Q: What do you think about Creatine?

A:   What came to my mind first was a question? .. Are you a body builder or an athlete?

Creatine as I know it is mostly used by body builders/athletes looking for a specific effect, muscular endurance and strength… or  “The Pump”.   Some say creatine will help you push a little MORE.. .. get in another rep, sprint a little faster, or lift a little heavier which will overload the muscle more, causing faster growth…its also been linked to quicker recovery.

Creatine is a naturally produced compound (amino acid derivative) made by the body and used to store energy in cells of muscle tissue… Your body will naturally produce about 2 grams of creatine a day.. those on high protein diets may produce a little bit more..   Creatine is found in Beef, and Fish ( Tuna and Salmon) .. it is NOT  so easy to get enough (extra) creatine by diet alone to give the effect that many athletes are looking for.. so many take supplements.. however , when taking additional Creatine supplements.. often your body will shut down its natural production of Creatine so you need even more.

I cant say I have personal experience taking Creatine.. I only know what I know about it from speaking to trainers at the gym or friends that have used it themselves over the many years in the gym.

Some see change in strength, muscle growth and overall endurance.. just as they expected.. while  others have no change at all  and only appear to have water retention ( you need to drink more water when taking creatine supplements for proper use of the creatine)  digestive issues and some even say skin irritation (NOTE:  creatine will NOT effect hormone levels.. )

While creatine supplement will not hurt you .. (please ONLY take as directed ) I personally do not see a benefit from the supplement.. I have NO real demand to build muscle faster or feel a pump any more than I do naturally..

If I had the choice to buy a container of creatine or a cute new workout top.. Id buy the top !… sometimes all you really need is a little “something”   like a cute new  top to give you just what you need for that  extra boost of confidence to PUSH a little more….

You should also know.. that the effects from extra Creatine  supplementation is just a temporary fix.. You will  lose every benefit  when you stop taking it… but that new top will be just as cute as the first day you bought it 1 year later..may even fit a bit better a year later??

NOW for the  quick  answer.. LOL      Why not try it if you want to?   You  may be someone that sees great gains and benefits from taking it.. and it may help you to feel like you are on top of the world .. or .. it may prove to just be a waste of $$..   it  deff wont hurt you if taken as directed… PLEASE  be sure that the rest of your ‘diet’ is in check too.. you wont really see gains from your efforts without proper nutrition overall.

Either way.. keep up the great work in the GYM.. motivation is the best supplement there is.

Create a great day !

Lisa T.

The Happy Health Counselor


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