10 things to do at night to create a great day !

The way you bid the world adieu each night affects the way the world greets you the next day.

Here are 10 simple things to do before bed that help to make the morning a good one.

1. Do a quick tidy up. – Put things away and straighten up a little. It will make all the difference to wake up and see a sense of order in your home.

2. Preempt things that cause morning panic. – Attack the trouble areas the night before. Coffee beans in the machine? Work outfit decided? Kids’ schoolbags packed?

3. Prepare the breakfast zone. – Set the table and create a pleasant vibe in the dining area. Flowers, a pot plant or bright placemats can help make a cheery start to your day.

4. Make a list of things to handle tomorrow. –  Make a little to do list – it will make room in your head for sweet dreams.

5. Set the alarm (if you need it). – Allow enough time to get ready and be where you need to be without stressing yourself out.

6. Do something relaxing for 30 minutes before bed. – That means switching off from work, the news and serial killer novels. Watch something pleasant on TV, chat with the family or curl up with a relaxing book.

7. Brush and floss your teeth. – Ward off dental woes and go to sleep all nice and minty.

8. Wash your face. – If you wear make up you’ll avoid the dreaded morning raccoon-eye. Plus you’ll keep your pillow-case fresh – a bonus for your skin.

9. Say goodnight – Share a goodnight wish or kiss with family members, a housemate or even your fave social network. It will make you smile, and  smiling makes you feel good.

10. Think of things you’re grateful for. – Do this while going off to sleep. Feeling grateful is linked with greater happiness. Plus it’s lovely note on which to end the day.

Have a restful evening so you can Create a great day !

Thanks to getorganized.com for this content


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  1. Very good tips. I totally agree with having enough time in the morning.I like to figure out what to wear the night before so I don’t have to make “big decisions” in the morning 🙂

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