its time… see something, say something !

It was a beautiful morning, I slept in a little later than usual, the sun was already up and peering thru the windows, the sky was a wonderful shade of blue. It was a peaceful perfect morning… and then… I saw it!  The longest, darkest, almost lush looking hair I’ve ever seen … on MY chin?   I presume some how for the last week while it was growing I never had the right angle or sunlight in the window shining on the mirror  to observe this beauty growing.  Really?

I immediately re-lived the  entire week in my head.  Who was I with, who did I see, how many friends did I pass and meetings did I go to that not one person would say.. “Hey, you have a long dark hair growing on your chin?”

Which brings me to this question. ?    When is it appropriate to tell someone?  Do you?  Would you?

Now I think you know just by the fact that I brought this subject up on a public blog forum, that I would be the one to tell you   “umm hey, I think you have something growing on your chin” or “ you have something in your nose” and most importantly.. “your skirt is tucked into your pantyhose”!

I remember in HS my best friend and I had a code. Whenever we thought we might have a little something in our nose.. and couldn’t ‘get to it’ .. we would ask the other .. “what time is it” ?  Now we both had our digital watches on and could easily look at the time.. but this was our secret girl code to keep us from the most embarrassing event any high schooler could possibly encounter!   Usually the response to this question was .. “its NOT time”  but if the other person said.. “its time”… we knew to head straight to the girls bathroom to take care of business..

With this said… I’m writing this blog post in support for all of those out there .. with that one  long chin hair, the ‘thing’ in their nose , the tag hanging out of their shirt, or better yet, shirt on backwards (yes I’ve done that too), spinach in their teeth, or when they were in style.. shoulder pad velcro’d to the outside of the shirt instead of inside (yep, me again) .. you get the idea..

If you see something … SAY something.

Sure, we may be embarrassed that You noticed it .. but its much less so than when we  notice it 6 hours later on our own after a  busy day!

Its TIME..

Create a great day !


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