Pure Nutrition is my CHOICE ….

As a long time healthy lifestyle advocate and now a holistic health counselor.. one of the most common questions I get is “what supplements and vitamins do you use”?    And until recently my answer would usually be NONE.  Of course I have dabbled with taking many big name whole food vitamins and supplements to support a clean ‘diet’,  but for one reason or another, I always find myself searching for something more.. and then Im just back to square one..which for me is always trying to get my nutrients and vitamins from REAL FOOD.. my diet.. and we all know that’s almost impossible.. yes, Im realistic.

Well, Im happy to say, that I have finally found ONE product line to support not just myself personally as a woman on the go with a full time career, school and a very active lifestyle, but also one that I will be happy and proud to represent as a Health Counselor for my clients too.

Its called Juice Plus+®… and I’ve done my research !

Before you think Im trying to SELL you something.. Im really not..  the purpose of this post is merely for an introduction to a really solid nutritional supplement.. AND then if you want to test/sample or yes buy it too..after you too have done your research..(this post?)   THEN  we can chat.. and I would love nothing more then to support you with your purchase..  but most importantly,  as with all that I am about.. I want to spread the goodness.

I was first introduced to Juice Plus+® by a fitness friend of 18 plus years who I not only trust for her opinion, but also  admire for her lifelong dedication to her personal wellbeing and now her families as well.

After my initial personal sampling /testing  week with Juice Plus+®  (note: my stomach does not handle all supplements well ) , I was feeling more energetic with NO tummy issues or otherwise ‘side effect’ that  I could think of other than just craving  more fruits and veggies, my curiosity kicked in.. I needed MORE information.. and I needed MORE  Juice Plus+®.    I asked many of my trusted colleagues, fellow school mates and wellness advocates if they had heard of the Juice Plus+®..   NOT shocked that the ones that have heard of it were actually using it.. for a very  long time.

And why wouldn’t they?

Juice Plus+® helps bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat – every day!

Juice Plus+® is an all-natural, whole food based nutritional product made by juicing a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, then concentrating the juices into powders using a low-temperature process which keeps in the goodness.. It comes in both capsule and a VERY tasty chewable form which I found myself grabbing as a ‘treat’…   and the best part about it for ME… its affordable to ALL… an absolute NO brainer at just $1.32 a day (for capsules ) or  $0.73 a day (for chewables)  delivered to your door. . oh…. and one child can receive Juice Plus+® at no charge to you for three years by just participating in a no brainer child study they are conducting with their adult supporters.. HELLOOOOOOOO..?

I could go on and on about what Clinical studies have demonstrated about Juice Plus+®:

  • Delivers key antioxidants and other phytonutrients that are easily absorbed by the body…
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Helps protect DNA.
  • Supports cardiovascular wellness.
  • Reduces key biomarkers of systemic inflammation
  • Supports healthy skin and gums.
  • Reduces oxidative stress.

But as I mention above..  I prefer to let YOU do the research.

Contact me today for a sample/test of  Juice Plus+®  at  thehappyhealthcounselor@gmail.com   OR check out my  juice plus web site http://www.createagreatdaywithjuiceplus.com     to review the goodness at  your  own convenience..

Im positive if you are like me you will wonder where has Juice Plus+® been all of your life.

And for all of you concerned about gluten and animal products and other healthy lifestyle concerns… check out the top 5 FAQ’s I’ve outlined below for a quick review.

Gluten– All Juice Plus products are certified to be FREE of gluten by the manufacturer. While oats and barley are present in Juice Plus…only the outer shells of the grains are used and…NOT the inner core where glutens reside.

Casein – Since Juice Plus is a plant based product, it is free of casein.

Yeast, Mold, Herbicides and pesticides – The fruits and vegetables used in Juice Plus undergo an oxidizing wash which removes yeast, mold, herbicides and pesticides. The finished fruit and vegetable powders are once again tested for the absence of all known herbicides and pesticides. Systemic herbicides and pesticides are NOT used on any fruits and vegetables used in Juice Plus.

Active Plant Enzymes – The water removal process of the fruit and vegetable juices is done at a temperature that removes the water but does not destroy the most delicate enzymes present in the fruits and vegetables. Juice plus is an enzyme rich product.

Diabetics – Technology didn’t alter the life-enhancing properties in these fruits and vegetables…it only removed the water. With the water came almost all of the sugar, salt and the calories. This makes it an ideal supplement, even for diabetics who need this nutrition, but cannot tolerate the sugar. Juice Plus+ capsules contain only 4 calories per capsule.


Juice Plus+® is NOT a “magic bullet.”

It is however, just pure nutrition in the form of 4 gelatin capsules a day (or chewables). That contain 17 of the most nutritionally dense fruits, vegetables and grains to help you support your healthy lifestyle… it makes perfect sense.

Hope you enjoyed this brief introduction.. Always happy to support!

Create a great day … with Juice Plus+®


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  1. Hi there J. nice meeting you.. ( thanks for intro LOL ) I appreciate you supporting my little blog.. and while I do not know Bob and Sue personally.. I do know that Juice Plus has a great community of many wonderful people spreading the goodness.. . Glad to be in good company.. Happy Day.

  2. Hi Jules, I am the friend that introduced Lisa to the benefits of Juice Plus. I had the opportunity to meet Bob, Sue and their son Levy at the Fall conference for JP. (i am in their down line- way down line! Lol) What an amazing success story they have and what incredible proponents of Juice Plus.
    Much Wellness & Blessings to you!

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