can you smell me now?

When asked to do a trial and review for an Organic Body Scrub, Oil and Cream product line – Fitbliss Organics ..  I couldn’t open my mouth fast enough to get the words out .. YES PLEASE..

Seriously.. does that not sound like heaven?

Okay, so after my quick response.. I wondered about the best way to give the Fitbliss Organic Products the best ‘test’ for a fair result.. with that said.. here are the results of my 10 days in heaven!   (yes you should still read the rest of the blog post.. I know I just gave away the ending…. but there really is a surprise at the end.. so keep reading.)

Monday  March 12th  Day 1.       Here I am .. me and three  body products.. Oil, Scrub and Cream in the shower?  Honestly I had no idea what order to use them in.. so I contacted the creator and asked.. felt silly.. but really, Ive never used  so many products in my life.. at once.       OKAY..  Scrub,  Oil and Cream.. I was good to go.

You cant help but notice the scent,  Lavender and Lemon ( this is just one of many) I take the scrub as directed and using it ONLY on the dry ‘trouble’ areas … immediately I can feel the combo of oils and salts go to work..  NEXT up oil spray.. I used the oil while still in the shower.. and again.. on my trouble spots and total leg.. the spray was nice.. no messy bottle.   Once out of the shower and dry.. I opened the cream… just a tiny bit did the trick.. again problem spots only.   I was ready for my day..

Day 2.     No real difference in my skin yet…. But Im falling in love with the scent.   I did the same routine as per day 1 .. but made one mistake… I did the routine thru oil application and then I shaved. NOT a great idea..  the razor was clogged from the oils.. lesson learned.. shave BEFORE applying oil.

Day 3     I couldn’t wait to get in the shower.. the scent and overall experience is that good… I think I had a dream about it last night?

Day 4, 5 and 6    Really just the same as the others but now I shaved FIRST before applying scrub and oil.. and NO the scrub did not sting at all .. even after shaving .. I have sensitive skin.. so  I was thrilled..

Day 7   Who replaced my feet with new ones..?  Seriously.. I have had surgery on my feet  and quite a bit of scar tissue, often calloused and very dry.. mysteriously over night.. dry skin .. GONE !

Day 8, 9    I noticed a black dot on my knee after application of cream.. OOPS  its just a pc of Lavender.. YES.. real pcs of Lavenders… Just gets better.. I may be addicted.

Day 10..    Did I mention the cream just MELTS in to your skin…. I cant wait for day 11.. no stopping me now.

So there you have it..  10 days in heaven..   a pc of info.. I am not a girly girl.. I  have  NEVER had a regular beauty routine  of any kind…. I do NOW.  NEXT up for me.. Chocolate and Almond  body Scrub !    I may start showering at night.. sounds like dessert.

Please take a peek  at this line of yummy Natural Organic Products  for your BODY..

I promise you will not be disappointed..

Sold in retail too ( Whole foods and others) .. so if you do not have it at your local organic, natural health store.. ASK them to carry it.

SURPRISE.. Its a HAPPY DAY.. thanks for reading my  real gal/real review .. I am excited to announce a FREE  GIVE-A WAY .. YES !  The creator of Fitbliss Organics has generously gifted us  a set of Lavender Body Oil and Lavender and Lemon Body Cream..

ALL You need to do is go to   the happy health counselor FACE BOOK page (  link is on side bar  >>>  )    and type    ‘create a great day’    under the photo/blog post announcement  of FitBliss Organics products..


ONE winner will be Picked to WIN .. FREE product FREE shipping … Lucky YOU.    Winner will be selected  Sunday  April 1st Eve 8pm EDT and announced 8:30 pm EDT   – Sorry FREE shipping ONLY in the USA..  if you are out of the country and want to enter.. We can work something out for shipping costs..   Happy Day

Create a great day !


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