7-28-12 I hear my energy calling my fat..

Hey hey hey..  WOOHOO. yes, Im excited..  Its Saturday and Im feeling fine.. Got my mind set to fat burning and muscle building..

Seriously.. making up your mind to do something is the hardest step.. Im READY now.

Yesterday was an interesting day.. I did my first real work out / cardio  routine in a long while.. and I tried to eat to fuel my fire.. ie: burn some fat..   This is where I failed.. I was NOT prepared..by prepared I mean I didnt have any fat burning /  muscle building food in the house.. and definitely not enough for an entire day.

For all that know me.. Im a juicer.. I  have a BIG honkin mean green juice bfast,  and usually  I have a green protein smoothie for lunch.. Im usually too full for snacks and dinner is just the basics .. a lean protein ( fish or chicken) with quinoa or brown rice pasta..  Took me about 2 years to really get in the groove of this ‘plan’  and  its been great.. I have to say on a whole ..  I feel great too. but I lost tons of muscle. hence.. the change.

So until I go food shopping.. ( sunday Im thinking)  Im going to wing it again today.. and to be honest.. I am not even sure what my new fat burning / muscle building meals / plan will look like.. cause I LOVE my juices and my smoothies.. I just may add some supplemental snacks that are high in protein and low glycemic load (low simple carb) .. and pray that my increased workouts will fuel my appetite too.. cause Im rarely hungry enough after a big green juice for bfast!

I guess I ‘ll figure it out as I go..   ?

As for NOW.. I just had some really really GOOD coffee.. and  Im ready for a cardio day..  going to jump on the bike for 45 mins –  HIIT ( High intensity interval training )  here I come.  4 mins moderate/1 mins sprints.. 9 rotations.. thats the plan!

BTW.. did you know that meal  timing can play a big role in your ability to burn body fat…?

If you do your cardio in the morning like I do , do it immediately upon waking, without eating ( okay so I blogged first)

And maybe have some coffee before hand if you drink coffee.. sans sugar and milk of course..  Research shows that caffeine can help you burn more body fat during exercise than without it by mobilizing fat for energy.

Alright ..enough already.. Its time.. I hear my energy calling my fat.. till later.

Create a great day !   Dont forget to like me on FB too.


Oh and btw.. yesterday.. I decided to take stats..  121.8 lbs .. 25% fat .. according to my funky scale.. NOT even sure how that works.. so Im assuming body fat is HIGHER.. and that right there is the reason for this challenge.. I may gain weight / muscle.. but I want to lower my fat .. for my overall health.    here is a comparison photo.. first is me 8years ago ( left) ..and  me yesterday 7-27-12 ( yes I have the same clothes.. I buy classics for a reason)  I may not look like I need to lose weight and I don’t perse…I feel fine.. as I said.. just want to gain muscle to support my overall health.. FAT is not good regardless of what size you wear…   here too is a pic of ME yesterday ( 7-27-12).. pinching more then an inch.. and I promise it aint skin.


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