Love veggies..

WOO HOO.. So you’ve decided to eat less meat or even no meat … Good for YOU !

Worried about getting enough protein  in your diet??

NO worries… there are so many other protein sources out there you may not be aware of .. including Veggies..

YES  so many veggies have protein.. and more than you may think too.. ..

Heres a short list just for starters ( fyi #’s are generalized and may vary )

chickpeas (1 cup cooked, 12g)
green peas (1 cup cooked, 9g)
spinach (1 cup cooked, 5g)
artichoke (1 medium cooked, 4g)
kale (1 cup cooked, 2.5g)
broccoli (1 cup cooked, 4g)
potato (1 medium, 4g)

So go ahead and LOVE your veggies..

Create a great day !


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