With a bullet…

As many know Im  a Health Counselor….( check out my fb page >>>>>)

In general.. my lifestyle is healthy.. with moderation.. in moderation!

Anyhow.. two of my go to lifestyle  appliances (used almost daily ) are the Vitamix and my Omega (juicer).. LOVE LOVE LOVE them both..

Its usual for me to make a green smoothie in the am’ for bfast ( go to recipe is almond milk, spinach, berries, flax seed and juice plus vanilla complete).. it keeps me full, energized and satisfied till mid morning (11:30ish) when I’ll have my green lemonade..

My green lemonade I usually make while Im drinking my green smoothie in the am’ .. and put it in a to-go cup and take with me to work.. (when Im working out of the office) .. and this has been going on for years now… often I may choose to  make two green smoothies and just take a green smoothie or vice /versa but either way I usually do two of any of the combo green drinks in the am  and one to go for  lunch..

While hearing all the hype over this Nutri-bullet , I thought.. wouldnt it be great if I could just make my smoothies or lemonade at the office instead of shlepping it with me to the office in a to go cup and let it sit around for a few hours.  With the nutri-bullet I can make as much or little on the spot .. fresh!     Yep. I bought one… yesterday.. at Target $99.

Heres my brief review.

I used the same ingredients I would in my green lemonade.. thought Id try that first.. since nutri-bullet calls  itself an extractor of nutrition.. and my green lemonade is extracted juice from my omega..   I used the same ingredients.. but less because it uses ALL of the fruit where my omega discards pulp/fiber  (btw not much less.. just one less apple and one less cup of spinach . )

Recipe used for this experiment:

  • One green apple – cut in pcs
  • One lemon – I did take off the peel and cut to pcs (Omega  I do not do this)
  • One cucumber – just cut in pcs
  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • and for nutri-bullet you need water.. so I used 1 cup of water ( no extra liquid ever used in Omega)

First off .. I stuffed the nutribullet with the apple on top, thinking it would be hardest to blend and closer to the blade.. NO not good.. actually wound up taking the apple out and blending everything sans apple then adding apple back in after the other stuff was blended.. it did blend it all after I did that.. but it was NOT in my opinion juice.. it was a green smoothie… it blended the juice not extracted it ( I did not expect it to be extracted ) it was pulpy ..  and it really tasted NOTHNG like my green lemonade in my Omega.. (that is some serious juice) BUT.. I did like it..  and maybe had I mixed/blended a little longer or added more water it would have been smoother over pulpy.. ??

So …. my review .. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars( for the green lemonade)… can I be spoiled from my OMEGA??.. yes of course I am.. but will this work just fine for what I want it for..?  YEP.. and will I recommend it to clients at 1/4 the cost of the vitamix and 1/3 of the Omega.. yes.. I will !   Its a good value for what it is.. a high powered choppy/blender. . however, remember too it makes single servings…. where Vitamix and Omega.. you are NOT limited.

I am sure that tomorrow .. when I make  my go to green  smoothie ( see recipe above) in it.. this will be MUCH better.. only because less chopping and more liquids are added..

I suggest if you are looking for a product to make a green smoothie and or green “juice” and have limited funds.. this is a good idea.. its fast and easy and does the job.. not exactly an extractor… but it works.. Im sure what they are calling extracting is just YOU getting nutrition from the veggies and such you are drinking.. its blending and mixing.. and you are drinking it.. good enough I say.. go for it.

NOTE: .. while writing this blog.. my green lemonade pulp all came to top of cup.. I had to re-blend to make it drinkable and since I  didnt want any waste.. again.. it works just fine.. will deff do a good job for those looking for a green smoothie blender..

Oh and one more reason I love my Omega.. . wheat grass !  Nutri Bullet will NOT extract the goodness from grasses.. sorry.

Thought Id share..

Create a great day !


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  1. No, it is NOT juice, it doesn’t claim to be a juicer. You keep all the fiber that is thrown away when you use a juicer. Looking at the pic you posted, you over-filled it. You shouldn’t fill it higher than the “max” line. You can add water or juice to the “max” line to make it more the consistency of juice. I love my nutribullet, and have found that it gets more fruits and vegetables into me that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Another hint: I put frozen fruit in the bottom of the cup to make it colder. You also want to put firmer foods (like the apple you had trouble with) in the middle of the pile, to prevent it getting caught up in the blades. For the same reason, don’t put frozen fruit on top, but on the bottom.

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