Water water…. every where?

c8945be789c30f8aed1b870fc2cda88eAsk the Happy Health Counselor !

I woke up to a great question in my mail box this morning .. thought Id share..

Q:  What is water weight.. really?

A:  Well, in simple terms.. it is water that is being trapped in your cells behind glycogen.   Glycogen, is  your bodies primary source of energy, a type of carbohydrate found in muscles and liver.   So what does it mean to lose “water weight?”   When you start to “diet” or eat less calories then normal, your body is looking for more energy.. since  you are not getting it  from the calories you use to eat..   Glycogen is first up..  Once your body starts to use/burn  the stored up glycogen,  it  releases the water it holds on to… and early on while “dieting”, many will notice  a quick weight losss.. (2 – 6 lbs depending on person)  and this is typically called  “water weight” loss … once you burn off  the glycogen.. next up is FAT.

How long it takes to burn glycogen depends on the individual and their ‘diet’ and exercise level .. Low glycemic foods are essential for keeping glycogen levels lower…

BTW… If we continue to eat a diet with  high glycemic index foods (think bad carbs and sugars)  but never use the stored up glocogen then the carbohydrates/sugars  will be stored as fat !

Oh , and if you ever noticed.. after you went off a diet and started eating ‘normal’..  you will most likely gain that water weight faster then you lost it..

Hence, keeping your lifestyle /diet consistent  with regular exercise, healthy food choices and plenty of water ( yes water will help maintain stability in metabolism)  is key…. it may take a little longer to see results..but it will be  a long term ,“real” weight loss results.

Create a great day!

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