Tee-riffic DIY …. no sew project.

Have you ever wanted a cute halter top with your favorite Tee Shirt Design Logo.. ??  Or just want to re-purpose  an older Tee that looked a bit … old and out of date?   Duhhh.. of course YOU have..

Here are a few  simple instruction NO SEW  steps from Tee to Tee-rific Halter !  ( see my slide show below for photos.. )

  1. Take a basic large or Xlarge Boxy Mens Tee ( I used my Favorite Dirty Bucket Brewery Tee)
  2. Cut off sleeves at an angle from under the arm pit to the neck.. careful to not cut neck
  3. Cut around neck hem on which ever side you want to be the back of your shirt ( I used the front for my back and back for my front since I wanted the BIG logo on front of my halter)
  4. Cut middle of back of neck down the center.. this is now your halter tie
  5. Cut back of shirt from arm pit to arm pit.. making sure to ONLY cut the back of the shirt it will be a flap after you cut off your neck .. so easy to identify.
  6. Cut center of what is left of back  straight up (vertical cut) to separate back with an opening .. all the way thru.
  7. Open shirt and cut off bottom hem.
  8. Measure the chest area of your shirt.. I actually put this on to figure out where I want to tie my shirt.. mid chest is a good idea.. so not to have a gap where you can see in your shirt.
  9. At measured spot.. cut a small 1/2 inch hole in to fabric about 1 inch in from the side of shirt.. (folding shirt over 1.2 inch and cutting is easy way)
  10. Lace thru the hem of shirt that you cut off thru the holes on either side of shirt
  11. Put your shirt on .. tie top neck straps, tighten the mid chest strap and either bow tie the bottom or as I did FOLD over and pin in inside of shirt to keep from falling out.. 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Walla.. a new fun Halter shirt.

A big Thanks to my good friends Steve and Sharon for donating a great Dirty Bucket Brewery Tee for this DIY project..   visit their webpage for some super duper craft beer.. http://www.dirtybucketbrewery.com     or pick up your own tee shirt too.

Create a great day !


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  1. cute—but you make it look too cute and easy! I think you have a new business model— love it and would love my ugly tshirts to look cute and sassy like this one.

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