.

    My father had sesamoid pain and they suggested surgery and he turned it down. His bone ended up dying and dissolving but his was never fractured.

    1. Oh boy… first and foremost.. congrats on your baby boy 🙂 Im going to be short and sweet with my reply.. I tried every conservative trick in the book.. (rememberI had this on both feet within an 18 year time frame) and nothing worked for me.. only temporary while wearing the cast or the boot, did I feel relief.. once I was back at normal life ( and normal life for me is active.. like you ) I had pain/swelling/burning etc.. so the short answer..I was in pain for 18 years.. with one foot or the other.. 😦 first one I did 18 years ago after suffering for 3 years.. then since I had a bad dr. and poor experience.. I waited.. till I could NOT wait any more to have the other foot done, which I did a year ago January.. I could not be happier.. NO pain.. no issues..I get the basic over use pain.. but NOTHING like I use to have.. if you have a dr. that you trust and will do surgery.. my suggestion.. GO FOR IT.. I cant imagine living in that pain again.. I know I was not all that helpful.. LOL but not sure what else to say.. heck, put that rest to the test as you say..I mean really do you want to be ‘resting’ for the rest of your life.. I didnt think so.. and maybe that will help you make that decision..I wish you the BEST.. keep us posted.. xo

    2. I had right sesamoidectomy July 1 of this year and I am doing great. I do have some over use ache,but nothing I can’t stand. I had pain for 3 years and then sesamoid went to mush or in as many pieces as it could and had no choice but to do the surgery… Do it!!!

      1. My father said it took approx 2 years before he was pain free and the bone to dissolve. I have stopped doing all sports for 9 months now and just got the go ahead to test my foot out. Honestly I am not too optimistic…it aches a descent amount these days. BUT…one big thing to remember is my bone is in too pieces and has a history of breaking…my fathers never broke, it only died.

  37. I had this surgery plus my Mortons Neuroma removed and my ankle hardware which was a plate 7 screws and a pin so lots of surgery. I am on day 17 and can bear weight on that foot. I had all this done on the same foot. Tomorrow I have all my stitches removed which I am looking forward to and not looking forward to. Just want it over with. My question is do any of you find that you have or had difficulty in bending your big toe backward? I find it painful right now and I can see I am going to have to really work at it to get it back to normal. Did you have this problem?

    1. woohoo.. you are on your way to healing.. glad to hear tomorrow you get your stitches out.. changes will start to happen now.. So my left foot.. the big toe had to be manually forced back and actually got stuck if I recall for a few years.. this went on . the right foot.. not so much sticking.. but also had to manually move it back for a few weeks.. I can tell you that I just wiggled both big toes.. so it takes time.. and again .. everyone/every surgery is different.. all I can say is.. do your PT and work with your Dr. for the best post op plan and you are golden.. good luck. and oh, the pain.. will take time.. but will go away..

  38. Thanks for your quick reply. I am glad to hear that the big toe can regain some of it’s function back. It has some arthritis in it (it was broken during the fall- fell over a dog gate and broke everything last year on that foot it would seem) so I don’t expect 100% but I should be able to get to 95% which is about where I was before the surgery. I am 54 years old by the way so I don’t care if I ever run or jump or whatever, just glad to have some of that horrible pain gone. I have pain when I walk on it a little now without the boot but I think in time that will improve as you said. I was just worried about the big toe function. Again thank you for your quick reply. For people considering this surgery, I can not stress enough how important is it to find a good surgeon, not a podiatrist but an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot surgery and who has done this operation many times. I asked the doctor how many times he had done this and his nurse LOL. I am nervous about having all these stitches removed. I am considering taking a pain pill before I go. My mom is driving me so it should be okay.

    1. GOOD luck with the stitches … and I love that even at 50 / 54.. we still have our mommies take us.. 🙂 Yes, I was like you .. an avid runner before.. and could care less if I never ran again.. LOL I have now adopted doing eliptical.. 🙂 when I try running.. I know immediately that I should not be doing it.. my foot doesnt hurt.. like it use to .. but it aches.. so I dont do it.. but Im thinking of giving it another try.. ( of course I am. LOL ) in February.. I want to do a 5 k in March… like I have something to prove.. yeah , Im a nut.. LOL anyhow.. good luck with stitches.. let me know how you make out.. xo

  39. Thanks for posting this, it’s given me a lot of comfort. I’ve been having trouble with my right sesamoid since July and it’s killing me that conservative measures aren’t doing anything and I can’t be active. I was extremely active before this happened – I play roller derby and work out several times a week. It’s been really hard to sit on the sidelines over the past several months. I’m no stranger to foot surgery, but I am really nervous about this one and about losing function or causing more issues from having it removed than keeping it. It seems like a really varied healing process and pain experience. Currently, my pain is tolerable, but only getting worse and only marginally better with conservative measures : (

    Can you elaborate on the Bikram Yoga and how it helped and at what point were you able to start doing it post surgery? Any poses you avoided or found extremely useful? I used to be an avid bikram yogi and I wouldn’t mind getting back into it if it helps… especially with the balance thing.

    1. Hi Laura… sorry to hear about your pain… as with all the others.. its NO fun.. if you do go ahead with surgery.. I wish you the best of course.. sounds like you have an idea of the patience you will need with yourself in healing time.. and again.. everyone is different.. I was given the go to do bikram about 8 weeks post surgery.. once my wounds had healed over.. I will say it is not easy as you know to do bikram with two good feet and the swelling / bum post suregery foot really makes it that much harder.. but the constant TRYING to stand on one foot, balance, stretch etc.. really is a great Therapy tool.. and honestly.. I grew a lot (personally ) from this humbling experience.. it was a win/win all the way.. just be sure to communicate with your instructor .. so he/she is aware of your limitations.. and not worried about you.. good luck with EVERYTHING.. xo

  40. Got my stitches out today. It wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t as bad as I thought either. She stopped when I couldn’t take it anymore and it went much faster than I thought it would. Apparently a stiff toe is normal for this type of surgery. In 48 hours PT will be calling and I will be scheduling my first appointment. I can lose the boot after today and start wearing socks and tennis shoes tomorrow but I have to wear an ankle brace due to the holes in my ankle from where they took the hardware out. All in all a good day and no infection so yayy. Just wanted to throw this out there too. They told me to NOT shave my legs until my incisions were completely healed due to there being so much bacteria on razor blades. I had NO idea so I wanted to pass this along. Considering it is winter, I won’t be shaving for a while. I don’t want to take that chance. NO way. Luckily I don’t have much hair on my legs anymore so no biggie.

    1. Yeah.. good job ! Im glad things went as best they could ! and yes, now you can really start healing. I am surprised your Dr. did not discuss the toe ‘issue’ with you before surgery.. it is VERY common.. also a drop toe .. but Im told that happens only when the tendon is compromised .. and surgeons as best they try .. are human.. Im just glad mine are both good.. I only had the stiffness which again, after a few months of manual moving and physical therapy ( try picking up a ping pong ball with your toes) I am back to wiggles.. 🙂 and thanks for the TIP about shaving… I think thats great advice… and while I did shave .. I dont think I was shaving until after incisions closed.. whew.. Keep up the great healing.. please keep us updated on your progress.. I KNOW many are interested.. and knowing others too have good experiences makes the decision to have surgery easier.. if that makes sense.. this topic is not so common.. and it seems those that have to have the surgery are seeking out Information.. hence, I wrote a blog.. happy day.

  41. Thank you for posting your post-op story. I had a right medial sesamoidectomy done 11 days ago and still cannot bear weight on the heel to walk and am using crutches. After reading several horror stories on the Internet I got really concerned before I saw your post. I work as a nurse in a very busy facility and my feet are my PAYCHECK. So good to here that there’s most likely nothing to worry about long term. Thanks again!

      1. Hang in there. On June 26 I had a sesamoid removed, bunectomy, 4 bones spurs shaved, and arthritis scraped. I ran a 5k this past weekend. It’s all good and your body will heal

  42. I am starting PT tomorrow. I have been bending my sore toe back for a few days now and wearing shoes with a brace. I had to get a half a size bigger due to fitting my ankle brace in there and my swollen foot. I have some swelling or something going on at the bottom of my foot. It feels weird when I walk on it. I am 3 weeks out now and can bend my toe a little when I walk and almost can put full weight on it. It is very sore though and not easy to do. Will update tomorrow after PT. -Debbie ( wasn’t sure how to include my name here.) I am the person who posted about shaving above LOL.

    1. Sounds like you are on your way Debbie.. GOOD luck with PT.. may be painful but you know its necessary.. btw.. if it helps.. I use to take an ibprofin BEFORE PT . helps a little.. happy healing.. sounds like you are doing great 3 weeks out.. 🙂

  43. PT has been going great. I can move my big toe back and forth without manually doing it but I don’t have full range of motion yet nor would I expect to at this point. Everything else is fine. I had to go out and get some shoes that have mesh in them so they will give when I walk because as you know the side of your foot is sore from the surgery. She said the swelling on the bottom of my foot is normal and will go away with time. I am glad I had this surgery done but I can’t say enough times how important a really good surgeon is. I am 4 weeks out tomorrow and am walking in a shoe and able to bend my toe enough to walk normally. I can bear almost (95%) of my weight on this foot. It hurts but nothing in comparison to how bad having the sesamoid bone hurt before the surgery. With time I know I will heal and will be walking normally with full range of motion. I love my PT person too…she has really helped with my healing process.

    1. Great job Debbie.. keep up the great work.. its not easy to push through pain as we all know.. but I call it healing pain, so it makes it a little easier? YOU are doing great.. in no time you will be back to normal.. eeeer.. I mean better than normal.. 🙂

      1. What an AWESOME blog!! You are certainly helping many of us with soo many questions and not enough folks we know who have expereinced this to get first hand info from. My daughter is 16 years, old and track is her LIFE. It looks like she’s going to have to have the surgery; we”ll find out for sure tomorrow. Apparently she’s been running on this damaged sesamoid bones for who knows how long, but has complained about the pain for at least 2 years. It was only after her track coach would not let her practice anymore before having it checked out did we discover it’s actually broken. First they put her in a boot then a cast for 5 week. She’s been referred to another specialist who will remove the cast tomorrow and make the determination regarding surgery. She’s starting to get depressed. Not only does she HATE not being able to run, but as a junior, she’s already being recruited by some of the top colleges in the country, and is even more anxious to get back out here. She’s extremely competitive and so upset she’s missing what was sure to be her best indorr track season to date. I keep telling her she has youth on her side and whatever has to happen, that coupled with prayer and her determination to persevere will carry her through.

      2. Hey there concerned mom.. WOW.. I really feel for your daughter. I understand all too well the feelings she is having being an active person and not able to do what she is use to.. all I can say is probably just a duplicate of what you have already told her.. this is ONLY temporary..hopefully you will find a Dr. that you trust and is comfortable doing the surgery.. I am positive that she will be back on the track again.. no doubt.. and without any pain. Patience and prayer ( as you mention ) is all you can do for now.. It will get better.. The hardest part is staying positive.. but it WILL get better.. and be thankful this can be fixed

        Wishing your daughter all the very best.. we have all been there, we know her pain. Please keep us updated .. good luck tomorrow.. I presume she will have another xray to determine the next steps.. keep us posted..

  44. It wouldn’t let me continue at the top, but again I wanted to thank you for this amazing post. I’m sure it’ll help my daughter tremedously! Blessings to you!

  45. Hi, I’ve read your blog a few times now. Once before I had my sesamoidectomy and now two weeks after my surgery.
    Im two weeks post op now. I’ve had my stitches out today too. I had Bunionectomy last year in September and felt like I was walking on a stone for a year so now im hoping my foot is better.
    I’ve yet to lose the boot and padding on my incision and walk without anything on my foot but little steps.
    Your blog is very insightful and gives me an idea of my recovery, my bunionectomy recovery was a lot more painful and very long.
    Im from the UK and have trouble finding people who have done a blog on the net here.

    1. Hi Emma.. or should I say Cheers? 🙂 ahhhh so you would have been a perfect patient for the bunionnectomy /sesamoidectomy together huh? sounds as such.. that is what I had on my left foot.. and yes, I can agree.. bunionectomy was NO fun. Sounds like you are doing well though from this surgery.. keep doing your own therapy with toe bending and massage the incision if you can.. it helps.. Keep us posted.. thinking of you.. xo

  46. I am at week 5 now from surgery and I can bear my full weight on this foot while standing still with NO pain but I can’t walk with no pain. My toe is bending back more but it hurts of course and when I walk it rubs on the incision on the side so OUCH. I can’t wait for this to get better. I have gone to the store and am out and about these days but walking is difficult. To walk totally normal I have to walk at a snails pace…literally and even then I don’t think I am putting full weight on it when I walk. But I am making progress and I need to focus on that and not how far I have to go still. Patience is key I guess…just hard.

    1. You hit the nail on the head.. patience.. and you ARE making progress.. keep spirits high.. and think positive ! YOU are healing. Remember.. YOU had surgery.. a bone removed ! it doesnt heal over night.. keep us posted on your journey.. I bet 5 more weeks will look very different for you.. keep smiling.

  47. I had a sesamoidoctimy of my right foot tibial sesamoid bone and I am now 5 weeks post op. Stitches were removed 9 days ago. I am very concerned because my incision looks ugly and it looks like is going to open and my skin on top of incision is peeling off and foot very swollen. Did any experienced this? Is this normal?

    1. did you get a steri strip on there after your stitches were out? to keep it closed up .. ? foot will be swollen from trauma. its natural.. are you icing as often as you can? I suggest calling your Dr. with your concerns.. I had steri strips on both my scars after stitches were removed.. and while my scar on left foot never looked pretty.. ( I developed scar tissue and keloid) it was always closed.. I also had two different techniques used ( between two feet ) for stitching.. and the right foot looks much better.. he did both internal and external stitches.. again.. I suggest calling your Dr.. best of luck. happy healing.

      1. Thank you for your response!! Yes I did got strip after stitches..yes I am icing it and I would call doctor.. Thank you so much.

  48. Hello there, I have fractured right medial sesamoid and struggling for months now and seen lots of doctors. I am in southern California and would like to know if anyone on the blog can recommend a foot doctor to me. As I am considering surgery now for the sesamoidectomy and a bone spur that is pushing on the dorsal nerve on top of foot. Thank you! This blog is wonderful.

      1. My podiatrist wants to do a sesamoidectomy if I ask for it…he explained the procedure and he takes the entire bone out and then he said, “I suture the tendon and ligament together.” Where the sesamoid bone was. I am curious if that is how your procedure was done? I asked him if they can put an artificial sesamoid in its place to hold the ligament and tendon, but he said they have tried it and it doesn’t work. I asked him about the probablility of a bunion forming and he said that it is a possiblity but it doesn’t happen often for him. He said the process of suturing the tendons helps prevent the big toe from moving inward. Does this make sense to you? Is that the procedure you had? I am just trying to muster the confidence to trust him to do this. Maybe I should have him shave the bone spur first and if that goes well then do the sesamoid? Or both at same time? Your thoughts?

      2. yes, that is a basic sesamoidectomy. and basically how it was explained to me as well.. Your dr. sounds good.. and confident.. my first Dr. did sesamoidectomy and bunionectomy together for that same reason you mentioned .. on my LEFT foot.. and honestly.. now that I have had it done both ways (both feet ) I would never had done this.. bunionectomy if you dont need it is VERY painful and long healing process.. my right foot.. I asked about concerns of bunion forming.. and Dr. said.. its rare.. so he did not perform bunionectomy.. I was told its an old way of thinking .. and makes sense.. since my first was done 17 years ago.. and the other done less than a year ago.. Your Dr. again.. sounds confident..many Dr’s are afraid to do the surgery and wont.. my second foot Dr. was like yours.. it was a last resort.. but he was confident in the surgery.. and had no issues with me wanting it.. I only waited 17 years.. LOL and exhausted all other suggestions..

        Keep us posted.. good luck with your decision.

    1. Hi there… are you speaking in terms of AFTER a surgery .. ? or before .. ? I developed scar tissues which was red/swollen and yes a thick callus on my first sesamoidectomy area.. it is VERY hard to the touch.. almost feels like bone and even after almost two decades.. its still that way.. however the redness has subsided.. I suggest speaking to your Dr. .. callus ( without any surgery) may be from the way you are walking/running or shoes etc.. either way.. a GOOD Dr. should help with a solution. good luck .

      BTW.. my other sesamoidectomy.. NO callus or thick skin/scar tissue .. surgery/recovery .. like night and day.. I still think this had to do with how I was stitched up.. IMO..

  49. I loved reading your blog and seeing what I could be expecting. I’m having the procedure done in two days. I don’t have a good pain tolerance so I was wondering about how much pain I should expect to be in.

    1. Glad my ‘story’ was of service.. the reason I started the blog was two fold.. one, for me to document my process for the NEW surgery and two to share for others because I know after having two surgeries now ( one on each foot) that there is a lot of fear involved and there was for myself as well.. .. WHile I had two very different experiences with post surgery recovery.. I will say that Im glad I did it.. and the fact that I had two very different post surgery recoveries.. just goes to show you . .every one/foot/surgery is different.. so while I can tell you the pain is not so great .. I can only speak from my surgery on the right foot.. as my blog mentions.. 18 years ago I had the left foot done and in my opinion it was botched.. we found the screw was inserted upside down ( years later X-ray from my new dr. revealed this) the insist ions were not properly placed etc etc.. I developed a keloid and had a terrible time at recovery.. took me quite some time to be able to get in a shoe and at least 10 years for the keloid to go down.. after much therapy and ultimately cortisone shots to help it heal.. BUT the right foot.. was a breeze. NO issues , perfect healing.. and Im doing great.. was up and walking 3 weeks post surgery in a sneaker.. honestly.. even though I had a bad first surgery 18 years ago with issues .. I could not imagine NOT having surgery done.. so it is all good. I am pain free.. and we all know what that constant pain is like.. so . with that said.. I KNOW you will do great.. surgeries have come a long way in the past 18 years.. I am sure you are in great hands.. if you trust your Dr. that is key.. Keep your foot elevated, iced and REST.. do not push yourself.. give yourself the time you need to heal.. EVERYONE is different.. with my first foot I took pain meds.. this last one ( just a year ago) I took nothing more than an IB Profin.. but no need to be a hero.. take the meds if you are in pain.. well, I guess I talked enough here.. LOL I can’t stress enough how important rest is… be patient and happy healing.

  50. Hi all i just had a medial sesamoid removed 8 days ago and have a plaster cast on and have to wear a bunion boot, i had so many issues i couldnt wear nice shoes etc. my sesamoid split in half and they said the break was soooooooo old it could of happened when i broke my big toe 25 yrs ago, iam feeling burning some days and it can be sore at times but i will keep u updated the only thing is i cant look at it because of the cast and i dont get my stitches out til day 15 not sure why 15 days i always thought it was 10,? Anyway will keep u posted.

    1. Hi Melanie.. glad the surgery went well.. now for the real work.. HEALING with patience.. Im sure you cannot wait to see whats going on under that cast.. sounds like my right foot removal.. Doc said when he went in the sesamoid crumbled at the touch.. it was so bad and so old ( duuuuhhhh.. I was in pain with it for over a decade ).. anyhow.. Im glad the surgery is over for you.. and yes, keep us posted on your progress.. healing can take all forms. remember your nerves, and tendons etc are coming to life again.. burning will happen.. and I also had weird twitching at times.. its part of healing as I understand.. it will go away in time. I did my stitches out day 10.. but I would imagine it can vary.. and with Holiday etc.. I would not worry.. look forward to your progress in HEALING..

      1. Well day 9 post op and all i could feel when i went to bed was constant twitching were my sesamoid bone should be geez that felt really weird, still lots of burning sensation also, oh well iam sure its for a reason

      2. Well post op day 11 and wow got some pain today can hardly walk today in my bunion boot, did i also mention iam a mother of 2 on my own so its kinda hard to fully rest, i might try and get to my doc today as the pain killers are making me sick, wasnt sure if i should get real instense pain still if so how long for and is it normal

  51. Hi there,

    Your recovery from seasamoiditis has really interested me, I am just wondering if you have done any walking/running on an underwater treadmill post-op or if you plan to in the future?

    Wishing you all the best with healing and rehabilitation!

    1. Hey Melissa.. Im sorry, there were a few comments that got “lost” .. Im just seeing this.. not ignoring it.. so I am sorry.. I have not done any water walk/run post op.. to rehab.. I can’t see how it can hurt.. once given the approval from a Dr. but I think with any type of weight bearing ( full body/water weight) it is important to listen to the body.. I know for myself post op.. any time in warm water or just heating the body.. caused inflammation .. so I had to really cut back until I was ‘healed’ enough to do it.. just the basic rehab stuff was about all I did.. nothing extended. I love a good water treadmill though.. hard to find.. unless you go to a rehab center.. 😦

      Thanks for your interest.. btw.. a little over a year post op.. I am doing well.. still some activity I can’t do, due to pain or swelling .. but on the whole.. I do mostly as I like.. just no real running or positions of the foot that may cause pain ( think up on toes).


  52. Okay it has now been another 6 weeks since I posted (11 weeks total) and as predicted I am doing better. The incisions are a little tender but not bad. I have been wearing bunion pads to help with rubbing on the sides of my shoes which have really helped. I can walk normally now but not for long periods of time. I still get sore if I am on my feet to long. I do have moments of normal so I know I am on my way. I do have swelling on the bottom of my foot but was told that was due to my neuroma surgery. I just keep rubbing everything with Palmer s Coconut butter with Vitamin E. I love that stuff. Still bending the toe back a couple times a day and it still hurts but it is easing up some. Looking forward to the day when the big toe stops hurting. But I had 2 other surgeries done besides the sesamoid bone removed. I have to remember that because the more places you have to heal the longer it takes or so I am told. I have been released by my doctor and can now walk in the treadmill as pain will allow but I have yet to try it since it is snowing and freezing cold here LOL. Glad to have found this blog as has really helped me. I am also glad to know I am not the only one who doesn’t feel quite normal at 11 weeks out. Time and patience is key. I am just looking forward to the day when I can bend this toe and it not hurt. =)

    1. Hi Debbie.. glad to hear from you.. glad to hear you are doing better TOO !.. woohoo.. yes, the key is TIME.. patience is best to go along with it.. but either way.. TIME will heal.. if you REST and listen to your body.. I really do think that is the key. Im REALLY happy to hear you are doing so well.. I am due for my one year anniversary of my surgery shortly.. and Im doing great.. my body hurts in other places NOW more than my feet.. honestly.. I have not said that in 18 years.. my feet have hurt me that long.. so there is HOPE.

      Enjoy the feeling ‘normal’ .. soon it will be all of the time.. Keep us posted. Happy New Year.. Happy New FOOT.. xo

  53. Had my op 12th december 2013 your blog really helped before during and now. hopefully will be back to work next week.

      1. Hi all i had my sesamoid operation on the 19th dec and week four iam back at work, yes it still swells up from being on it too long gets abit sore at times too but healing very nicely 🙂

      2. Great News.. and happy to hear.. you many have swelling, burning, tingling, weird pangs of intermittent pain etc..I call it healing pain.. the hard part is over.. happy healing

  54. Week 14 and 3 weeks since my last post. I am amazed when I looked at my last post because I didn’t think I was improving at all and was starting to feel really frustrated. My big toe is still hurting when I walk but not as bad. Do you recall how long you had to bend your toe back the first time? I realize that was a long time ago but just wondering when mine will stop hurting.

    Last Sunday I walked about 2 miles with no difference in my pain level. It hurt but no more than if I had walked to the kitchen and back. I am doing much better in shoes now. It still hurts but not like before. The next day my calves on both legs were killing me and I was sore but happy I walked so far. Still have swelling on the bottom of my foot but it is better.

    Barefoot is still a challenge but easier. I haven’t been stretching my toe back as much as I should. I just get tired of doing the exercises. I guess this toe will stop hurting eventually? Did yours?

    So looking at my last post I am pretty happy with my progress now. Thank you for answering our questions and helping us out. Seriously we have no where else to turn. Thank you.

    1. Hi Debbie.. glad to hear you are doing well.. and healing. Honestly, my big toe on the left foot ( first sesamoidectomy) sometimes still gets stuck after all these years.. lol but no REAL pain.. just needs a little help to push it down and or up if I want to .. I think its funny actually.. You are still in healing mode.. and I presume another 3 mos’ will show BIG improvement.. sounds like you are on target for a full recovery.. 🙂 OH, and BAREFOOT is NEVER suggested for someone with a sesamoid injury.( or surgery) Its just something to remember..Im surprised your Dr. did not mention? I know personally, I never (or rarely) go barefoot.. and when I do .. I always have some kind of inflammation and a little pain, so it reminds me for the next time.. . unless Im on sand I wear shoes..and sometimes even on sand. I think you are doing great.

    2. Hi all i had my surgery 6 weeks ago now and went back to work last week. Holy dooly that was hard the pain was bad and foot would swell up, now its doing much better, doesnt hurt as much when knocked but boy it gets damn itchy some days, iam off back to hospital on thurs for my post op check up, in regards to moving toe bck and forth i have no problems doing that at all now, the scar is almost cleared up like i never had an operation, i use bio oil too everynight maybe thats helped abit, when u run ur finger along incision line it feels kinda lumpy, but iam sure that is scar tissue, have a great day all

      1. woohoo.. great for you Melanie.. glad to hear you are doing well.. YES, itching, twitching, sporadic pain.. its all healing of tendons, nerves etc.. knitting together.. and also I was told internal stitching pulling too.. ? and yes, the lumpy thingy is exactly that.. if you can manage a massage ( hard) on it a little each day.. it may just break up.. I had a prof therapist start that as soon as my stitches were out.. on my second surgery.. only because I had a keloid develop on my other foot from the surgery.. and I still have it actually.. but its so much better.. I had to have manipulation to that area for over a year or so.. the first foot that is.. but nipped it in the bud fast on the second foot.. so be a little aggressive if you can stand the pain. and massage that oil in with a strong hand.. Happy healing.. xo

  55. No, my doctor never mentioned about going barefoot. He is a very skilled surgeon but not real talkative. I usually wear house shoes if I am not in my tennis shoes. I wear my tennis shoes from the time I get out of bed until around 5:00pm then I switch to house shoes. I bought some that actually have a soled bottom so they are more supportive like shoes not like flimsy house shoes.

    Why did your doctor tell you not to go barefoot? But yeah last night after being up later than normal when I took off my sock my entire foot was swollen. I was shocked as it hasn’t ever swollen that much or at least that I noticed.

    My big toe is just sore all the time. Oddly enough this week it was a little better. Today I walked about a mile I guess and had no more pain than usual. I was not pain free just less pain and no increase in pain. So that is starting to let up. I also didn’t notice any more stiffness than usual after resting it. I was able to make the walk with no problem. =)

    Yes, I am hoping for a full recovery. At this point I am not sure that I will be pain free ever but I am certainly better off now than I was before the surgery. I am glad I had it done. To feel this good before I had to be on drugs. LOL. So yes an improvement. I am glad to hear that you are pain free for the most part. I hope that is in my future. I will keep you posted. I am sure LOL.

    1. So , heres the deal.. even before any of my surgeries.. I was told with a sesamoid injury.. NO barefoot walking.. its really a no brainer.. think about it.. the sesamoid inflamed.. and you are walking on it .. directly .. no cushion, no protection.. yeah, its going to hurt more? anyhow. yes, that is why .. and also my Dr. has always suggested wearing support.. even in the house, it just helps.. as does rest when you need it. have you considered taping your big toe.. I know during my first rehab / post op.. I had it taped for a few months.. seemed to help a bit. keeps it mobile and less active.. if that makes sense? All in all sounds as though you are doing well.. again patience / time and rest .. are your friends. again, I still have bouts of pain/inflammation.. but really it does not last all that long.. and its only because of over use of an already injured area.. I can’t wait to hear how you are doing in 8 more weeks.. 🙂 happy healing. xo

  56. I looked at my toe last night and compared it to my other foot and realized my big toe has drifted. Today I started taping it. My foot feels much better in shoes anyway so I will continue with the support like you said our bone is gone so nothing is supporting it anymore.

    I taped my big toe and my second toe together. Is that right? How long are you supposed to keep it taped? Like how many weeks? Is it to late for me to start doing this? I am 15 weeks out now.

    1. yep.. toes will drift.. common issue with this surgery.. I assume your Dr. would have discussed? I have found a toe spacer helps … but I no longer have an issue.. (fingers crossed).. and yes, taping the big toe to the second is what I did.. and while I don’t know how long you should do it. or if its right for you.. I suggest discussing with your Dr.. however, if it feels better.. ( which I know it did for me for some time ) I don’t see how it will hurt.. my Dr. actually suggested this to me… I really am only going on my experience.. I am not a medical Dr. as you know.. so please always keep communication open with your Dr. or Physical Therapist.. I think you are doing great at 15 weeks.. happy healing.. its only going to get better.

  57. I think I recall asking him about taping the toes and he said not to worry about it. My toe might drift some but it is not a cause for concern unless it gives me trouble. Not sure what he meant by trouble. My doctor as you have probably gathered by now was not the biggest communicator. I don’t think taping my toes will hurt. Not sure if they feel better or not taping them. My husband thinks I need some kind of spacer in there. I didn’t know they made them so thanks for that information.
    Don’t worry. I won’t take what you say as gospel and hold you accountable if it doesn’t pan out. I no longer see my PT or my doctor anymore as I was released at 4 weeks out from surgery. He thought I was doing fine and walking really good so no problem.
    I think I am doing well and hope I continue to get a little better as time goes on. No matter what happens I am still better off then before the surgery. I used to be in pain just sitting still. No more of that. And my big toe used to catch and now that has stopped. Yayyy.
    Thanks for your responses and information. =)

  58. I just wanted to add that I have been doing some reading about toe drift and usually you tape it in the first 6-8 weeks after surgery. I didn’t notice my drifting at all until recently. Now, when I say it has drifted, I don’t mean that it is bad. If you don’t compare it to my other foot, you can’t even tell. It has barely moved. I guess I will tape it for a little while and see how it goes but most likely it is to late in the game for it to do much at this point.

    1. Gotcha.. I was just addressing the issue you said you had with the pain and moving it. I never really worried about drift.. my Dr. did not seem to think there is anything you can or can’t do to help that.. other than wear a spacer and thats not for sure either.. it will either happen or it wont.. Keep us posted. happy healing.

    2. I taped for almost a year. .just because it felt good.. or better for me.. and sometimes when I know Im going to walk a lot. .I will also tape.. LOL

  59. Hello,

    Thank you for writing about your process and replying back to numerous responses. I am a 29yr old female who’s had a similar experience where I have had a stress fracture on my medial sesamoid. I’ve tried wearing the boot for months, wearing the orthodics with sesamoid cutout, wearing only flat shoes, and not running or walking as much – all of this with no positive result for a year now. I have developed a weird walking form to protect my right foot which causes me back pain and super tight right quads and psoas that only doing deep hatha yoga can heal (temporary) and have started going to rolfing. Treating the conditions that’s been affected by this tiny bone has been very stressful, time consuming and so expensive!!

    Last week, I found out through a MRI scan that there is no/very little blood supply to my medial sesamoid that surgery is probably the only option at this point. I have read many negative feeds online which has been scaring me a lot,but reading your blog gives me hope. Before my injury, I was very active – running, yoga, and ballet. At this point, I don’t care if I could ever run a marathon but I just want to do some basic activities like running few miles a week, doing yoga, and staying healthy and fit (and wear cuter shoes)! With that said, could you (or anyone reading this post) please help me find some answers and comfort so that I could find a strength to go through this surgery?

    – I am planning on moving to a different city in June/July. Is there enough healing time before then? How long does it take until I can walk normally in normal shoes?

    – I love yoga and right now it’s hard for me to do any poses that you have to bend your big toe. After the surgery, can you do poses like plank pose or chaturanga ( i know you said that you couldn’t a while back. is it still the same?)

    – How much PT post surgery should I expect?

    – I live in Austin, TX. If there’s anyone out there who can recommend a good surgeon, please give me his/her name.

    Anything helps. Thank you so much for giving us hope and helping us through this scary process.

    1. Ahhhhh.. Im so sorry you are going through this .. I KNOW exactly where you are in this process. Okay.. truth.. I do , do yoga now post surgery.. however.. I do bikram.. the only pose that took some time was awkward ( up on toes) .. when I try to chaturanga or plank and sometimes even down dog.. I always have pain and some swelling.. I rarely do that class..and when I do .. I now wear a vibram shoe.. for support 😦 again. that is JUST ME.. as for PT.. some need it , some do not.. first foot ( the bad one) I did PT for almost 9 mo’s post op.. due to keloid and scar tissue.. right foot ( good one) I did nothing that was prescribed.. only did stuff on my own, out of pocket.. just because I knew the first experience I had with scar.. I was being proactive. I would personally tell you to have the surgery.. It may take time for the healing process. but you are young.. and so much LIFE ahead of you.. I promise it will get better.. 🙂 do your research.. there are many good Dr’s out there. keep us posted.

  60. I’m so glad I found this blog. I’m not alone! My pain level and swelling is a7/10 but mentally I’m exhausted and depressed with my limited life. I’m 28 and an active male. My sesamoid bone(inner right foot) has been broken for about 10 months. I have very little mobility with out pain or swelling. I am seriously considering surgery when I see my Orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon next month. I have tried all non invasive methods; orthotic insoles, moon boot, PT, bone stim, cortisone, anti immflamitories,

    I ask…..
    Has anyone ever use an Exogen Bone Stimulator? Did it work at all? I’m on day 84 and no improvement.

    Does anyone want to share a photo of their swelling foot? I would be interested to compare to help me decide to have surgery or not.

    Anyone know how or if alcohol or marijuana effects bone healing?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I ask continued…….

      Anyone know a good Orthopedic surgeon in Chicago area?

      Also what is a “ballpark” amount I should expect to pay for surgery? I understand insurance/location/doctor all effect piece. I have 80/20 insurance.

      Anyone else initially feel swelling and pain only in the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal? Me the first 4 months. I was misdiagnosed by the podiatrist with metarsalga and then misdiagnosed again with Morton’s Neuroma. 😦

      1. uuugh.. I am sorry about your pain .. again, and also the mis-diagnosis. I hope you have found a Dr. you are comfortable with now? and also able to communicate with ..? I am sorry I cannot speak to your insurance questions.. I suggest calling your carrier and asking them . or talking to the manager of your Dr’s office. they should be able to help you.

        Good luck again.. keep us posted.

    2. Im glad you found this blog too.. sesbone4sale.. LOL so first and foremost.. there is hope. Find the right Dr. and communicate.. my first advice. next up.. yes, I did try bone stimulator.. did nothing.. It actually works best for op I used it on OTHER broken bones. and it worked wonders.. but ONLY after I had surgery.. i.e.: my writst.. problem with the sesamoid and also my wrist since I mentioned it. is blood loss.. again, Im not a Dr. but once you lose the blood supply the bone dies.. and that is part of the issue with being pro-active with the bone stim.. IMO.. again.. Im not a Dr. just makes sense to me.. and I had lost blood supply within 3 days of breaking my wrist.. and within time for my sesamoid.. anyhow.. I know where you are .. you are at the searching, reaching point of your pain.. and I don’t blame you to try everything.. I just know .. for me, surgery was the ONLY answer. okay… now addressing the last question.. I cannot speak to the effects of ‘Pot” on bone healing.. but as a “health counselor” I do know that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol slows the recovery time for ALL injuries because it is an inflammatory.. and it ultimately will slow the healing process. I hope that answers your question. I suggest “detoxing” from excessive use perse PRE op to allow the body to gain some strength for lack of better explanation.. LOL Good luck and keep us posted.. xo

    3. Your story sounds similar to mine. If you have a doctor you trust, I suggest taking a serious look at surgery. I have been out of work since April 2013. They misdiagnosed me with a necrotic sesamoid. I was in a cam walker and crutches for 6 months, used the exogen bone stimulator for 2 of those months months and received a cortisone shot in October 2013. None of this relieved the pain I was in. In late November, they finally decided on the last option-surgery. I had the operation on December 10. They ended up doing a few different procedures, but ended up keeping both my sesamoids. I just started my 9th week post op. I am in regular shoes and use a cane. It is swollen and painful, but I am hopeful that I am making progress. Having a really good physical therapist is what is getting me through. I see him 3 times a week and we are working on getting range of motion back and weight bearing. Everyone’s experience is different. If you are still in this much pain, perhaps start getting second opinions about surgery if you can. Wishing you well!

    4. I don’t think too.. that the photo of a swollen foot is a good comparison.. to make your decision.. just me, but I can tell you.. my pain was just as bad when my foot was not swollen.. but pre op , I swelled from over use often.. but towards the end.. I did nothing . had minimal swelling , because I could not use it.. but the pain was just as bad.. if that makes any sense. Talk to your Dr.

      1. Thanks tasil and nova. I feel good with the doctor i’m with now but plan on getting a second (or third w/ misdiagnosis) opinion prior to getting the knife. ” better safe than sorry”
        I plan on posting some additional questions as they arise as this is the BEST source I have found. Reassuring in a sense!

  61. I had a tibial sesmoidectomy on my left foot on January 6th after a stress fracture. While my surgeon was performing my sesmoidectomy she found one of the two bone fragments had lacerated the tendon that it is buried in. She had to an extensive repair of the tendon.
    I had tried every conservative therapy available with no relief. I am 4 weeks post op with mild to moderate pain and swelling. My surgeon has me doing full weight bearing, I can stand for 10 minutes without bad pain. I can only get my foot in crocs at this point. My toe is fairly stiff and I have to put my toe through full range of motion multiple times a day.
    The bottom line is if you need this procedure do it, but be very careful when choosing. Take your time and research the physician.
    Thank you so much for doing this blog it’s a great resource for patients needing this procedure

    1. Hi Marc.. woohoo.. happy healing to you. I am so happy to hear you found a great Dr. and are following orders and doing so well just 4 weeks post op… I know full weight is scary.. and as you are , do what you can. It WILL get better.. its very important to do as you can without extreme fatigue . the body needs rest to heal . I know for myself.. all I wanted to do was workout… even working just my upper body while healing my foot was too much.. the hardest part of this process .. personally was to keep the ego in check.. to heal . ANYHOW.. I could not agree more with your statement.. careful when choosing ! I believe while my first surgery healed ( over time ) I think some of the issues I had post op were no doubt because of the surgeons decisions (just my opinion ).. My right foot I was informed and communicated my concerns.. which is ultimately why I did this blog.. MOST do not need to have this surgery done twice.. so knowing the first time how to go in to it.. is key.

      As for you toe.. my suggestion.. as you can.. physically MOVE it with your hands. up and down , up and you say , full range of motion, its exactly what I was told to do daily . it will eventually start to feel normal.. but the toe for me was the last part of the puzzle to ‘heal’ I think swelling is normal for a very long time.. heck , you just had trauma.. think about it.. I wish you the best. PLEASE keep us posted as you heal.. xxx.. Lisa

      1. You must commend for supplying a resource for patients who undergone a sesmoidectomy as there a virtually no resources for patient to what to expect before, during (the actual surgery) and most importantly after. Fantastic job!!
        Thank you also for your kind advise.

      2. Thank you Marc.. Funny too.. when I told my SIG-Other that I was going to do a blog post (with pics) about my foot surgery.. he laughed for days. I ONLy wish there was something or just someONE to talk to after my first surgery almost two decades ago.. so much has changed since then… surgery techniques and well, of course.. we now have Foot blogs too.. LOL All good. Im glad to offer my experience to all. Happy Healing … PLEASE keep us ALL posted on your recovery

        Lisa T (Tasil)

  62. Hi there…thanks so much for taking the time to document your journey. I had a medial sesamoidectomy last week. I’m 6 days post op and have my first post op appointment tomorrow. My journey has been over 7 months long…2 months of DENIAL that I was injured, and 5 months in a boot/cast/crutches. So I used up all my option boxes until surgery was inevitable. Initially I refused the surgery for so long cos I have keloids. Now, I’m sooooooo relieved I’ve done the surgery now. There’s nothing worse than being in a cast. The pain is manageable. That constant tugging throbbing piercing sesamoid pain is gone; just the surgical one I feel. But yea, sleeping is the worst…I feel like I haven’t slept well in forever.
    As crazy as it sounds all I’m looking forward to wearing a PAIR OF SHOES!!!! Over 5 months of wearing one shoe and having to explain that I just had a silly freak accident with a wall cos I forgot my to use my eyes! *sigh*
    I’m very very worried about my scar forming a keloid afterwards…even though my doc reassures me that I do have options if/when a keloid forms.

    One other thing that’s worrisome for me now is how much activity I can get into when I’m able to wear shoes. I’ve gained a ridiculous amount of weight over the 7 months…and I can’t wait to get it off!!!! I really like the way you documented your physical activity post-op. Did you do anything else aside from walking and yoga? What activity helped you the most and gave you the least pain?

    Thanks again!


    1. WOOHOO Dee.. happy healing to YOU. Okay, this may sound strange.. but lucky YOU…YOU know you develop keloids or prone to them.. that is a big proactive plus on your side.. and YES.. you can do things to help proactively and if one does develop.. that was btw. the issue with my first surgery.. I had NO idea that I would develop a keloid.. and I did. a BIGGY.. still red but not so ‘ugly’ dare I say.. 18 years post surgery.. its my foot… not too concerned about ugly.. LOL as soon as you can, I would start with manipulation of the scar site.. if you can get a PT to do it for you.. even better.. and should you notice one developing.. graston technique works wonders and LAST RESORT a cortisone shot with manipulation.. I really think it sounds like your Dr. has it under control.. since you have already communicated this with him/her that is great.. just keep a watch out for it.. because I will not lie.. a keloid in that area.. as big as mine was. .NOT fun.. I could not put a shoe on for almost a year. but I lived in fla at the time of this first surgery.. so I was okay.. LOL and yes… I am VERY VERY active.. my foot does not keep me from doing anything… in the big picture.. I just don’t run long distance.. but I probably could if I wanted to.. I just don’t want to anymore. no longer fun for me.. 🙂 initially however, post op.. I was conservative with my activity.. your body must have time to heal.. so whats a couple more weeks / or a few more months.. Just watch what you are eating NOW.. if you are concerned about additional weight gain.. come on over and like my face book page.. I have many good recipes and support for a healthy lifestyle. . Keep us posted.. Happy day. Lisa T. fyi.. here is my fb page.. if interested

  63. I have to say, I so appreciate this account of your surgery. There’s so little out there about how the recovery is and what to expect. I fractured my sesamoid last May, and had the usual round of casts, walking boot, etc. I’m also quite active and enjoy walking as an exercise – which hasn’t happened since – you guessed it – last June. 😦 At my most recent appointment (November), I was given the choice of live with it, or have the surgery (and OK, I am a chronic overdoer, and got called out by the doc on it) after taking three months off from the gym, etc, to see if it would still heel. It hasn’t, nearly as I can determine. It’s painful but not excruciating, but I don’t want to get to the point of excruciating.

    I wasn’t sure I wanted the surgery …. but after reading your account, I feel much more comfortable with it. I see my dr. next week and plan to tell him I’ll have it. It seems like a manageable recovery and right now, I am SO tired of having my activity limited and SO tired of wearing only so many pairs of shoes (don’t remember the last time I wore heels was). I want to get back to walking, squats, etc.

    Last night was the icing on the cake: a friend was visiting, who I’d last seen in one of my casts. I got up and walked across the room and she asked how my foot was. I found it surprising she remembered, until she said, “Well, you don’t walk normally.” I’ve walked on the outside of my foot for so long, it’s almost as though I’d forgotten how. Time to fix this and get back to life!

    1. Hi Kelly.. glad too you found this blog.. your journey sounds much like the rest of us.. some go longer with hopes that the conventional healing will work.. and its just in my opinion, putting off the obvious. I have had the surgery twice now.. and I have to say.. I m sorry I waited to have the second foot done.. I was in pain with that foot for over a decade if not longer.. and I waited due to fear.. because of the post op healing issues I had on the first one.. that is NOT the norm.. I developed scar tissue and in my opinion had a ‘bad’ surgeon. it was proven even in post op X-rays by other Dr’s that even my pin in that foot was upside down.. so go figure I had issues.. anyhow.. my right foot that I had done last year is healing and has healed beautifully.. I feel great, it looks great and I am back in full swing.. (both feet).. so while you may be afraid.. Id say if you are comfortable with your Dr. , communicate well with him/her and they have confidence in doing the surgery.. Id go for it.. My Dr now .. ( the one that did my right /good foot) did want me to go with all the conventional healing.. and we did for about three years under his care.. but one day when I was in his office.. for yet another cortisone shot… with that look of pain on my face.. he said to me.. ITS TIME.. he wouldn’t even do the shot. we just scheduled the surgery.. and my bone as he said.. crumbled as soon as it was touched by a surgical tool.. so it was def. time. YOU will wear fun shoes again, you will get back to walking. it will take time. but I promise. there is hope.. Funny too you mention you are an over doer.. I am too.. and I find that a common bond with sesamoidectomy patients.. seriously… the thinker that I am.. I even asked my Dr. .. to give me a profile of a typical sesamoidectomy patient.. and he said typical A plus type .. LOL I take that as a compliment. Go big or go home.. LOL anyhow.. good luck with it all.. keep us posted.. Lisa T. NOTE: I checked out your bead site.. you do beautiful work..:)

      1. Thanks for the compliment on my beads! I do fused glass, too, and really enjoy it.
        My surgery is scheduled for Thursday (the 13th) and I just re-read your blog again and am feeling really good about it. I had an MRI which showed nothing going on in my foot except for the lateral sesamoid being fractured and non-union. So I am looking forward to having it removed and moving forward again … I’ll post again when I am post-op.

        You are right – go big or go home! It’s funny that most of us “sesamoidies” have that trait! 🙂

      2. Left the house at 6:30 for a 7 AM arrival. What we didn’t bank on was the state of the roads – solid ice after yesterday’s snowstorm. So we did make it ten minutes late – and then the heat in the waiting room was out! It was -1 this AM. It felt a lot more like January than it did March.

        My favorite anesthesiologist (sad that I have a fave!) did my anesthesia, which included a nerve block. It’s now 9 hours later and it’s started to thaw somewhat. I had general anesthesia (Propofol) as well. The surgery was originally slated for one hour. It ended up taking 2.5, because the flexor tendon was 75% shredded and he had to repair that. The sesamoid bone was also dead as well as fractured.

        So now, my recovery will be “different” but I don’t know how, yet. I see the surgeon again on 3/19, so I’m sure I’ll get more information then. Apparently it will involve the boot instead of the cast, or somesuch.

        So now I have a headache, am stoned out of my mind on general anesthesia and Norco … and can’t really do much in the way of rational thinking. LOL. My foot and leg, up to above my knee, is still frozen. I can wiggle my toes just a tiny bit. Taking my pain meds although my leg and foot is still really frozen. I already have my wheelie cart to get around with; was not very adept with crutches. Stay tuned!

      3. Hi Kelly… glad you are out of surgery and on the way to healing. Yes, often they don’t know what they will find with this ‘bugger’ until you are ‘open’.. I was told that too both times. Iam happy you have a great surgeon that you trust.. and yes, even a fav anesthesiologist .. LOL my advice for NOW.. REST.. keep the foot elevated as often as you can.. with ice.. I think that you think you are even moving your toes is HUGE.. keep us posted.. most of all patience.. xo

      4. Today is the 7th day since surgery and today I had my post-op checkup. It went very well, my sutures were removed a week ahead of schedule, which was a nice surprise. The swelling isn’t bad at all – my first and second toe, mostly. My big toe is still pretty numb, which the doctor said was mostly due to swelling – makes sense. It’s really the only spot that is swollen. My incision is about 2 inches long, from between my first and second toe, in the top of my foot. It actually looks pretty good.

        Now I am in a cast for 3-6 weeks. At my next appointment in 3 weeks I was told to bring my boot, though, so that’s a good sign. I can bear weight on my foot and can walk in the cast as long as I always keep my left foot in the front. I call it the “cast walk” and it’s not so bad. Had it not been for the surprise FHL tendon repair, I would have been in the boot right now and able to start heel/toe walking. But, that’s OK … there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m really glad it’s heeling as well as it is so far.

        Pain level is good. Maybe a 2-3 today. Overall I feel pretty good. Still kind of tired and sleeping a lot, but overall, not bad, considering it’s been a week!

    2. Hi Kelly,
      I’m in a situation similar to yours. I have a fractured nonunion medial sesamoid and, even though the pain isn’t severe, I have been walking on the side of my foot and heel, and now I have pain in my foot that I never had before. Can you tell me how you are now two years later?

  64. Hi! After 5 years 7 doctors 3 cortisone shots an 10 pairs of different custom made orthotics finally the 8th doctor said the word “surgery”. I never fractured my foot and I am neither a runner nor a dancer but I developed sesamoiditis when I was 40. Today I am 45 and I can say I learned to live with pain but I am (and my husband is) really tired of it. The new doctor said that my tibial sesamoid is irritating the soft tissues and suggested to remove it. He also said it is an easy procedure (which I didn’t believe) and I am horrified by the idea. I am glad I found your blog and it gives me hope. Thank you.
    My question is how the surgery influences the second sesamoid bone ( which is left). Doesn’t it get an extra pressure and won’t it be damaged after the first one is taken away?

    1. Yeah Asia.. glad too you found the blog.. and what may be a GREAT Dr too.. Sesamoiditis ( inflammation of the sesamoid ) does not always mean your sesamoid is fractured.. just inflamed as yours is.. however, it usually turns in to a fracture or bone dying after a long period of time. .just by the nature of this bone.. ( per my Dr. ) I can too feel your pain ( literally ) I walked around for almost 17 years before getting my second surgery and the entire 10 years I have been with my Significant other, he heard me complain about that pain.. finally I remember about 4 months after my surgery ( right foot) he said. . wow, you are not in pain.. thats fantastic. My sesamoid was so tender it hurt just to have a sheet on my bed touch it.. I had to sleep with my feet out of the covers. 😦 anyhow… yeah for you.. and I think too that your Dr. sounds confident. my second Dr. ( right foot) was also very confident.. explaining that it is indeed a tight surgery .. however, also explaining you can’t really tell until you open it up.. sometimes there may be issues with tendons and what not. I have been fortunate enough my Dr. did not cut any of them.. and my bone as he said .. was so bad, it basically crumbled when touched .. he feels due to cortisone most likely.. and loss of blood. to answer your question about the other sesamoid.. Id ask the Dr.. my dr. never had concern for me.. he said I could do anything and everything I wanted to .. the only issue he ever mentioned was balance. and I knew that from first surgery.. so I just kept practicing my yoga postures.. I can do everything now. no problems.. well, maybe my poses are perfect.. but who cares? I think its great you are going to find relief.. I wish you luck. Let us know when you are scheduled for your surgery.. there is hope.. ) keep us posted.

      1. Good afternoon,

        I’ve posted here before/after my surgery I believe. I had 1 sesamoid removed due to a fracture/AVN, a tendon transfer and bunion removed. That was @ the end of Sept 2013. Recovery was going great, I was back in the gym the past couple months doing some jogging, bike, elliptical. Then 3 wks ago I turned to hold the door for someone and I felt a tear in my toe. After that every 20 steps or so I get a stabbing pain in the middle of my big toe that just radiates out and phantom like pains on the bottom. I went to the ortho and he gave me the ole moon boot to wear for a few wks. He “hopes” I just need some TLC and to give it a rest. It feels ok as long as I have the boot on but I don’t feel like any progress is being made. I’ll get an MRI in 2-3 if the pain doesn’t magically disappear. I feel like maybe I ripped that tendon transfer off the bone and others have told me they think the same. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before w/ this surgery??
        Thanks in advance!

      2. Hi J… thanks for writing in.. I will pray the pain ” magically disappears” with some TLC.. oye.. I can’t personally speak to this , as I have only had the bunion and sesamoid surgeries..never the tendon transfer.. maybe someone else reading this can speak to that.. ? Either way.. Im thinking of you.. keep us posted on the outcome with MRI and such if needed. Good luck.

  65. Hi everyone, I had a fibular sesamoidectomy on Feb. 21st, 2014. Obviously I had a nerve block for the surgery, which I was told by my doctor would wear off within 8-12 hours and I would regain feeling. However, I am still 100% numb throughout the ball of my foot as well as numb in my big toe and second toe. The feeling returned to my other toes within the timeframe he gave me for the block so I am starting to believe that I will not get feeling back at all in the areas that are still numb. I guess I cannot complain because I did not have any pain from the surgery, but I seriously want to be able to feel the rest of my foot again! Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, please tell me I will eventually get the feeling back!

    1. Wanted to check in. .while I can’t speak to your concern.. I do hope you are feeling better? Did you discuss with your Dr.? Happy Healing.. Lisa

    2. I had a tibial sesamoidectomy 4.5 months ago with the nerve block like you. I remember it taking a seriously long time (like around 3 days) for the feeling to return to my big & 2nd toe. Like yourself, I was wanting to feel the pain as opposed to feeling nothing. It eventually returned, but I still have very minor numbness on the side of my big toe and near the incision. Given how many nerves they had to cut through, I’m not surprised.

  66. I’ve been not his crazy roller coaster for a while now, although I can’t imagine 17 years! I first bruised my toe in a running race about a year ago….St Pattys day run. Pain was off and on, I’d rest, push through, etc etc. Then August 2013 I was at the gym did a burpee and came down on my toe just right and yikes, instant crippling pain. Headed to dr, did x ray, was told I had turf toe & to stay off/not bend it 8-12 weeks. I did that, no improvement. Went to ortho, he put me in hard orthotics to keep toe from bending (graphite plate I believe). Didn’t help, got MRI dec 2013, shows sesamoiditis. Got cortisone, OMG, horrible, horrible pain. Everyone told me it would be feeling great—uh…NO! Switched orthos (first ortho wasn’t a good personality fit, not so good at bedside manner). Second ortho (3rd dr), wants to switch the orthotic to more of a cushion, try a numbing cream, we do it, no change. He now (this week) thinks we should go for surgery.

    So Tues, dr says he wants to do a right tibial sesamoidectomy and a right plantar neurolysis vs neurectomy. I’m nervous as hell. I *think* it’s probably the best decision, obviously nothing else is working, but I’ve read many a horror story on the WWW. I also have a 5 year old and 1.5 year old. I’ve been on such a roller coaster this year with this dang foot. I was VERY active and honestly it has been depressing not to be. I’m a cardio girl, love my polyometrics. Anyways, looking for encouragement, thoughts, advice, etc…. I’m mostly worried about recovery & my kids. It’s hard enough now keeping up with them with my limp/pain. My husband and/or mom will be here FT the first 10-14 days, will that be “enough?” I believe the second surgery is similar to a carpal tunnel surgery, but on the foot. Kinda skeptical about messing with nerves & bones, but I’m not sure what other option I’ve got. Thanks for any words of wisdom. I hope and pray I too have a success story one day. I’m coming up on 35, never occurred to me I would be so inactive at this age, hoping I can reverse that. I can’t imagine walking pain free right now….hopefully one day!

    1. Oh boy… well, Im sorry to hear of your pain.. as like the rest.. it SUCKS.. we all know it. And yes, its depressing … my only advice TRUST your Dr., TRUST your decision.. and KNOW that it is ONLY temporary.. Im not saying it will be over after the surgery.. honestly.. that is when the real work starts.. you must rest to heal, and do your PT homework.. It sounds like you have good support (family) on your side.. and while it won’t be easy Im sure with the kiddies.. it will be worth it.

      Do your homework, research your surgery ASK a lot of questions.. and talk to your Dr. if you have fears .. ask/talk. Positive thoughts are coming your way.. PLEASE keep us posted.. xo

      1. Weird that the last 5 days or so my foot has felt better than it has in months. :/. But, I’ve had a stomach but (partially anxiety induced I’m sure), so not sure if I just can’t deal with it all or what. I did go speak to dr yesterday and he really eased my nerves. I’m going to try reading the power of positive thinking and hopefully get a bit more zen before the big day. Exercise really helps chill me out, reduce my stress & anxiety and I’ve been missing that A LOT over the last months & it’s starting to catch up. Anyhow, my doc said he wasn’t pressuring me whatsoever and as far as he’s concerned, I can have surgery 3 weeks from now, 3 months, 3 years, whatever it is for me to decide, but he really feels surgery is the only way I’ll possibly get relief. The biggest blah moment was just hearing that he really doesn’t know what the neurolysis will do and only getting in there and trying will tell. I’m hopeful it will be positive and help me, figure at this point things are (hopefully) likely to go up. :). He’s an awesome guy, literally spent an hour just talking to me, so that good and I know he’s a fabulous surgeon with a great reputation, which makes me feel good. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but yet ready for it to be here and me to be on the way to recovery. Thanks for the blog, love seeing others positive experiences.

      2. Loving your surgeon.. and the time he takes with you to make you feel comfortable. is KEY.. I know when you decide .. it will be the right time. Keep us posted.

    2. It was the best descion i ever made to have mine removed. i had the op early december and was off work 6 weeks. im nhow walking running back to being active xx

    3. Sassyinc., It’s good to find a kind of kindred spirit. We get told to “get over it”, but they don’t understand that we suck it up everyday and literally limp along. I can’t imagine 17 years of that, 4 has been horrible. You’ve said everything I feel about my life, I hope one day I will be pain free too. We will continue on and make the best of it! Good luck to you.l

  67. My surgery is scheduled for April 1st. 2014 and your account was very helpful and reassuring!!!

    1. Good luck tomorrow! Mine is April 9, I’m pretty anxious about it. Especially keeping up with my kiddos and just doing the day-to-day. I’m sure it’ll be great though, wishing you all the best.

      1. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but when I talked to the lady at the hospital she mentioned I would take a pregnancy test at the hospital. For some reason this has stuck with me & tonight, I pulled out a cheapie and sure enough, positive! I’m completely shocked, we were “done.” I guess my April 9 surgery isn’t happening. :(. I’ve been fretting and fretting and probably all for naut. Wow, I’m completely, completely BEYOND shocked.

      2. Well there you have it.. 🙂 Congratulations..!! Our first Vanity, Sanity and Health Baby.. 🙂 WOOHOO..I hope all is well .. please please please keep us posted. xo

  68. Hello! I am 46 yrs old and 4 years post tibial sesamoid fracture. I was doing yoga (Chaturanga, to be exact) when the thing finally gave way and broke in half. Didn’t know it was split until xray 2 months later, and then the Dr. tried conservative things for the next 5 months. Surgery in 2010 resulted in alot of pain and a bunion. Quality of life diminished considerable as i wasn’t able to get back into the physically active lifestyle I enjoyed. I am not wuss by any stretch of the imagination, and this was excruciating. My dr. didn’t know what to do and gave me a referral who thought physical therapy was the answer….it wasn’t. I had to run (for my job) on the side of my foot for 15 weeks. Jumping, was out of the question. Can’t bend my toe w/o considerable pain that would have me wish I could throw up! I have a black belt and it’s crushed me not to be able to fully participate in that sport or yoga since. 2 wks before i broke it, I bought ‘Insanity’ and had to give it to my sister. 😦 Since surgery, I have nerve pain that radiates across my foot and arthritis in my big toe joint now, too. Sucks! I live on IBU 800!

    Surgery for a bunion with a tendon release and decrease of 1st metatarsal is scheduled for April 30th. Not much more I could stand. I hope this will correct the alignment problems and help my gait. Hope to be much more mobile after this. I don’t expect miracles, but I really hope for a better outcome!

    1. Oh boy.. Im sorry to hear about your on going pain and issues.. UUUUGH.. curious.. are you seeing the same dr. for your surgery? I really hope that you find relief.. I FEEL your pain.. (sort of).. please keep us posted.. and yes, sadly I can’t chataranga even after surgery without a ‘shoe’ of sorts.. but I live with that.. Good luck and keep us posted.. will be thinking of you . xo

    2. Best of luck to you in your surgery … I just had a lateral sesamoidectomy and FHM tendon repair three weeks ago. Things are going well and I hope to be out of the cast next week. Really hoping that this surgery helps you with your pain and gait. Good luck!

    3. Finally some relief! 2 wks post op bunionectomy w/ a tendon release. That sucker was a a tight as a guitar string. I was able to completely stretch my left foot for the first time in 4 years. OMG! I will never that that for grated again!. When he cut the bunion off, he found a hole in my bone, about the size of a pencil eraser, so he couldn’t do the surgery as intended and did something else. I am still numb on the top of my foot and when it wakes up, I am sure it will never be as painful as it was. I blogged my little journey, too:
      So far I am grateful and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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  70. Hey! Thanks so much for this blog,
    I’m just back from the hospital after signing my consent form for my sesamoidectomy. I’ve been panicking all afternoon that I’ve done the wrong thing. This has been a very helpful post that’s making me feel that this is the right decision. I’ve had pain now for the past 5 years which has stopped me running and even walking at times. I was given the option to continue letting the sesamoid degrade over time since mine is a congential defect of the bone, or have surgery now and live with the potential risks of surgery. Some of the risks are scary, potential permanent pain, possible nerve damage etc. but I am really reassured by your post. Thanks

    1. Hey hey Mel.. well, first and foremost.. you know we all wish you the best.. secondly.. THEY ( you know they?) have to tell you the worst scenario.. its what they must do.. but with all the great new surgery techniques and a great Dr.. I think you are going to be just fine.. stay positive.. When is the surgery? keep us posted..

  71. Hi All,

    I had a fibular sesamoidectomy in each foot, right foot in Sept. 2013 and left in Dec. 2013. Overall seemed to be healing really well, but about a month ago started having pain across top of left foot, I’m guessing because I returned to activity (probably too much too soon) and because I think I still walk on the side of my foot. Anyway, now I think I’m overthinking everything as when I saw my doctor about it he mentioned coming in right away if I suspected any pain in my remaining sesamoid in each foot. Of course, now I feel like there is soreness in the ball of each foot, hard to say if it’s from scar tissue or the remaining sesamoid. Do you all have pain from time to time in your remaining sesamoid? What do you do to protect it? Do you ever have pain other parts of your foot? Do you wear orthotics or specific types of shoes? Overall I really am doing much better and think this is just a setback, but I so want to move on and stop thinking about my feet.

    Thanks so much, and thanks for this wonderfully helpful post!

    1. WOWY.. what a trooper you are .. Im not sure I could have done what you did..just a few months apart.. but Im so happy to hear you are doing (relatively) well.. and this question is perfect for today too.. Reason being.. I just came back from a little weekend trip to FLA. What does that have to do with anything? well, I wore shoes that I normally don’t wear at home, because I wanted to look cute LOL , I exercised differently, because I didn’t have my gym to work out in, and I was at an event too where I stood longer than I do any given day…. and surprise surprise (or not).. my right foot ( the sesamoid I had surgery on last year) is now a little swollen and yes, achey too. 😦 Oh and my heel area aches too.. which I attribute to over doing it to too.. I remember with my other foot , this will happen for years to come and honestly if I over do it way too much, the other foot (the one I had done 18 years ago now) will even hurt. Its normal. There was trauma not just from the break but the surgery.. the area is weak for many reasons too. I honestly just think we need to be aware.. this area of the foot holds a lot of pressure and even on a healthy foot it will hurt when over use. I wish I could say you won’t ever have to think about your feet again.. but the truth is.. you will. I have had to dial it down a lot with my activity and modify even a simple yoga posture.. the UP side.. I am not in constant pain. .. I think you are doing great. I didn’t want to sugar coat this in any way, but seriously, for me, not having constant pain is a pretty good happy ending. I hope you continue to heal and in time, you will forget about the feet. I promise. XO

  72. Hi, i am writting from Barcelone/Spain.
    I have bipartit sesamoid and since a lot of years, i have pain: i’ve tried a lot of things, including growth factor but the result is the same. I’d like to remove completly the sesamoids, please which is the best-most experienced doctor ?? for if’s the same if i have to travel to usa/chin/etc .., i need a solution, i’m desespereted.please give me some references.
    Thanks very much

    1. Im very sorry to hear you are enduring such pain and no solution.. sadly I am not able to give you a reference to a Dr. unless you are in the states and in the Tri-state area ( Phila, NY, NJ) which is where I am from . Perhaps someone else reading this in your area may be able to help? My suggestion is to find a podiatrist you trust and ask his/her referral? i wish you all the best.

      Keep us posted..

      1. İ had mu partial sesamoidectomy in Turkey. If you may think coming to Turkey i can suggest mine.

  73. Hello all, Love the this blog. Next week will make 1 year with a sesamoid fracture. 😦 Yesterday I had a Bone scan as my doctor (Doc #4) wants to be certain that sesamoid is the issue. Has anyone else had a Bone Scan? Helpful? Xrays show a fracture but 2 MRIs show a normal foot! Contradiction! I have see 2 orthopedic foot and ankle specialist. My current doc thinks its a sesamiod fracture while the other thinks its is a bipart sesamoid. Again, contradiction! After a year I have exhausted all non invasive options, depending on the bone scan results, both doctors are suggesting removal of the sesamoid. I am ready for surgery/healing, but scared. Just want a semi normal life again.
    Sincerely, Mr. Stressed

    1. I have or I should say had bipartite sesamoids from birth Im told (because it was in both feet), which Im told made me prone to fractures.. MRI was the only thing that picked up my fractures.. X-rays never did. keep looking for answers.. and ask lots of questions.. good luck. keep us posted.. I promise there is a life of less pain.. with the right dr.’s ..

      1. I had the same surgery on my left foot 11 weeks ago. I was just cleared by my doctor the 3 days ago to go back to my regular activities as long as I am not in pain by doing so and to always wear shoes with cushioning whenever I’m up especially on hardwood floors and concrete. My recovery was very similar to yours, but one thing the numbness from my nerve!!! I still do not have 50% feeling back in my big toe. Dr says that will take the longest to heal. I was curious if you had the same problem? It really bothers me not to have feeling back. Initially it seemed to get better weekly and is now at a stand still for the last 3 weeks!

      2. I had the same surgery on my left foot 11 weeks ago. I was just cleared by my doctor the 3 days ago to go back to my regular activities as long as I am not in pain by doing so and to always wear shoes with cushioning whenever I’m up especially on hardwood floors and concrete. My recovery was very similar to yours, but one thing the numbness from my nerve!!! I still do not have 50% feeling back in my big toe. Dr says that will take the longest to heal. I was curious if you had the same problem? It really bothers me not to have feeling back. Initially it seemed to get better weekly and is now at a stand still for the last 3 weeks!

      3. WOOHOOO… sounds like you are doing great.. happy to hear of your recovery success. YES, the numbness was the last to “heal”.. and honestly.. I still have one spot that is ‘numb’ on my foot from over two decades.. but it becomes normal if that makes any sense? Its NOT pain.. and that works for me. Keep up the great work. Happy you are doing so well..

      4. Did your bipartite sesamoids separate farther or did the individual pieces actually fracture?

    2. I had multiple xrays (I should glow in the dark), a bone scan, and an MRI (the MRI came two weeks before surgery – a little late in the game, in my opinion.) All of them showed a fractured sesamoid. I just had surgery to remove it five weeks ago. As an added attraction, I had an FHL tendon repair, because the tendon had frayed down to about 25% of its regular size by being caught in the bone fragments. I had a bit of a different recovery thanks to the tendon repair, but only have one more week in the boot and then am on my way to a “regular” life (I hope). I think having a bone scan is a good idea. Best of luck to you!

      1. I agree.. and I hope you find relief.. remember.. patience. REST .. you will be out of the boot..but go easy.. don’t rush it. Keep us posted.. 🙂

  74. Hi, in my case I have bipartit sesamoide, 2 sesamoid in each foot. Has anyone removed completly all the sesamoid ?? it is possible to leave without ?? i have pain all the time, there in spain, i am just trying infiltration of growth factor , but not results .. the doctor said that it is very dangerous to remove complety all the sesamoid, but leaving with pain is difficult .. son anyone without sesamoid ??

    1. I too have Bipartite sesamoid in both feet.. Im told it was from birth ( my case?) because I have it in both feet.. I was also told that that was not so much the reason for my pain, however the reason I was prone to the fractures.. which lead to the sesamoidectomy(s) .. one in each foot. Anyhow. I would get another opinion.. maybe an mri.. or try to see if there is a significant fracture..? my X-rays showed nothing.. but mri picked up the fracture.. and we removed the fractured sesamoid.. my pain is gone. ? not sure if that helped.. ? My dr. would not be happy to remove both… its very risky Im told.. until they come up with some sort of filler. he said he would not consider.?

  75. Hi tasil, so if i have understood well, in one foot, yo had bipartit sesamoid, 1 sesamoid fractured and they removed it ?? is it ok know , without pain ?? so in 1 foot, you only have now 1 sesamoid ??

    1. Hi there.. I had bipartite in both feet..I never knew it until I had the issue with the right foot.. my fist Dr. many years ago.. 17 or so.. never x-ray’d my right foot.. but had he .. he would have seen it.. I am told that it is common.. when you have in one you often have in the other.. its non common..but it is a ‘birth defect’ of sorts.. ?? anyhow.. no biggy.. and yes, I was prone to fractures.. and issues/pain and had the fractured sesamoid removed.. and yes.. I have one sesamoid now in each foot.. and yes, without PAIN.. really no major issues at all.. I do occasionally over do it.. and so I back off for a day or two and check my ego.. 🙂 but on a daily basis .. NO issues.. at all . I can wear shoes, heels, sneakers, run, walk long distance. etc.. only think I can’t do repetitive is any kind of standing /flexing up toe movement.. which makes sense. and I will tell you .. I lived in pain for years.. so much so that even the sheets on my bed touching the foot hurt .. keep us posted.

      1. Thank you very much Tasil for the info. where are you from ?? is it a good doctor ?? its name ?? no problem for me to travell around the world to solve my sesamoid problem ..
        thanks a lot

      2. I am in the U.S. I live in the state of NJ.. I would highly recommend my Dr. I trust immensely. He was first my mothers Dr. My mom had to have complete foot reconstruction – 6 procedures at once including tendon grafting.. and he did an amazing job. She walks daily (post surgery) 4 miles. and is doing great. and of course .. I am VERY happy with my results.. and his care. My Dr. is Ernest A Lazos DPM, Voorhees, NJ 08043 you can google him.. good luck. Keep us posted.

  76. Hi I happened upon your blog and feel so much better knowing I am not alone. I have a broken sesamoid in my rt foot and it’s been over 15 months of intense pain the pediatrist was attributing to my bunion. I am now trying to get surgery approved to address both the broken sesamoid and bunion. I’m scared but have already such a limited life due to pain that I can’t imagine going on on without surgery. I contemplated life with a handicapped placard and permanent cane or crutches. Thanks to you all for sharing your journey- if I could just find a reputable surgeon that will take my insurance(-I’m in SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA)I too will b on my way to recovery.

    1. My first surgery was done with a bunionectomy.. it was a little longer for the recovery than if only one or the other. however.. Im just fine today. I did have complications with scar tissue and a keloid which developed but I am positive that was due to my surgeon and not the surgery.. regardless.. I think you will be fine.. keep searching for a great dr. and keep us posted.. there is HOPE.. .promise.

  77. tasil, THANKS a lot for your articles, i’m happy again , there is hope, i’m going to search for Ernest A Lazos.
    I am from europe/spain, if anyone knows an expert sesamoid doctor near/europe, please tell me.
    THANKS a lot tasil.

  78. Hi tasil, can you write to me ( or can you send me your email ?? i have some confidencial/private questions about this surgery ($$$, etc ..) Saludos desde España y MUCHAS gracias.

  79. Hi all,
    Just wanted to update you on my condition. It has now been 6 months since surgery and I have no toe drift and my big toe problems are almost gone. I do still have a little stinging when I walk to much but other than that I no longer hurt with each step. At 5 months it became manageable to the point where I no longer noticed it all the time and now at 6 months I have many pain free days. I didn’t do anything to resolve this, it has just gotten better over time. I also no longer feel like i am walking on a sock. My swelling has gone way way down. It is not gone but almost so it looks like I might get a full recovery. I couldn’t be happier. No more pain all the time. I do have some aches and pains here and there but nothing I can’t handle and honestly it is barely worth mentioning. Even if this is as good as it gets I am thrilled. =)

    1. Hi Debbie.. sounds like you are doing well. WOOHOO. Happy to hear a success story.. I can tell you, it will get less and less that you have sporadic pain episodes .. I know I still do myself in both feet but that is when I over do it.. its just a fact..even normal feet get tired and hurt.. our feet are just a little more sensitive.. over all it sounds like you are doing great. You said something though ” I didn’t do anything to resolve this, it has just gotten better over time?” Im not sure what that means.. but I do know you had surgery.. ?

      Keep up the great efforts in your healing.. its great to hear the happy ending.. 🙂

      1. Oh what I meant by I didn’t do anything to resolve this…is I didn’t do anything other than heal from surgery. I mean lately. At first I did PT and I have exercised it but I guess what I meant was nothing out of the ordinary. Like no extra PT or exercises. Sorry, LOL…I guess it did sound weird. And I quit having to manually bend my toe back. At first, I had to do that but I even quit that at around 3 months out from surgery so I guess that is what I mean…in the last couple of months I have been doing nothing but sitting around and going for normal walks etc. No PT exercises or bending my toe back 3x a day etc.

      2. Thats what I thought..but did not want to assume.. 🙂 all good.. what is important is how fantastic you are healing.. every one is different. So happy this worked out for you.

        Thanks for the update… look forward to hearing from you a year post op.

  80. This has been very helpful web site, can you tell me how your toe now is? after a period of time, they say the other sessmoid will also break given one has been taken out. Is that true? would like to know the results of that.

    1. I have had both of my feet done.. one done 18 years ago.. my toes look pretty good.. ?? no real drifting or issues. And as I am not a Dr. , I really can’t comment as to the ‘other sesamoid’ breaking due to pressure over time .. ? I can only say.. that 18 years after a surgery.. on my one foot, I am still fine. I will say you will most likely need to modify any activity that possibly caused your issues or any time of constant / repetitive pounding.. which IMO is common sense. Good luck

  81. Thank you so much for your post. On November 22, 2013, I had a bunionectomy done on my right foot by a podiatrist. As soon as I was allowed to start walking in a boot I started feeling pain at the bottom of my foot. I thought it was just tight from the surgery. Now here we are 6 months later and I still have pain on the bottom of my foot. My dr gave me a cortisone shot about a month ago and it didn’t do a thing for me. Not even for a day. Finally he sent me a CT and that’s when he realized I have I guess bone fragments from my tribieal sesamoid. He has told me there is only one thing left to do and that is to have the surgery to remove the sesamoid. CT shows I have moderate to advanced degenerative changes (whatever that means). Dr said he’s done this surgery a couple of times (didn’t exactly tell me how many times) but he strongly recommends I get a second opinion. That statement had me worried. My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to ever wear heels again. Since the first surgery I haven’t been able to wear anything but tennis shoes. I’ve tried a couple of times to slip my foot into a heel but I can’t even get close to putting my foot in a heel because the pain is so bad. Did you have that kind of pain prior to surgery? Do you think this is a surgery for a podiatrist or should I try to find an orthopedic? Are you now able to any exercise you want (like step aerobics)? Thanks again for all your helpful insight. BTW, I still don’t know what caused my problem, could it have happened when I dropped a weight on my foot?

    1. Hi there.. first thought .. Oh Boy..? curious.. at what point did you drop a weight on your foot.. post bunionectomy ? or before? Yes, I have heard of people fracturing a sesamoid from dropping something heavy on the foot.. ???

      FYI.. My first sesamoidectomy many many years ago ( 18 ) .. I did a bunionectomy with that surgery.. I know thats a rough recovery.. but eventually once you figure this all out… it will be just the past.. a memory.

      As to answer your questions.. I can wear heels now.. I don’t always want to, depending on how long I wear them. I still have a little swelling ( but doesn’t every one ? ) and I can do almost anything I want.. without taking it too far.. my foot tells me when Ive gone too far… honestly.. with any injury or surgery like this.. you need to know your limits.. post op.

      I would get a second opinion.. and find a good Dr.. I used a great podiatrist

      Good luck.. keep us posted.

      1. After a podiatrist did my sesamoidectomy and all the trouble I had with that for 4 years, I would highly recommend a orthopedic surgeon. I am 2 wks post-op bunionectomy and I am finally pain free in the area that hurt so bad for so long.

      2. Glad you are coming along and pain free.. personally I think there are good Dr’s and not so good Dr’s.. hard to say one would do better.. I had two surgeries two feet.. both podiatrist.. one did amazing.. the other.. not

  82. May 15, 2014
    I am on day 16 post tibular sesamoidectomy/bunionectomy. I’m struggling to stay positive (usually optomistic, energetic, outgoing). The pain is minimal….I might take one Tylenol a day. Just starting to rest at night….still getting those crazy spasms! Stitches have been out and site looks exactly like yous did…..good.
    The swelling is the biggest nuisance. Oh, and I STILL can’t walk. Anyway,
    I sincerely appreciate your posting your story…I felt like I had written it myself. However your ending has given me something to look forward to…..maybe the last eight months of misery does have a happy ending and I can jog and resume some form of a normal life again with my family. Thank you!

    1. Patience and a positive attitude. its the best medicine.. I wish you well.. keep us posted.. you are ONLY 16 days post op.. so REST and keep that foot up.. xo

  83. I want to sincerely thank you for this blog. Like the others, I searched for any positive stories from this surgery and they are very few and far between. However, I knew this was really my only option, and seeing/reading about your successful surgery has been incredibly encouraging. I am 2 weeks post-op and feel better and better each day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah… Im so happy to hear you are doing well just 2 weeks post op.. this is great news. NOW .. rest and patience.. I can’t say it enough. Don’t try to do too much too soon. You have what I call healing pain.. and it will change every day.. but eventually you will forget about it.. and things will be normal again.. imagine that 🙂

      Im happy you found my blog.. this is exactly why I wrote about it.. I KNOW that it is a rough choice and so scary to consider this surgery.. but I wanted to give hope. and you are on your way.. keep us posted…. happy healing .

  84. Hello, I’m 8 weeks post surgery. I had my left fubular sesamoid removed. I still have quite a bit of swelling, my left foot is almost a full inch longer than my right. I’ve been wearing Nike sandals for about a month and a half now. I ride the bike at the gym and can only go for about 20 minutes until it gets a bit painful. When I injured my foot I was training for my second half marathon so it’s been frustrating. I had knee replacement about 8 years ago so I know these things just take time. Reading your blog has helped me to remember that this too shall pass. Thanks!

    1. Hey hey.. congrats on 8 weeks out.. as we know from any surgery.. swelling happens… and especially in over use. So be kind to yourself. REST is still important. please don’t push it.. I know our ego’s get in the way .. seems sesamoidecotomy patients have a ‘profile’ of being over achievers.. IMO LOL its ok to REST.. I know you know.. Im just giving you permission.. xo Keep us posted on your healing..

  85. I just had the surgery on 5-29-14 and my doctor replaced my sesamoid with a cartilage graph. Stitches come out tomorrow. I read your blog many times and I can relate to a lot of your comments. Day 8…about the pain coming and going and you’re like “oh wow” also about trying to move your big toe. I do the same thing. Since had had an implant I will be non weight bearing until the end of June and then still in the boot until the end of July. At least the end is near. I’ve been nj the boot since 1-17-14. Thanks for your blog. It gave me an idea what to expect prior to surgery and after I would read to compare mine to yours. Very similar, although I am only 11 days post op. I very scared to actually take my first step. Thanks again…

    1. Happy day… happy post surgery… glad you are on your way to healing. The hard part is over.. that decision to do it. As for that first step… sure its scary.. this time next month.. with any luck.. you will be laughing at that. It sounds like you are on your way to a great recovery… don’t push it.. keep it up , rested when you can and iced.. RUSHING the healing process will not serve you . Im happy you found the blog useful… Im considering writing one now about my experience with peri – menopause … LOL in case any one is interested.. Jeeeze louise .. the sesamoid was a piece of cake.. LOL seriously.. if you can’t laugh at yourself.. right? Keep smiling. Stay positive.. and keep us posted.. xo

    2. Hey Jill.. hope you are still doing well.. question for You.. it didn’t mean anything to me unit know.. Im going in for surgery next week on my shoulder ( yep.. uuuugh ) and may need a cadaver cartilage graph.. is that what you had.. or did they use your own cartilage? Hope you are still doing great.. happy day..

      1. Hi! It was a cadaver cartilage graph. (Basically someone else’s skin!). But he said it was sterilized and such…

        I’m doing good. He dr had to remove a nerve so I have permanent nerve damage…I just have to get used to that “funny” feeling. Still swollen and have been weight bearing in the boot for about 10 days. Go back Wednesday and I should come out of the boot. SO excited since I’ve been in it since January 17!

        Good luck with the shoulder surgery!!

      2. LOL.. yes, Im hoping it is sterilized.. LOL I was just curious to know. I know a few that have used cadaver cartilage but also some that have used their own.. so wanted to talk to someone that actually had it done…. other than my mom.. who actually had it done too..:) and thank you.

    3. Hi Jill,
      How common is the cartilage graph? And how was your recovery, and how are you now?
      Since you had an implant and not an excision, can you do what you could have done when the bone was healthy? I don’t understand why this is not common practice. An implant makes sense.

    4. Hi Jill,
      Can you give me an update on your progress? I’m contemplating surgery and the implant seems the way to go. I live in NYC and will probably use your doctor, but would like to know if there has been any issues with the implant. Also, what kind of activities can you not do, and can you wear heels?

  86. Hi. I’m 43 and from the Uk. I had my left foot operated on 27th may 2014 after a couple of years of suffering un diagnosed sesamoiditis. I had to get a podiatrist friend to literally beg the medical profession to get me seen by a specialist. Once I was checked out, I had the cortisone injections which did nothing other than make me feel sick at the thought of it. Anyway, my consultant decided removal was the only path. The operation went well and included some tendon repairs and arthritis removal. 3 for the price of one…. I was incredibly nervous as I suffer from anxiety and felt completely overwhelmed by the whole event. I found your post while waiting for my surgery date and found it the most comforting info out there. I have read your story many times and still check it out as I’m only 3 weeks into recovery. So far so good. I’m still signed off work and cannot weight bare or wear a shoe but getting about is getting easier. I have never been that active but I’m contemplating getting into regular exercise once I’m able as being pretty disabled for this period has made me thankful I will be able to make the most of my life. Your post has been a massive help to me and I thank you for sharing your story as its helped me through a very tough part of my life. Chris.

    1. Hi Chris… Im so glad you found my blog to be helpful. It sounds like you are on your healing way 🙂 Im happy you were able to find a GOOD dr. too.. I can NOT stress enough how important patience and rest are to your recovery post surgery.. keep that positive attitude and smile too. I wish you lots of well wishes.. please keep us posted on your experience and recovery. xo Lisa T.

      1. Hi Lisa. Thanks for your reply. I am back to the hospital this Monday 7th July for follow up.. All the stitches have now dissolved and the wound is almost invisible. Quite incredible really considering it looked quite severe at first. I have been walking bare foot in my garden on the grass which is a joy. No weight baring or shoe yet but small steps and all that. I’m still getting some sharp pains and some quite intense throbbing but not all the time. Also, my big toe feels numb like pins and needles. Hope this passes. I’m praying my consultant will let me begin doing some sort of activity soon as I need to get some weight off and I have read that exercise can help anxiety. On the mend though now. I must admit, I completely under estimated this whole experience! !!!

      2. Happy day… and happy gardening.. do you grow food ? plants? or both? either way . .how lovely to get your feet in there.. good for always . be careful ! Im happy things are going well for you , or so it seems on target. I think ( from my experience) your pains, throbbing and some pins needles etc.. are all normal , and part of the healing process. again, only my opinion.. from experience. Keep us posted.. love hearing happy healing stories..

        NOW I ask you to say a little prayer..Im back in surgery on July 10th.. 😦 this time my shoulder. You would think Im some crazy athlete with all my athletic injury.. LOL anyhow.. have a SLAP tear needing repair .. with possible cadaver cartilage replacement.. I know I will be fine.. but jeeze louise.. I would just like to NOT feel pain for a good solid year.. I will of course now start a new blog.. for that recovery / experience.. hoping you never need it.. 😉

        ENJOY the day.. and good luck with all ..

      3. Hey Christian, I am so glad to hear from you. This blog helped me tremendously!!! Patience is the best medicine after surgery.
        I’m 45 yrs old and nine weeks post op from sesamoidectomy/bunionectomy with a screw placement. I suffered almost a year before surgery. My orthopedist said “You can continue with the conservative approach (crutches, walking boot, ortho post op shoe, steel plate orthotic in a sneaker, etc) it very well may heal in 6-8 months.” So naturally, I held out because I would rather not have surgery. BUT it never healed. I’m so thankful I had the surgery! I have no pain…only stiffness….which I am determined will go completely away. I don’t know if I will chance jogging again anytime soon although it is very passionate to me. But I have started walking (98% normal) and thank goodness because I gained 15 horrible pounds!!!
        What I don’t understand is that almost everyone who has commented on this blog SUFFERS FOR A LONG TIME first. I followed all of my physicians precisely and I’m a registered nurse ( I really did do exactly as directed). Anyone with any thoughts? Does anyone know anyone that healed from sesamoiditis without surgery?

      4. Hey there.. sounds like you are doing great.. yeah for you. hmmmm good question about why? well, I think many fear the unknown with this surgery.. even Dr.’s are not so comfortable with it.. thats all I can think of.. Im just now preparing for a SLAP tear repair surgery with possible cartilage graph next week.. and I feel like I want to put it off.. but then I know .. I am only putting off the inevitable.. so.. I DONT know any one that wants to get surgery.. and some times we can even try to talk ourself out of the pain.. at least that is my story.. LOL as for anyone healing it. NO.. never heard of it. at least not a full fledge fracture.. maybe just the inflammation aspect? not sure. keep us posted on your recovery.. happy day.

      5. I have only found 2 people in the 6 months I’ve been dealing with this that even knew what your sesamoid bone was, nevermind what a sesamoidictomy is…one was a co-worker who injured hers and a cousin whose son had sesamoiditus. I don think either of there’s was injured to a point ours was! And trying explaining to complete strangers who stop you in public and comment on your injury…it’s like a deer In headlights! Lol

      6. I have a fractured left foot sesamoid first noted Feb 2013. I wore a boot for 6 months. Used a bone stimulator for 270 days. Did no surgery. Wore flat shoes with orthopedics for another 6 months. Now , I wear heels with up to 2.5” and can walk, hike, ride bikes etc. But, cannot walk barefoot on tile or run. Still fearful that something else will go wrong, but all-in-all healed ok without surgery. Fingers crossed!!!!

      7. HI there.. well.. that is promising for many.. thanks for that update and info.. Im sure we are all crossing our fingers for YOU.. xo

  87. Hi, I’m 29 and from the UK. Thank you so so much for all these posts!! I had a left foot tibial sesamoidectomy 15 days ago, with no screws etc replacing it. I was dreading this but after 3 cortisone injections and many MRI scans the decision finally came to remove one very angry sesamoid. I have a very active job and walking on the side of your foot all the time is very sore/annoying.
    All the bandages are off now besides a small dressing, it looks good except the took a stitch out 2 days ago and the top split. The ice works wonders and really help with the swelling and with it being itchy as it heals. I was told i could wear a shoe but my foot not even fit in a croc – so I’m carrying on with my orthopaedic shoe. I was never none weight bearing which i found out but I’ve coped and had crutches at home for the odd shopping trip!!
    Again, thank you reading these and hearing everyone is in the same boat has helped so much. Hope you all continue to heal well, Sam 🙂

  88. From what I’ve been reading, the surgery will cause more problems with the big toe and requires the big toe to be fused to the next toe. You didn’t experience this?

    1. No issues in that sense.. I know it could cause issues.. of a shift in the big toe..? but nothing for me.. yet? I had my left foot done almost 19 years ago.. and still all good.. this right foot is less than 2 years ago.. and also still good.. ?

  89. Do you walk with any kind of limp? Or are you walking like you never had this injury and didn’t have to have the surgery?
    Jill 😁

    1. No limps.. that Im aware of .. LOL I had this surgery on both feet.. it does not hinder my gait at all.. the ONLY thing I cannot do is walk barefoot long periods of time without discomfort, go up on my toes barefoot without discomfort ….. so I don’t do those things.. 🙂

      I walk just fine.. in all styles of shoe/sneaker..

      If Im limping.. its not because of my feet.. LOL

      1. Tasil…did I read correctly in an earlier post that your doctor is in voorhees, nj?


      2. I work in Marlton.. 🙂 want to meet up ? connect with my on fb via this blog and private message me.. I’ll show you my feet. 🙂 and give you my Dr. info. in person.

      3. i would love to meet up. I am 8 weeks post op, so i dont need your doctors info. i would just love to meet with you and talk with someone else who has gone through this. even my physical therapist said this is such an unusual procedure (and mine even more since i have the cartilidge graph implant) that he rushed back from a business trip to make sure i was HIS patient. I will fb you and send a private message and hopefully we can meet…just too funny we are in the same area

      4. Hey hey Jill.. I see you found me.. 🙂 I replied to you and sent my Private email too.. looking forward to meeting up. curious.. who did your sugary and where? and where are you going for therapy.. I start PT on my shoulder tomorrow.. at Restore P/T in Marlton.. chat soon. xo

      5. I got the Facebook message. I’ll send respond next.

        Dr David Dimenna out of cherry hill. He is my podiatrist. He did the surgery at Summit Surgical Center out of Virtua Voorhees. I’m doing my PT at Strive in Marlton. I’ve never been then but my sister in law went there last year for torn ACL and loved it. I’ll be in touch about meeting up and good luck with your PT.

    2. Hi Jill,
      Can you tell me how you’re doing now? I live in New York, and I’ve been contemplating surgery for the past six month. I’m intrigued with the cartilage graph implant. Can you send me the name of your doctor? Can you do what you could have done when you had a healthy sesamoid?

  90. Hello Group! After dealing with a fracture sesamoid (right foot the one nearer to the center of the foot) for 15 months now, the “time” has come for surgery. I visited my foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon yesterday, whom i have been seeing since Oct 13 (3 doctors prior), and he has since changed his opinion for procedural approach to a sesamoidectomy. This is based on some recent sesamoidectomy he has preformed in spring and summer 2014. Complications in surgery and healing of the patient. Instead of the incision coming from the top of the foot, through all the muscle,tendons and nerves, he is suggesting the incision location be at the bottom of the foot near the sesamoind bone. It makes sense to me as its closer to the bone but I’m no doctor. Any input out there? Anyone else have the surgery performed in this manner?

    1. Hi there.. My first sesamoidectomy was with incision on top of foot.. and I had complications.. my second ( with different Dr.) was on the side of the foot… however , he thought at first he would do the bottom of the foot, and in surgery changed to side.. and I have no issue with it.. My second (better Dr ) usually does do them from the bottom.. I have no experience other than my own.. but I think it makes sense to me.. maybe someone else will chime in.. good luck.

    2. My dr was going to do mine from side if foot, tibial & would go underneath for medial. Top of foot sounds a lot more painful to me!

    3. My surgery was on the bottom of my foot, right on the ball of my foot. I had the sesamoid removed, replaced with a graph implanted. I also had part of the nerve removed due to that being inflamed. I was non weight bearing for 4 weeks on crutches and 2 more weeks in the boot. I’m 2 1/2 weeks out of the boot and getting better every day. I start PT Monday to strengthen my foot and get my gait back to normal. I had surgery 5/29/14 and I am very happy I did it.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thx for you comments. Mine injury is on the medial sesamoind. A little reassurance is nice since the doctor changed his mind since the last surgery. Jill, I wish you happy healing. Is the graph implant to replace the function of a sesamoind bone?

  91. Thank you for posting this. I just scheduled my seismoid surgery for the middle of September and before I read your blog I was having anxiety about the whole thing. I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old. I’m a CNA at a nursing home and on my feet all day everyday. I can not stand the pain anymore and it has come time to remove the bone. Can not move my big toe hardly anymore. My biggest fear is the hammer toe and bunion after surgery. Need to get back to work quickly after surgery. Just worried about not being able to take care of my kids the first week.

    1. This bone has been broken for about 10 years always had pain just thought it was from all the sports I played in school never thought I had a broken bone.

    2. Uuugh.. Im sorry to hear about your continued pain.. for 10 years.. LIKE many of us. I hope you have a great Dr. and discuss all of your post surgical concerns with him/her. I know it won’t be easy with your kiddos… but I hope you have a partner to help you as you recover. You will be able to get around using crutches of course.. but the more rest /ice / elevation.. the better of course. I wish you the best. please keep us posted…. I think you will do fine.

  92. Hello all! I tried all non invasive methods; orthotic insoles, moon boot, PT, bone stim, cortisone, anti immflamitories and rest to which nothing improved my fractures medial sesamoid bone. After 16 months of pain, I FINALLY pulled the trigger and had my medial sesamoid bone removed 13 days ago. :-/
    Doc/surgeon says I’m healing pretty good so far and honestly the pain/surgery is not as bad as I imagined it would be. However, the first 48-72 hours post is very painful and it by no means is this an easy process! I still can’t walk, put weight, work or do much of anything other than couch activities. My incision is on the bottom of my foot, so I think it will take extra time for me to be back on my feet. I have crutches and a post op sandal to get around the house. Had my cast removed a week ago and the stitches come out in a week! My orthopedic surgeon and pathology report said the sesamoid bone was in pieces and had abnormal bone density when it was removed.

    Healing advice…..

    What did you do to heal post op?
    What did you do for swelling?
    Any advice on scar healing?
    Medicines(doc gave me Lyrica), ice and elevation for how long post op?

    1. ANDYOUWILLRUNAGAIN.. hey hey hey.. sounds like you are doing great.. the pieces and abnormal bone density are actually normal.. as I was told.. mostly because of the loss of blood supply to this bone once injured… ok.. to answer your questions.. Post op… Listen to your doc. ICE, Elevation and REST should be your best friends.. DO all as often as you can.. for as long as you can. Scar healing..? I like vitamin E or Bio Oil.. coconut oil is great too.. Lyrica? Oh boy.. personally I would NOT take it.. Im shocked they gave it to you.. maybe for pain/nerve pain? not sure.. I just sucked it up.. honestly.. the pain can be managed with a strong anti inflammatory.. in my opinion. Im not a fan of meds.. at all.. I just had shoulder surgery 7 weeks ago and had a horrible reaction just to something they give you while in operating room… and most pain meds and me do not mix.. so I just go natural.. if I can ! just my opinion . ice is a great !! Good luck and keep us in the loop.. you are on your way.. to running..

      1. Thanks tasil ! They lyrica is for nerve pain and damage. I don’t care for is because it just knocks me out! Take before bed.

      2. No I don’t think I need it but I do have some numbness at my big toe. Only 14day post op…hoping that nerve heals naturally over some time

      3. I had numbness for some time.. and actually I went to my PT for my shoulder the other day and they wanted to see my feet.. they don’t get many people with a double sesamoidectomy.. and I actually couldn’t feel my big toe on left foot.. that was done 18 years ago.. with the testing they did for me.. LOL and I never realized it.. till tested.

  93. Just found your blog. I had the surgery a week ago and hope that my recovery goes as well as yours. I got scolded by my doctor for walking on side of foot, he took bandages off and put new one on with a cushioned pad placed under the ball of my foot to walk straight. I started experiencing what feels like a charlie horse in the arch of my foot and my toes curl up. Is this what you meant by spasm? My dr. said I have a pretty good chance of running again – I hope so, I was up to running a 1/2 marathon. Thanks for your blog.

  94. I’m so glad I found your experience with sesamoid surgery. I had my surgery September 19th. My sesamoid was shattered, not sure for how long many years Dr said from the looks of the other bones. Not only did he remove the shattered pieces but he had to grind on the good bones to remove all the shagged edges from the pieces rubbing over the years. I’ve had a lot of your same progress, had no idea of the extensive rehabilitation it’s going to take to get everything back to normal and the time. My Dr prepared me for what was to come, of course I thought I’d prove him wrong, I guess I was the wrong one. Thank you it’s been helpful

  95. Thank you so much for doing this blog/journal, I really had no idea what to do once surgery was completed 2 weeks ago and the surgeon wasn’t very helpful. This is extremely helpful for me to see how someone else went about recovery!

  96. I am 3 months post-op! Yikes a long healing process, as expected! I have my 3 month doc apportionment in 2 days. My incision is healed up great! It is on the bottom of my foot and hard as a rock from scare tissue, but getting softer. Unfortunately I have a bit of nerve damage on the bottom of the foot and in between the big/2nd toe. This bearable, but hopefully just temporary!

    I have 3 question/inquires for all:
    1) What did you do for nerve damage?
    2) Did anyone experience a fluid-like feeling on the bottom of the foot? Like a blister feels prior to popping it? If so any advice? I feel this every step, not painful but strange.
    3) I’m still the post-op sandal but progressing to real shoes. I feel pain and swelling in real shoes, but not when walking in the sandal. Any shoe type suggestions? How long where you in a post-op sandal/boot?

    1. Im sure by now.. life has changed..I apologize for no response.. Ive been living a bit off of the blog.. and even running .. no pain.. I hope you too are doing great. please update us.

  97. I have my sesamoid removal next tuesday. I have a couple questions. Did they repair your tendon or leave it loose? I will be in a hard cast for 4-6 weeks post op…then in a walking boot for another 6wks after that. My sesamoid has been broken for almost 4 years. They originally offered me a surgery that didn’t repair the tendon and would have meant revisions down the road- so I opted to wait until now. The recovery plan seems so radically different from yours…

    Also, if you don’t mind… how much did yours end up costing- ball park? I’m trying to figure out if I need to up my HSA contributions sooner than later… 🙂

    1. I cannot compare my experience to anyones.. we are all quite different.. I can’t even compare my two feet to each other.. LOL I hoe you are doing well by now.. as for cost.. I can’t respond to that.. Im grateful for my insurance.

  98. Hi there,

    I have been reading your journal and it inspired me to write my own journal through the healing process. I bilateral sesamoid surgery. So the surgeon did not take out the whole sesamoid bone but only the bottom part that he called sick sesamoid. My healing process however is much slower then yours. I do however realize that everyone heals at different rates. I wonder since I had a partial sesamoidectomy and not a full one it takes longer. Maybe since there is still bone left and I heard bone takes longer to heal that might be the reason. Anyway I am in week three and half. I can walk in a walking boot now heel back of course but not in shoes yet. Doing my small physical therapy exercise and eating healthy.

  99. Extreamly helpful reading about your experience. My 10yo might need this surgery so I am just looking around the Internet. Nothing has been as helpful as your writings. We find out Jan 5th what’s next. I’m extreamly anxious, nervous, and sleepless for her. Thank you for sharing.

  100. I just read your blog timeline on your foot surgery. your feet look so healthy. I am an elementary school teacher with 16 years teaching in the classroom and now my dream job teaching physical education the last 11 years. the downside is that it has taken a toll on my feet. prior to the p.e. job I fractured my left small ankle bone and had to have surgery. Then I put on some weight and I’m sure that didn’t help my feet. Eight years ago I got osteo arthritis in my left big toe, first joint. Had a toe fusion. Still able to do my job but favoring the right foot which has taken a toll on my tendons. well, the Dr. Who did the fusion tipped my big toe up too high and it started causing a hammer toe. Then I felt like I was walking on a rock all day when barefoot. As a result I got a boney callus on the side of my left pinky toe from walking on the side of my foot for eight years.

    I went to a different Dr. And he said the best way to correct it would be to take the two sesamoids out and remove the boney callus. As you can tell I waited to have another surgery on my left foot.
    Well, on Friday, January 23, 2015 I had the long awaited surgery. All went well. I waited for the pain to set in the next day. Very little pain. I have a high tolerance for pain, as I think most people with foot problems do but this was rediculous. I then started touching my toe and noticed that the big toe was completely numb. When I went for my post op check up I mentioned it to him. He said it should not be numb because there were no nerves where the sesamoids were removed. He said they were arthritic. Oh brother!

    Right now it is day seven and still no feeling in the big toe. Also, no one ever tells you about things like your big toe shifting because you no longer have sesamoids. I have six weeks off work and then return. Right now I’m very worried that I won’t be able to do my job. I’m 57 and married but We still have a mortgage.
    I am so sorry for this long letter but I haven’t gotten anywhere looking at medical information.

    I completely understand if you have no answers. I just needed someone to share my foot history with. I started taking vitamin D and B12. Very long gloomy winters where I live.
    Thank you,

    1. its been some time now.. how are you feeling.. I apologize for not responding sooner.. Ive been very involved in a business venture.. Id love to know how you are? and Vit D and B12.. are always a good idea.. I do suggest having levels tested for both too once a year.. you usually have to ask for that.. not normal testing.. Please keep us posted..

      1. Thank you for your reply. I had physical therapy after having the sesamoid removal on my left foot in January of pain 2015. Currently I am back with my foot doctor because of foot in both feet. He said it’s arthritis due to (flat feet) and surgery from a broken ankle. He is trying a few things like readjusting my orthotic. So this is where I am with my feet.

  101. hi all. I have lateral sesamoid stress fracture for a year now. It got AVN too. I had physical theraphy and it resolved the AVN problem, but swelling and fracture are still there. Today my doctor suggested an alternate surgery (he will open the foot from the side, like they do for sesamoid removal, but instead of removing the bone, he will drill 2-3 holes to the bone to get the circulation going) which he suggests that better than removing the bone and has 90% full recovery chance.
    Have you ever heard this type of operation? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  102. You give me so much hope. I have seen 3 doctors. I have had cortisone shots, a walking boot, a cell rehabilitator, and none of it has worked. I’ve been in pain for 5 years now. It’s so bad that I don’t do much but sit or lay down because I stay in so much pain. The first two doctors I saw told me I needed surgery but would not perform it and the 3rd doctor I went to with the University of Florida just wanted to give me pain meds. I am making an appointment now in Tallahassee to see another doctor and hopefully I will get a better answer.

    1. Hi there Beth.. apparently Im a bad blogger.. I did not get this update and have not been involved on my blog for a while ( starting a new business .. off the internet ).. anyhow.. I hope by now you were able to find the answers you were looking for? I know exactly what you went through. and had I need to do it all over again.. Id choose my surgery.. albeit my first surgery sucked ( putting it lightly ) but had more to do with the Dr. than the actual surgery.. IMO.. If you are confident in your surgeon and find a Dr. that is confident too.. Id say go for it.. my 2nd Dr. was amazing .. confident in his skill to perform and confident in my healing and outcome..and he was 100% on .. he was a DPM.. specializing in Podiatric Surgery.. answering that for someone else that asked. Keep us posted.

  103. Just curious as to how you are doing now at 2+ years. Been dealing with my issue since last September and am close to pulling the trigger on surgery. Was your surgeon DPM or MD/DO?

    1. Hi there.. Im sorry I did not see this..therefore no reply? 😦 I do hope that 4months post op.. you are doing well. Please inform on your update.. thinking of you.

  104. Thanks for posting your experiences. After 3 years of sesamoid pain, visiting the Grand Canyon on a trip of a lifetime and not being able to take even a day walk into the canyon made me realise it was time to see my specialist again and commit to the surgery. I’m booked in to get it done in a few weeks time, and your blog has help to calm my nerves. It always helps to know what is coming.

    1. I feel your pain.. well, not now.. but I know the pain.. Honestly.. I just got back from a 4 mile walk with hill intervals and sprints.. yep.. IM GOOD.. it may not have felt that way during recovery.. but in time.. you will be happy.. BE PATIENT.. and listen to your Dr… wishing you the best.. keep us posted.. and start planning the next trip to Grand Canyon.. always fun to have something to look forward to.. pain free .. good luck..

  105. I found this very encouraging… I’m not sure if the author sees these comments? I am have my sesmoid removed in 3 weeks and I’m VERY nervous:( I have read so many conflicting articles about the recovery. Unfortunately my job(flight attendant) requires me to be on my feet for long days (10 to 16 hours) also I am not able to wear anything but dress shoes. How long was it before you were able to be on your feet for long periods of time? My Dr had originally said 4 months but he was much more vague the last time we spoke of it… Any insight from anyone who has had this surgery would be VERY much appreciated:)
    Thanks so much

    1. Hi there Carrie.. Thanks for inquiry.. its been a while since Ive been on the blog.. and even thought about my feet. 🙂 yep.. you read that right.. I don’t think about my feet anymore.. LOL as a matter of fact.. Im in the midst of training for a half marathon to complete end of October.. woohoo.. so while I did suffer for many years and have had two sesamoidectomy ( one on each foot).. there is a light at the end of this pain tunnel.. at least for me.

      To answer your question specifically.. I will say this.. my first left foot surgery and right foot were completely two different experiences.. but also almost two decades apart… with that said.. I will speak to the one that spurred this blog just a few years ago.. I think it took me about 14 – 18 weeks before I could actually wear a dress shoe for more than just sitting and looking cute.. so yes.. 4 months sounds right.. but working on your feet ( and in an airplane ) are very different for you.. Id say take it slow.. if you can find a nice aerosoles shoe? and of course.. maybe a compression stocking may help too..? I do think you will be fine in a normal situation.. but going up in the air and standing for 10 – 16 hours.. adds a lot of stress.. ? listen to your body.. good luck.. keep us posted.. xo

    2. Hi Carrie,

      I am also a flight attendant and just had sesamoidectomy 12/15/15. I suffered for 5 years. Nervous about getting back to work in the air! Would love to hear how you are doing!

    3. Hi Carrie,

      I am also a Flight Attendant and had a seasmoidectomy a week ago. Would love to chat with you! How are you doing? How long do you think you will be off work?

      Take Care,

  106. Hi there Tasil,
    We had emailed each other a couple of times my name is Kimberly we talked about pedi pads. I had a partial sesamoidectomy about a year ago next month. I still have pain and will now have to have another surgery to get the rest of the sesamoid bone out. This partial procedure is rarely done most doctors go in and take the whole bone out but my doctor on the conservative side, suggested to do the partial so that I could keep the most anatomy as possible. Prior to surgery and even after I have tried several conservative techniques that most on this blog have done with no complete healing. The pain before surgery was worse but I will say that if I had to do it all over again I would have just had the whole bone out. I am schedule for another surgery in December. So now I have to be down again and its just depressing for me so its not just physical but emotional health I have to deal with. Has anyone had this type of partial sesamoidectomy done and what were your results?

    Thanks Kimberly

    1. Hi there Kimberly.. I do recall. I have never heard of a partial sesamoidectomy..?? and YES.. pain and not being able to do what your mind wants to do .. or being forced to be less active can be very emotional / depressing.. hang in there.. do what you can.. find a new way to challenge yourself physically.. to celebrate small new goals.. maybe pushups? or study something new.. just a suggestion.. I wish you the best.. please keep us posted. xo

  107. Happy to have found this blog. I’m facing surgery too, as soon as I can get the time off work. While I am allowed to wear sneaks to work, thank goodness, I am a lab tech and on my feet pretty much the whole time on hard floors. I’ve been dying to hear some good news like this. I loooooove shoes and to be stuck wearing ones that take an orthotic (which doesn’t even take the pain away!!!) is killer.
    Thank you so much for continuing to comment on the blog and for writing it in the first place. You have no idea how much this helps me! I am at the end of my rope and you’ve given me hope.

    1. Uuugh.. Im so sorry to hear. I think we all know your pain. I never actually wore the orthopedics long.. did nothing for me. I hope they at least give you some relief.. and yes, we must get the notion of vanity out of our mind while looking for practical / functional shoes that we can wear dealing with this condition. I must admit.. the shoes now compared to almost two decades ago on my first surgery are much better. 🙂 keep us posted.. good luck..

      1. Hi. Thanks so much for the blog. This has really helped me. I am 4 weeks post surgery on my right foot. I’ve had a bunion strap yo prevent a bunion and to ensure good alignment while healing the 1sr 4 weeks. No weight baring allowed at all. I see my doc today for a stress test and be done with the strapping. This was instead of adding the preventative bunion surgery on top is the sesamoidectomy. Hopefully I start weight baring and pt. still a little nervous about outcome so you are very encouraging. I suffered for 6 years and thousands of dollars of treatments. No radiology tests showed my sesimoid was in prices until I had a dynamic ultrasound. Thank God. Keep blogging!

      2. hi there … yes. sounds normal.. the 6 years and $$ to try to fix.. Im sorry you had to go through that.. but glad you were able to find some permanent relief .. be patient with yourself. Good luck at the Dr’s .. keep us posted..

        If it makes you feel any better.. Im running 13.1 on Saturday.. just a few years post my last sesamoidectomy.. NO issues at all. (knocks on wood)

        Happy day .

      3. So glad you have made a complete recovery. That is encouraging. I’m in week 5 and still having trouble putting full weight on. Trying to patient and positive. Did you have PT? If yes, what did that consist of? I’m supposed to start PT in 2 weeks. I’m also having another dynamic ultrasound on the other foot to see if I should do that one next. Not as bad but still bothers me a little.

      4. It takes time.. it really takes time. I had PT with my first sesamoidectomy.. which was almost two decades ago.. but mostly because I had scar tissue.. ( I still have it btw) . the second surgery which was 21 months ago.. I did not.. Just did my home exercises diligently ! and listened to my Dr’s advice. Yesterday I completed my first Half Marathon.. and I had NO pain in my feet at all.. amazing.. I wish you the best.. patience is key. Keep us posted.

  108. Hi. I had my left foot sesamoidectomy may 14 in the uk which was a success and your story gave me a lot of comfort. My consultant advised me I may get the same problem in my other foot. God he was right. The last four weeks have been utter misery. My right foot now has all the symptoms I had before with added vigour. Just made an appointment with my doctor and I’m going to request another sesamoidectomy as it is so much better to remove it than try and treat it. I can’t wear normal shoes again and as I’m now self employed, can’t really afford the time off but my quality of life is terrible. Just want it done now to get rid of this awful pain. I’m trying to manage it with tennis shoes painkillers etc but it seems never ending.

    1. Im sorry you are in pain.. give yourself a break.. be patient.. I know it feels like forever. Stay in touch with your Dr.. everyone heals differently.. I had shoulder surgery that was suppose to heal in 6 months.. took me 14 months.. and had you asked me 8 months out would I do it again.. I would say no way… NOW , I can’t imagine otherwise.. just took my shoulder longer.. Do your exercises.. and listen to your Dr. and your body.. good luck.. keep us all posted. Cheers.

  109. Hi,

    I’m having a fibular sesamoidectomy soon after having foot pain for about five years. My sesamoid bone is completely dead so it needs to come out, but I am very nervous about surgery. Do you have any tips?



    1. Im so sorry I did not respond … started a new business Venture and well, I lost contact with my blog… I hope you are well.. and healing .. I hope you are doing great.. please keep me posted..

      1. Can someone recommend a good surgeon in New York City? I am planning on removing a sesamoid, but my current orthopedic surgeon does not have a lot of experience. Also, has anyone tried shockwave therapy or stem cells therapy with platelet rich plasma?

  110. Maybe an odd question– but how did you know you were ready for surgery? My sesamoids in both feet bother me but they’ve gotten better — just not fully healed. It’s been 6 months. Walking is uncomfortable– better with the right shoes but running is not happening. Just not sure if I should wait or get surgery on both feet.

    1. sorry for slooooooow response… my blog entries took a back burner to a busy business venture. I was ready when even just sleeping was uncomfortable.. even the sheets on my bed resting on my feet hurt..I was in pain 24/7 it was brutal.. for both feet.. I hope you are doing well.

    2. Dave-
      If you have tried other methods and failed to get relief, you should think about having the sesamoid surgery. My experience was dealing with flare ups since high school (I am 37) and custom orthotics, cortisone shots that made me ill, ultrasound treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy… None worked. I had my bipartite sesamoid put back together with a screw about 5 weeks ago because the bones still looked healthy. I would recommend seeing an orthopedic surgeon to discuss, not a podiatrist. For some a gastroc release could help take pressure off forefoot and relieve pain, but that conservative treatment didn’t work for me, either, and that surgery takes at least two weeks to heal from.
      The reason I went with the graft was that the bones were healthy enough and a friend of my mother had the surgery many years ago to remove the sesamoid and now she has a bunion. My surgeon said that the risk of developing a bunion can be mitigated these days, but the decision was up to me. I went with the graft knowing that if it doesn’t work I can always have the sesamoid removed. Not sure yet if it has worked, 5 weeks post.
      Good luck to you.

  111. Hi I had my surgery in July 2015. It took me a long time to recover. I stayed in the boot for 3 months and I am still doing physical therapy to this day. I am doing better now but the pain on top of my toe for some reason is not going away at all. Did the same thing happen to you? Does it go away? Do you wear insoles with your shoes? My doctors are telling me to always wear inserts. I only wear sneakers what kind of heels do you wear? A specific brand perhaps?

    1. Hi there.. my docs tried to push me towards the insoles.. I never liked them.. I tried.. but no , I do not wear anything other than good running shoes.. I wear new balance and basics.. they work best for me. I hope you are doing well.

  112. Hi, thank you for the opportunity to reach out. I have sesamoid nercosis on my left big toe. It was from vigorous walking on a treadmill wearing sneakers that were too tight. I’ve only seen one doc so far who wants to try orthotics first. In the meantime the pain is aweful. It wakes me up at night and keeps me awake in pain. While at work, (desk job thank God but have to get up a lot and walk a good distance) it throbs like crazy and very painful. It’ll be a month waiting for the orthotics.

    My question is, why waste the money on orthotics and who the heck wants to use shoe inserts? Why can’t the doc just go in and remove them? Why try measures that probably won’t work and not just do surgery?

    1. I agree.. its ultimately a bandaid delaying the inevitable.. but may Docs.. are not comfortable with the surgery.. my Doc was confident ( second doc ) and in turn made me feel comfortable.. I hope you are well.

    2. I wonder the same thing? I’ve spent way over thousands of dollars on doc visits PT cam boot knee walker. Nothing is working and my hip is all messed up from the boot. I’m so over it

  113. Greetings!! Thank you for this blog!! I have a stress fracture since September in my outer sesamoid and only in December did I start treating it with an Aircast and now trying four weeks of crutches, non-weight bearing, etc. My question since you are experienced in this is can this bone actually heal? Have you ever heard of anyone healing their sesamoid stress fracture? I would love to avoid a surgery….thank you so much!! You are inspiring!! Cheers, Amber

    1. I was informed that inflammation ( itis) can be healed..but most likely will come back.. but the sesamoid fracture will become chronic.. which was the case for me.. I hope you are finding relief.. I am sure if you are ok with giving up some of the things that caused the fracture.. or constant pounding .. you could live without much stress…. I could not do that personally.. I hope you are doing well.

  114. I’ve followed your blog for years because of this post 🙂 I had horrible pain with my sesamoid for over a year, planned the surgery, got a surprise pregnancy 2 days before surgery, so finally had my surgery Feb 2015 with a newborn, 2, & 5 year old at home! Well, I have to say it’s been a mostly a positive experience. Definitely less pain, not the same intensity by any means, but I do get sore almost daily but it’s nothing compared to chronic bad pain!

    So I have a couple questions- did yours just take time to get adjusted and you are now literally pain free? Or was it almost instantly? (I’m wondering if I need to be patient or just accelt/know this is what it is)

    Did you regain range of motion in your toe? I can’t lift my right toe up very well (left is very flexible, right was before injury but not while dealing with whole sesamoditis thing) and cannot do things like lunges, planks/push-ups on toes, wear heels, ETC, mainly bc my toe doesn’t bend that way and I’m scared to push it too much.

    I am thinking of going in for a maintenance checkup, but I’m trying to wait due to costs at the moment. So…thoughts?

    And thank you for this blog. I know it’s pretty glum when researching this procedure and I love that you share love & light. Wishing you many blessings!

    1. Hi Kristen.. congrats on the baby.. and YES.. it took over a year for the adjustment for sure.. and some things like a plank are still not comfortable.. but tolerable.. I am not in constant pain and no chronic issues.. so that works for me. and yes, ..still have to manually bend it at times.. LOL but over all… IM GREAT.. wear heels when I want ( feet swell some times ) I run over 25 miles a week now.. and Im even on my feet for work a lot more.. its all good.. i have no real complaints.. patience is key.. happy day to you.

  115. I have managed my sesamoiditis for over 10 years. I think I finally have had enough though. I see Dr. Hale in Seattle next Wednesday. He recommended surgery in 2010. For the most part if my foot gets sore I stay off it for a few days and the swelling goes down and I got about my business. Every now and then it flares up and I can’t put a shoe on. I wind up hobbled for a couple weeks. I’m going through one of those periods now and I think I’m finally going to pull the trigger. Nice to hear a story that worked out. I hope mine goes as well.

  116. Hello,

    Im also suffering from sasamoiditis 2.5 ago. Now my situation is osteonecrosis in innter sesamoid of my fight foot & an irritated left foot in outer sesamoid.
    Yesterday i found the solution that gave me relief for good.
    1. No surgery
    2.No ice
    3. No tens
    4.No laser
    5. No boots

    Just orthotic pans….

  117. Thank you so much for this! I had my sesamoidectomy today actually and just needed to get some encouragement lol. It makes me so hopeful reading how fast you recovered and how nicely it healed. I’m so excited to get my life back!!

    1. Hi there.. I hope things are well.. remember patience is key… at this point.. keep your spirits high, thoughts positive and elevate and ice.. 🙂 keep us posted..

  118. Hi Tasil,
    Thank you for starting this blog. It has been a source of comfort. I live in NYC and have had a fractured sesamoid with AVN for about a year. My current doctor wants me to delay surgery and try other conservative treatments. The first—shockwave therapy—which I’ve read rarely works for AVN, and the second—stem cells and platelet rich plasma—which also works if AVN is in the early stages (which mine is not). The last is partial sesamoidectomy which, from what I’ve read in this blog, does not make sense for me since my sesamoid has AVN. Can you give me some more info about your doctor, and give me an idea of the cost because I don’t have good insurance coverage. My email is I would also love to meet you and your famous feet.

      1. Thank you for replying. I have read so many stories online and you seem to be one of the few who recovered quickly and had no complications. I’m impressed with your doctor. Do you know how many sesamoidectomies he has performed?
        I look forward to meeting you. I will be away from July 14 to 27.


    1. What is AVN? My surgery was last October and am still not recovered. I suspect hobbling around for six years didn’t help.

  119. Hello all,
    I’ve just passed 5 weeks post surgery for left tibial sesamoid ORIF- basically, a screw put in to hold the two pieces of my sesamoid together. I am still in pain so went back on tramadol (I can’t take Percocet or the other common drugs). I have numbness around the incision and the right half of my big toe. Would love to post photos but don’t seem to have capability. Incision looks much like the author of this blog, but looks a lot better 5 weeks post than the author’s. I use BioOil and arnica gel on it daily. I was given an offloading shoe at two weeks post, but I found it more painful to wear that than a regular shoe due to the swelling right under that big toe joint. I have been swimming and have been able to put on spin shoes- the stiff sole of the spin shoe makes it easier to walk in, but getting out of the saddle while on a bike and clipped in is excruciating. That’s when I went back on tramadol.
    My next appointment is July 21, and my surgery was June 3, 2016. I am a lab tech and required to be on my feet most of the time I’m at work, so Doctor wrote me to be out till at least my next appt in 11 days. I haven’t been able to do much, but I can go shopping for a few hours if I wear the right shoes. I’ve been using arm bike at the gym and doing a little weight lifting but being back on narcotics makes me pretty sleepy. I’m getting anxious to get back to doing things again… Prior to the sesamoid graft, I had an adenotonsillectomy so I’ve been out of work since May 10. While I’ve enjoyed the time off work, it hasn’t been a vacation. Pain has kept me from truly enjoying myself… The first night after sesamoid surgery my foot was in the boot as the block came off and I was in tears. Had to take the boot off because the swelling made having the boot on unbearable. I can’t say yet whether it has worked… In the back of my mind I have nagging fear that because the pain is still there when I walk it didn’t work, but it could take 8 weeks to see improvement. Doc says it has to be completely “quiet” before I start physical therapy, and there’s still a little swelling. I had a gastrocnemius release on April 4, but it didn’t help the pain in the sesamoid like doc hoped, so I went ahead with the foot surgery June 3, so now I am doing my best to stretch the gastroc because it seems to have shortened up while laying around with my foot up the majority of these past weeks. After two weeks I used crutches to get to the gym to do the arm bike and was able to situate my foot on a recumbent bike pedal to minimize the pain on forefoot, so I want to encourage people out there who will have it done that you will be able to do some exercise.
    I spoke with the nurse a few days ago because when I stand up and put equal weight on both feet the skin gets dark on the left foot on the top of the toe joint. Almost like a bruise. When I elevate it, the bruised-look dissapates but the skin still looks more pink than the other foot. She said this was normal. The numbness is also normal and should go away.
    All in all, it’s been a fine experience and I haven’t wanted to die except for that first night. The tonsillectomy was a nightmare and in general a worse experience than the foot, again, except for that first night. The first night my foot would cramp and felt like my foot was being sawed off. Hopefully anyone having the surgery can take other medications- tramadol doesn’t really cut it. They recommend no NSAIDS the first 7-10 days post surgery because it delays healing, so I did not take ibuprofen until the 10 day mark.
    Good luck everyone. Don’t fear it. Just know that it’s slow going, and to take it as easy as you can. Anyone whose work requires them to be on their feet more than an hour at a time should take as long as they possibly can off work. Walking to avoid the painful area will just make other parts of your foot and legs hurt, so try to rest as much as possible. Watch all the Netflix you want and take up coloring or reading to pass the time. I convalesced at my sisters house and enjoyed spending time with my nieces who were wonderful with helping me fill my water bottle, move pillows so I could prop up my foot, etc.
    Wishing you all speedy recoveries! One last thing- it was recommended to me to see an orthopedic surgeon not a podiatrist for this surgery and I would recommend that as well. They just have more experience with surgery. My incision is healing beautifully. There were 15 stitches and the pain was white hot getting them out… I can’t lie. It was awful. Just be patient and do everything they tell you and you’ll be fine. Rest!!!

  120. Hello. I had both sesamoids on my left foot removed July 7. My doctor also put a screw into my big toe. I started with pain in my foot October of 2015. I finally saw a podiatrist in Feb 2016. After taking xrays he saw spurs on my inner sesamoid and what looked like a separated outer one. I did the inserts, cortisone shots and finally the boot. Nothing relieved the pain. It just got worse. I then had an MRI. By this time I had had enough. When he got in there, the one sesamoid was full of spurs the other looked like craters were running through it. He had to take both out. He also put a screw into my toe to keep it in place. I used a knee walker for 3 weeks. I have two incisions. A Y on the big toe that goes about 1 1/2 inches down and one on the side of my foot. Stitches came out after 2 weeks. I was on an antibiotic for 10 days as right after they started to ooze. I have followed his directions icing, resting and elevating my foot. Now I am flexing the ankle and my toes. I have been using essential oils on the scar, keeping a nonstick pad on them and wraping the foot with a nonstick bandage.The stitches are healing beautifully. Still icing and only need advil. I am also back in a boot and walking. I get xrayed each visit and everything looks good. The pain is gone. I am only dealing with post surgical pain which is tolerable as long as I don’t overdo it. I just ordered shoes. I was told I didn’t need to get ortho shoes. Doctor said by the end of next week I could try a regular good show a half size bigger. I am a little leary of doing that so I ordered a cute pair off orthofeet. I also have a couple of hammer toes and I want to get something comfortable. I’ll get them next week so we shall see. My doctor said that eventually I could wear a small pump. At my age (62) I don’t need to wear the high heels anymore. I just want comfort and a cute pair of shoes. The last thing I want is to mess up this foot. I am sorry I didn’t take better care of my feet when I was younger. Not sure if that would have made a difference. I am on the road to recovery and I think I made the right choice having this done. Being an active person ( I garden and March with a fife and drum corp) I am doing whatever it takes to be back on both feet again. Having a good. ( surgeon) podiatrist also helps. Good luck to all here.

  121. I am 19 months post op from this with a bunionectomy as well….how long was your overal reovery time? and did you go from no pain back to pain ar any point? I have gone back to severe pain.

  122. Hi there. Came across your blog while I was doing some quick pre-surgeon visit research today because we’re going to talk about removing the tibial sesamoid. 99% of the research I’ve done on the surgery had negative outcomes, but this was extremely refreshing to come across and read.

    I’ve been putting off surgery because I’m getting married in 5 months, but my back has gotten so messed up from the gait change and plantar fasciitis in my other foot that it’s time I seriously consider my options. Thanks very much for relaying your story and being the one positive outcome I’ve read!

  123. I am status post sesimoid fracture and compound fx… second surgery… been in a boot for about 6 weeks this time around… the area where they cut me is like pins and needles… to walk normally is the ams pins and needles… been out of work for w hill its getting to me where i can’t deal… ur foot looks amazing… now when i walk i get pain to the top of my foot and so hard to get seekers on or uggs because if i put pressure on the suture site( the stitches have been removed) same place your are … its painful… i go back to working in almost 2 weeks … i work ems so i need my foot …. any suggestions????? thank you

    1. Im sure you figured this out by now.. for some reason I never received notice on any of my posts? the pins and needles as Im sure you know were normal? mending..? I recall wearing a TEVA for a year. ugh.. hope you are doing great one year post surgery?

  124. Hi Lisa. Your sesamoid surgery log has been very helpful. I am a tap dancer and teach at a major university. Broke toe in july/transferred weight back to avoid toe/damaged sesamoids. Trying to figure out next course of action. Thank you again for posting!

  125. Hi Lisa –

    I’m curious if you were ever told what may have led to your needing removal of the fibular sesamoid on one side and the tibial in the other. I have had my left fibular removed as well, and fear something is happening to my right tibial. I know I have a tilted pelvis and wonder if this is why it’s happening for me. So I’m curious what you know about your body that may have lead to this condition?


  126. Back in September 2016 I was doing Zumba and landed wrong on my foot, I felt it but kept going for 3 months working out not realizing I was walking on sides of feet. Finally in Dec I went to a foot and ankle doc. X rays showed sesamoiditis, he put special insoles and padding in shoes and I did 11 ultrasound inflammation treatment’s, foot still hurts. Just seen him last week for pain. I broke my pinky toe on other foot and have been compensating for the other foot for so long, and the foot with sesamoid issue has a lil burning around the toe area when pushed on. Anyway, he says he’s never heard of the burning. Going to nueroulgist tomorrow to rule out nureopothly. Anyway, I only have 8 sessions left of PT through insurance, doc says if he removes sesamoid I shouldn’t need much pt. Is this true? I have know been in a walking boot and knee walker for a month, he wants no weight bearing at all….. Very hard to do.

  127. Is anyone still active on this blog? Had a Tibial sesamoidetomy three weeks ago after a toe fusion January 2017. Felt like I was walking on a rock for 6 months. Still have pain in the same area of sesamoid. Is this normal?

    1. Hey there Jeanne… while Im not familiar with the toe fusion, I would say just 3 weeks out of a sesamoidectomy.. anything is possible. YES, I recall pain for months.. I called it healing pain. Of course you may want to talk to your Dr. too? wishing you well.. Lisa

      1. Thanks, Lisa. I just turned 55 so I know Im not a Spring Chicken, but have been active doing yoga and was used to walking 3-4 miles a day until 2 years ago. If I can get back to that, I will be a happy camper. Its now been a little over 6 weeks and I feel getting better. Still burning and pain at the incision when walking, but don’t feel like I’m walking on a rock anymore! I’m wanting to go back to yoga, but worried about being barefoot as that is when I have the most pain. Thanks for this information blog. I’ve probably read 3-4 times and it has been very helpful!!

    2. Hi there,
      I had a partial sesmoidectomy and it took along time to heal. If your only out 3 weeks from surgery and your having pain that’s super normal. Just try the be patient. I know it’s tough.

    3. Hi Jeanne. It takes a long time for this to get better after surgery. Unfortunately, my pain didn’t go away and I was diagnosed with CRPS, chronic regional pain syndrome caused by trauma in the area. It is a neurological issue. Long story but if you aren’t better 6 months after surgery – maybe 3 months, check with a neurologist. The sooner it is diagnosed the better you might respond to therapy.

  128. Hi. Yes, I would suggest you talk to your doc. Mine was the same and a year after surgery I was diagnosed with CRPS, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. You can read about it and see if this is you. Mine isn’t as bad as some people and I keep in check with a tens treatment and physical therapy. I stay as active as I can but still can’t walk more than a mile which is a lot more than I could do before I was diagnosed. It is a neurological problem often caused by trauma in the area. Hope this isn’t you but I must say, it was good to finally get to the bottom of my pain. Mine is weight bring only.

  129. I am 10 days PO. Right tibial sesamoidectomy. I have just started walking without crutches-slowly and on the side of my foot, but walking. 🙂 I am doing pretty well, but wondering if I will be able to handle Disney World 8 weeks PO. I have a trip planned for my 40th birthday the first week of December. My surgery was October 6, 2017. I go this Friday (14 days PO) to get my stitches out. Doctor said at my last appointment that I should be fine to walk at WDW. I am just worried. Any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!

  130. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I had my tibial sesamoid removed 11 days ago. I am growing desperate wearing this orthopedic boot all day. How did you manage to stay sane during this process? Also, did you ice behind the knee? My doctor is only allowing me to ice my foot for 10 minutes three times a day and 20 minutes behind the knee every hour. Did you have to do this as well?

  131. hi lisa! I have 3 year history of pain that is now unbearable. I know it’s not a common surgery but I am glad to hear a success story. What Dr did you use? How is it now a few years later?? Has it effected your mechanics or have you needed any additional surgery?


    1. Hi Jess… One foot was done over two decades ago now.. and that was the one that gave me problems.. still sometimes swells , but minor.. only time I had any foot pain at all was the few hours after I ran a marathon two years ago.. LOL since then.. NO pain at all.. but the recovery for each of my surgeries did take over a year and then another year to settle in.. if that makes any sense.. my big toes still do not bend properly.. but other than that.. Im good. no additional surgeries, but LOTS of PT and grayson technique on scar tissue post op.

  132. Hi there. Do you still reply to this blog? I’m booked for my tibial sesamoid removal in June.

    1. Hi JC.. yep, I do ! Wishing you all the best. Patience is key for your recovery. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I wish my knees felt as good as my feet do now.. LOL.. Keep us posted. Good luck.

      1. Would you consider giving me your email address so that I could ask you some questions? I am so distraught and conflicted (I’ve had sesamoiditis for 3 years and have booked my medial sesamoidectomy for the end of June). I’ve found people to be so helpful (Caroline Jordan….her career is now partly dedicated to helping sesamoid sufferers). That’s the only upside to this horrible never ending experience 😦
        Thank you if you are willing to email with me. I hope you are doing well (other than your knees).
        With much thanks.

  133. Hi guys! Well…I’m having both sesamoid bones removed on my left foot…surgery is this Wednesday Augusr 22nd. Just wondering what kind of anesthesia or sedation will they use for this operation? I’m really nervous, and really don’t want to feel any pain durin surgery?
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hey hey Anonymous.. Well, first and foremost, wishing you the best with surgery and recovery. Not knowing your situation, Dr. location etc.. I’m assuming you will be OUT with full on Anesthesia.. I had this surgery twice, one on each foot , and yes, OUT for each. You will not even remember it. PLEASE.. be sure to communicate your concerns with your surgeon.. it will really help you with recovery. As Im sure you know, it won’t be easy.. and your communication with Dr’s is important.. DO NOT expect them to communicate with you. we must be our own advocate.. Again, wishing you lots of good vibes for surgery and recovery.. keep smiling, its most important for healing. xo

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