Often asked  “why”  in regards to  my passion and ever lasting connection with Bikram Yoga (The original Hot Yoga), I repeatedly  found  myself responding  with a quick and concise answer.   I do it for my VANITY , SANITY and HEALTH

After much thought and decades with this reply.. I realized..   VANITY , SANITY and HEALTH, these three words ,  hold the  perfect classification for my life. .. all of which I am equally  passionate about.

VANITY, not in terms of sin, however, a  natural  compliment  with a holistic approach to my  sanity and health.. merely improving on the confidence that the  other two virtues provide.

SANITY, for finding  balance of life.  Peace within to contribute to a positive attitude.

HEALTH,   the choice we make for ourselves daily by living a lifestyle with proper nutrition, positive relationships , appropriate exercise and adequate rest and relaxation.

With that said.. I hope too that you will find one if not many tips, motivation or inspiration within my blog  to live your life of  VANITY , SANITY and HEALTH .

Create a great day

Lisa T.


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