any way you slice it..

So I was in target the other day and saw this gadget ( avocado slicer?)  on the clearance shelf (less than $2) and thought.. sure.. why not?

I honestly could’nt wait to try it out.. but my avocado was  not ‘ready’ for slicing..

Today.. we are ready !

I must admit.. its an interesting concept.. I like the creative aspect of it.. but DONT bother.. really.. just another thing to wash and I could have lived without it just fine.   Im glad I found it for less than $2.. dont waste your money. .. Maybe It will be useful somehow in my garden this spring?

While I had my pretty sliced avocado… I chose to have a yummy snack.  Avocado, cherry tomato and mango ‘salad’..  Delish

Create a great day !


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