basics for social behavior..remember manners?

Is it just me or have manners taken a  big DIP  to an all time low out in the real world?

Seems people know that rules of social media.. but kids, young adults and not so young people  seem to have lost or better yet .. never taught the basics of good manners out in the real world??   .. WTH ??

With that said.. Im hoping that YOU will spread the basics of good manners.. I have three !

1. Always respect older people…This applies to all elders and not just parents or grandparents.   If nothing more.. give them enough  respect to listen .. you may just learn something..
2. Using the terms ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’, and ‘You’re welcome’  .. why would’nt you?  Teach your parents while your at it.
3. Hold open a door for anyone following you closely.  There are no strict gender rules in this day and age…just be kind.

Create a great day !


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