Splish , Splash…. stay healthy to take a bath !

If you follow my blog. .. or fb page, then you know I had a Sesamoidectomy just two days ago..

Yeah , yeah.. I know .. so what?   NO big deal .. Its a minor surgery , as surgeries go,  and more than likely I will make a full , pain free recovery in just under 120 days..

So whats the big woop about.. ?

IMG_4443Well, I took a bath today  !!  Two days post op !   And if I ever needed a reason to keep my weight ‘healthy’ and my body strong.. I found that reason  TODAY.

As  the “Happy  Health Counselor” I stress keeping yourself  healthy for many reasons..cholesterol , diabetes, cancers, digestion issues, obesity etc. ..and advocate the basic  good food choices ( less meat, more greens , fruits and veggies).. and an efficient  “get up and do something” for 30 minutes a day type of work out …  but  honestly.. up until TODAY… I never realized how important all that is for just the basic necessary needs of LIFE.. like a Bath.    A healthy weight and strong body  are KEY to taking care of yourself daily, which I absolutely overlooked and took for granted.

My injury is one to my foot (removal of sesamoid bone).. which means NO weight / NO walking ..(the next 11 days..) till I get my stitches out.. oh, and I cant get it wet of course.. so no other option then a bath.. Foot in a plastic bag, hanging out of the tub !

My intention  when I thought about this bath was to relax a little…. I even took in a few magazines.. LOL, well that thought went south as soon as I attempted to lower myself in the tub with the use of one leg.. shhhhheeeesh..      Now , I am  on the avg/low  side of my “Ideal Weight Scale” and I do work out (cardio and strength train) at least 30 mins a day, but holy moly.. .my core (abs) were engaged almost the entire time  I took my bath… yep.. just trying to keep my balance and keep my body stable (upright) while washing my body, face and hair was a chore.. had I not been  strong and at a healthy weight.. I cant imagine the outcome… there may have been another injury.. possibly for me.. or even my helper.

So there it is.. Just ONE more reason, and in my opinion.. a really good one to stay healthy..   cause if you don’t care about how you look healthy , you will most definitely care when you are sick..  trust me.

Create a great day  !

NOTE.. Im also documenting my healing process (see blog post on thread)


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