Genius tip of the day… seriously.

Whether you are pushing your way over the hill,  having a senior moment, had a rough night and up way too early.. or just not thinking?   Here’s a great tip for those of us ( Im praying Im not the only one) that cant remember if they JUST washed their hair  3 seconds ago while taking a shower !

Once you have washed your hair.. leave the lid to the shampoo open or off.  This way if when you cant remember 3 seconds later.. you just need to look at the bottle and see the lid either open /off  ( you washed your hair ) or closed/on ( you need to wash your hair) !.

Once you are finished in the shower.. and headed out to dry off.. close the lid… this way next shower.. its closed and ready for you to shampoo.

Can you believe I came up with this one myself.. or even needed to come up with a way to remember for that matter?  Seriously ….this is no joke..  Laugh now.. I bet ONE day you too will do this.

Now if I can ONLY remember to close the lid. LOL

Create a great day !


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  1. Once I got in the shower and couldn’t figure out why it was so wet in there….turns out I had already taken a shower! LOL!! Love the tip!

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