Feel pH-abulous… Alkaline Detox

If you follow my Facebook page (The Happy Health Counselor),  then you probably already know what Ive been up to.   Yep.. Im feeling pH-abulous!


Seems I had a little more than the winter blues this past February!   I had too much acid in my body too.. all  from  what I believe were way  too many snow days indulging in good wine,  not so good  for you foods, and well… just a  lack of my regular “routine” in general..

I decided to  take  February by storm.. ( pun intended) and devised a raw food/juice detox to help my body  get back in balance..

What many people don’t realize is that your  pH ( potential hydrogen) level is the balance of Alkaline or Acid in your body, and when the pH level is off  ( too acidic) it can lead to the very basic health issues like a common cold to fueling many  disease.. but ALSO.. causing symptoms as basic as  a lack of energy,  congestion, headaches, anxiety and weight gain ( to name a few).

An alkaline  detox  is geared to not only rid your body of waste ( think colon cleanse )  but  also helps to balance your body’s pH…

Okay.. I think you get the idea…. SPRING cleaning sounds like a perfect way to get rid of the BLUES,  BLAHS and over all YUCKS.. right?.. so how did I do it?

1780789_829718493711233_990070_nAlkaline Detox  ( above juices 1 – 4 and spa water left to right pictured)

How  TO:

(Please read NOTES  at bottom of page ..important)

4 Day DAILY  intake  … ( FYI I chose a Monday – Thursday  for my personal detox.. best days for me )

  • 4/16 oz juices
  • 1 /16 oz  spa water
  • 1/ 8 oz room temperature lemon water
  • 2/8 0z  Fiber Colon Cleanse Water
  • Salad –  ONLY  2 large Cucumbers/10 Grape Tomato/1 tbsp Olive oil – no salt.. pepper and hot pepper for flavor
  • 10 raw (only) almonds
  • 1 Green Apple OR  1 Green pear
  • 32 – 60 oz additional water (throughout the day)
  • Decaf Green Organic Tea with Lemon (as you wish)

Exact  how to  timing  and ( approximate) RECIPES :

On waking – 1/8 oz room temperature lemon water  – prepare night before and put on your night stand.. drink before getting out of bed.

Juice # 1  16 oz  – drink  between  7 – 9 am  ( sip your juices  , or chug them .. up to you .. I let them linger to make them last )

  • 2 large cucumber
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 dime size of fresh ginger root
  • 2 cups spinach or kale ( I use both)
  • 2 Green Apples

1/8oz  Fiber Cleanse Drink –  between 9am and 10am ( but not immediately after you finished Juice 1.1966926_830161400333609_1678023897_n

  • Mix 1 tsp pure psyllium husk with 8 oz room temperature water.. mix well.. DO  not let it sit too long..unless you lot drinking snot..sorry, it is what it is.. it gels up and is nasty.. drink it FAST.. it will taste grain like .. almost nutty even..  once you drink it .. immediately drink one more glass of 8 oz room temperature water.. its important to get the psyllium moving in your digestive system..

Juice # 2  16 oz – drink  between  10  – 12 pm

  • 2 small red beets
  • 3 large cucumbers
  • 1 Green apple
  • 1 lemon

Juice # 3  16 oz – drink  between  1 – 3 pm

  • 2 Green Apple
  • 1 large  sweet potato
  • Carrots.. lots of them.. hard to say how many.. just keep juicing until you get your 16 oz
  • Dash of Cinnamon ( if you hate cinnamon.. don’t use it )

Juice # 4  16 oz – drink  between  5 – 7 pm

  • 3 Cucumber
  • 3 kiwi – no skin
  • 1 lime
  • 2 Green Apple

1/ 16 oz Spa Water – drink between  8 – 10pm

  • 16 oz distilled water
  • 3 slices of cucumber – no skin
  • Juice of one whole lemon

1/8oz  Fiber Cleanse Drink – Drink 1 hour BEFORE bedtime . ( see above for instruction)


  • Salad  of two large cucumbers , 10 grape tomato and 1 TBSP of Olive oil ( no salt) pepper or hot pepper seeds to add flavor can be prepared  each morning and you can eat it any time of the day.. when it is gone.. it is DONE. – It is not necessary to eat any or all of the salad.. only eat if you feel you need to .
  • 10 almonds and 1 Green Apple OR 1 Green Pear.. can also be eaten any time of day.. and again, when gone.. you are DONE..    – Do not eat just to eat, be mindful, if you are not really hungry.. don’t eat it..
  • Water should be consumed as often as possible..  YES,  you will tinkle A LOT !
  • All fruits and veggies used were organic.. and the ONLY thing that I did  not use the peel/rind was the kiwi..
  • If you do not have organic product available, I suggest an apple cider/water bath for your produce and also PEELING all before juicing.. yes, its a hassle.

Common thoughts:

  • You should NOT be hungry.. it is important if you feel hunger ( not just emotionally hungry or bored) that you eat your salad, nuts, fruit or drink more water
  • You will lose weight.. any where from 3 – 5 lbs… its water weight and most likely will be put back as soon as you eat normally again
  • I suggest weaning off of caffeine prior to this detox.. get yourself down to ONLY 1/2 cup of caffeine per day ( for at least a few days)  .. BEFORE you intend to stop
  • To keep your body in PH balance AFTER your detox, I suggest consuming MINIMAL amounts of animal products  and alcohol,   and adding in LOTS of  (organic preferred) leafy green veggies, fresh fruits  and water to your daily diet.
  • YOU should have a pretty decent Bowel Movement Daily.. if not , add more Fiber water
  • Beet Juice will make your poop RED.. do not be alarmed.. LOL
  • I personally juiced daily.. making all juices at one time ( took me 1/2 hour for all four juices)  depending on your juicer.. you can keep juice in fridge in bottles up to 72 hours safely.. but you will get separation and oxidation..

12389_830270900322659_1482517392_n 1798311_830372480312501_361377681_n 1621921_830491013633981_1028064530_n-2


  • It is impossible to give an exact recipe for Juice.. given fruits ( ripe or not so ripe) will yield a different amount of juice.. and also depending on the juicer being used too.. that all comes in to play..so if you find yourself short of 16 oz per juice.. keep adding a  combo of the recipe’s fruits and veggies to yield your 16 oz. .. the recipe I have above is an approximate amount for what I used per juice.. with my Omega Vert Juicer.


  • I would NOT personally recommend ANY detox program /diet etc.. to any one that has not been eating MOSTLY clean for at least 2 weeks prior.. yep, that means get rid of the crap  ( processed foods ) before you try this at home.. again.. just MY opinion.

HEALTH NOTE and warning :

  • Any Advice and or suggestions  for this detox is just a how to of  my  personal experience, intended solely for education purpose.     It is IMPORTANT that before beginning any nutrition ( or exercise) plan,  that YOU  are cleared from a medical professional .. know your health, know your medications and have a Dr’s approval.
  • NEVER intended for Pre-diabetic or Diabetics without being monitored

Questions?   Just ask.. I will be happy to express my opinion/experience..

Happy day !

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