A message from the Sun.. and me.

Im freckly… VERY.   I wasn’t always as a child…. but I started to get MORE freckly as I aged… and yes, I have them too.. age spots, I think there is a difference?

As a kid growing up 70’s/ early 80’s ( my teen years)  and living close to the Jersey Shore.. you KNOW I used Baby oil to attract the rays..  I think my mom even bought it for me.. Seriously!   Then came the late 80’s/90’s.. my  20’s and 30’s I lived in Miami… by this point, I actually wore an SPF ( maybe 8).. but never did the re-apply(ing) and well, I was a sun – runner too.. yep, I ran… sunny, hot, sweaty, non protected  miles.. that at the time.. felt oh so good…  I was tan.

I was never a Sun worshipper, if you asked me…  which to me only meant someone  that would go out and specifically “lay out” in the sun…  NO, I had to be MOVING ( running, cycling, walking, swimming,  just  playing..).. I thought that was good.. right?   OH,  and I was proud that my daily  face moisturizer had an SPF 15  in it.. and I wore it ( still do ) daily.

424704_3417865770615_1989142523_nMy 40’s  (Im  now 50) .. I never thought much of skin cancer.. just watched the fine lines and new (age) spots appear on my face, hand, legs and arms.. knowing the sun had some part in their appearance.. but never once  considering it a bad thing and very accepting of the fade from youth… gracefully.

okay.. fast forward.. because Im losing my thought process but wanted to give a ‘back’ story.. ( I am not  a writer.. as you may see, but I have a story .. a message, I promise) ….

I would never have gone to the Dermatologist  for JUST a skin check… but my brother asked me to,   yep,  he didn’t like the look of a freckle on my face.. which he noticed  after one of our sweaty gym workouts together.. My hair was sweaty and pushed away from my forehead.. which is where the freckle was.. he said it looked “funny”..  Seriously, what are brothers for?  if not to tell you , your face looks funny.. .LOL    I made a promise to get it checked.. turns out,  Dermatologist  thought it looked just as funny.. and biopsied it.    The funny spot …turned out to be  squamous ( skin cancer)  cells.

While having what is called MOHS surgery ( a procedure where they check for cancer cells while you are in the middle of the procedure to ensure they get them all )  by a surgeon ,  he  noticed another ‘spot’ which he biopsied while I was on the table.  .. turned out to be basal cell.. so he removed it too…. woo hoo.. I walked out with a few band aids/stitches and was prepared to have  two tiny facial scars.. but I felt good.  I  GOT  it.

2 years later.. I now think I know what skin cancer looks like ( I don’t fyi ) …. I  look for “it”  on friends, family and because Im me.. strangers too. LOL   and I urge them to get their “spots” checked..

So during my regular ( yes I now do this every 6 months) SKIN check just two weeks ago.. I had a biopsy  of  a  “Mole”.   A mole  I  never even saw,  but my GREAT Dermatologist did .. it was on my back.. how can I see that?.. which is just another reason to get a skin check.

Anyhow.. I was fine with getting the biopsy, its painless ( they locally numb it  and scrape it ) .. I thought , heck, just another spot,  squamous, or basal cell no doubt.. which while I know they are skin cancer.. for some reason, those words do not bother me..     If that is the case. . we’ll get it out..  All good.. right?   THEN  the report came back from biopsy …  right there next to my name.. I saw the word …  MELANOMA.   Funny (or not)  that one word has suddenly changed my game..  I HAVE skin cancer.. why did the other two names for it  not make me feel that way?

OMG..   That one word  on a page some how  made me feel  so sad too , very emotional.. (I even cried for what I thought was no reason.. LOL )  all day… Im not usually emotional… Im strong LOL

FYI..  in my true nature.. I could not just feel SAD.. I felt sad and  guilty…..  Yes, I felt GUILTY. .. really guilty, for feeling SAD.   I keep telling myself.. its just a little spot on my back..  people  are dying from big spots, big tumors, big lumps, in their  lungs, breasts, blood,  organs… well, you get the idea… I have a little spot on my back.  Its ONLY skin cancer… right?

Just in case your curious.. at this point in my writing.. Im not even sure why Im writing this blog post , honestly ..

I Just know that my message  today, my plea to YOU….  is to motivate you.. yes,  YOU,   the very pale, dark,  medium or black skinned person reading this.. YOU with freckles or perfectly clear skin..  you the sun worshipper,  sun hat wearing, umbrella hound…. YOU …  NEED to get your skin checked… Please !

I know I could have written this post message a lot quicker without all the ‘drama’ as many may think.. but its MY blog.. and this is ME.

Go get a skin check…. thanks

NOTE:   I am not saying the sun is bad, I love it, and try to get a good dose of it daily for Vitamin D.. The sun  has so many good qualities .. it breeds life .. Im just saying .. get a skin check and like everything else, take  the sun in moderation AND protect yourself as best you can.

And in case you are curious.. I caught this VERY early on, I WILL be just fine.. scheduled for MOHS surgery in a few weeks.. just  another scar… nothing this brave body can’t handle. ..

Create a great day !

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5 Responses to A message from the Sun.. and me.

  1. pabsgirl says:

    Oh sister! So glad you wrote this! I have been down this road and am overdue for my check as I write this….As well as my mammogram. Gonna make appointments now. AND gonna share this blog too!

    • tasil says:

      Glad you will get your skin check.. and wellness check(s) 🙂 I make all my ‘lady’ check ups the week of Valentines day… it reminds me to LOVE myself.

      Happy day.. and thanks for sharing and caring.

    • tasil says:

      On another note.. its always important to not just go for your mammo’s.. but also do a self exam.. I have had two benign lumpectomy’s, however, neither lump showed up on a mammo.. So go ahead.. and touch yourself.. 🙂

  2. Patti says:

    Sweetheart! I’m scheduling an appointment ASAP! Prayers flowing your way. So glad you have such a support for your life! Blessings, my friend!

    • tasil says:

      Yeah. YOU.. exactly why I wrote this post.. awareness. You are most likely safe.. but why be sorry? BTW.. this is considered stage 0 per biopsy for me.. but they will confirm that when I go for the surgery. Stage 0 is surface.. and the reason WHY early detection is KEY.

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