Injured ?…. Eat this NOW !

No one wants to get injured,  but injuries do happen.    And if you are like most .. YOU cant heal fast enough.. FYI.. Pizza and Beer are NOT going to help you get there faster.

Just   as with your training for any big sports event or good daily living.. FOOD is  important  for your  rehabilitation and recovery too..  nutrients help your body to heal and get strong again…. FASTER.

Here are a few Important Nutrients for the Healing Process

• Vitamin C –  helps your body to form collagen.   (Collagen is a protein needed for strength and flexibility; it repairs tendons and ligaments and strengthen bones.) The concentration of vitamin C in your body decreases when your body is under stress. Stress also increases urine losses of vitamin C.

• Vitamin A –   To heal, your body /  promotes  cell growth and development, bone development, and to help immune function.

• Zinc –  promotes wound healing.

So what foods contain the nutrients you need for healing?

Zinc:    Meat , Sunflowerseeds , Seafood , Almonds

Vitamin A:      Liver,  Sweetpotatoes , Carrots • Mango ,  Turnip greens , Spinach , Papaya , Red bell peppers

Vitamin C:     Oranges and orange juice,  Broccoli , Red bell peppers, ,Strawberries, Grapefruit and grapefruit juice, Baked potatoes , Cabbage, Tomatoes,  Papaya, Cantaloupe

Other Important Points for Healing Quickly:

• Surgery, anesthesia, and the surgical wound are traumatic and increase the stress on your body. When your body is stressed, you need more calories and protein, so it is critical that you eat enough calories for energy and protein for recovery after surgery.

• Before surgery, food and fluids are restricted, and you may not eat for many hours after surgery. Therefore, you may lose muscle and fat when you have surgery. Before surgery, make sure that you are eating well so you will have adequate reserves to withstand the time after surgery when you cannot eat.

• If  you get an infection after surgery or injury, this can also lead to changes in your nutritional needs. Infection increases your need for calories and protein.

• Try to get the calories and protein you need to heal and rehabilitate without gaining or losing weight… so eat to WIN.. just as if you were training for the big event.

Create a great day … and if you are injured…. quick recovery and WELL wishes too.

*Some information taken from – American Dietetic Association.


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